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Coming up with a funny and creative names for your private story on social media can be a fun way to express your personality. The name you choose for your private story seen by your close friends gives you an opportunity to show some humor and inside jokes.

When trying to come up with a funny private story name, it helps to think about popular trends, puns, song lyrics, movie references or anything else that will make your friends laugh. The goal is to come up with something witty but not offensive.

Funny Private Story Names

Funny Private Story Names For Snapchat

Snapchat private stories allow you to share photos and videos with a select group of friends. Here are some funny private story name ideas for Snapchat:

  1. Snappening
  2. The Snaptastics
  3. Snap Squad
  4. Daily Dose of Snaps
  5. Snap, Crackle, Pop
  6. Snapture Moments
  7. Snapbook
  8. Limited Edition Snaps
  9. VIP Snaps
  10. Snap It or Lose It
  11. Snaps from the Crypt
  12. Ghost Mode Snaps

Funny Private Story Names For Everyone

If you want a funny private story name that will appeal to all your friends, try these ideas:

  1. For Your Eyes Only
  2. Shh! It’s a Secret
  3. The Hidden Life
  4. Behind the Scenes
  5. The 411
  6. Private Party
  7. Members Only
  8. Confidential Convos
  9. Top Secret Society
  10. The Underground

Funny Private Story Names For College Students

Fun private story names specifically for college students could reference campus life:

  1. Dorm Diaries
  2. Cafeteria Confessions
  3. Library Lowdown
  4. Class Clowns
  5. Professor Problems
  6. Campus Chronicles
  7. School Survival Guide
  8. Night Owls
  9. Procrastinators Club
  10. Cram Sessions

Funny Private Story Names For Boys

Cater your private story name to your male friends with these funny ideas:

  1. Bromance
  2. Dude Diary
  3. Boys Club
  4. Guy Talk
  5. Man Cave
  6. The Wolfpack
  7. Beards and Brews
  8. One of the Boys
  9. Play on Player
  10. Bachelor Pad

Funny Private Story Names For Girls

Girly and fun private story names for your female friends could include:

  1. Gal Pals
  2. Girl Gang
  3. Chick Chat
  4. Lady Lounge
  5. Wing Women
  6. Queens of the Castle
  7. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
  8. Rose All Day
  9. Brunch Club
  10. Sisterhood of the Traveling…

Funny Private Story Names For Gamers

If your friend group loves gaming, try these video game inspired private story names:

  1. Frag Out
  2. Respawn Point
  3. Trophy Room
  4. Clutch or Kick
  5. Pro MLG Strats
  6. Nintendo Nation
  7. PC Master Race
  8. The Grind Squad
  9. Keyboard Warriors
  10. Pwnage Palace


Coming up with a clever and funny private story name for your close friends is a great chance to show your personality. Aim for humor but avoid anything offensive. Trends, inside jokes, puns, song lyrics and pop culture references are great sources of inspiration. With the right funny private story name, you can give your friends a reason to check your story daily for laughs.

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