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Private stories on social media allow you to share exclusive content with your closest friends. Picking creative VIP private story names is a great way to make your inner circle feel special and give your profile a touch of exclusivity.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore funny, cute, and clever VIP private story name ideas for platforms like Snapchat, Instagram, and TikTok. Whether you want an elite name for your besties, something humorous, or ideas tailored to boys and girls, this list offers diverse options to make your friends feel like VIPs.

VIP Private Story Names

VIP Private Story Names

Here are some general VIP private story name ideas to choose from:

  1. Inner Circle
  2. Elite Only
  3. Select Group
  4. The Chosen Few
  5. VIP List
  6. Hot List
  7. Top Priority
  8. Private Party
  9. Confidential Crew
  10. Behind the Ropes
  11. Backstage Pass
  12. The In Crowd
  13. By Invitation Only
  14. Members Only
  15. AAA Access
  16. Celeb Status
  17. Luxury Lounge
  18. High Roller Room
  19. Baller Circle

VIP Private Story Names For Snapchat

If you use Snapchat, these exclusive private story names will work great:

  1. Inner Circle Snaps
  2. Elite Only Snapchat
  3. Select Group Snap Squad
  4. The Chosen Few Snaps
  5. VIP List Snapchat
  6. Hot List Snappers
  7. Top Priority Snapchat
  8. Private Party Snaps
  9. Confidential Snap Crew
  10. Backstage Pass Snapchat
  11. The In Crowd Snaps
  12. By Invitation Only Snapchat
  13. Members Only Snap Circle
  14. AAA Access Snapchat
  15. Celeb Status Snaps
  16. Luxury Lounge Snapchat
  17. High Roller Snapchat Room
  18. Baller Snap Circle

VIP Private Story Names For Instagram

Here are some elite Instagram private story name options:

  1. Inner Circle ‘Grams
  2. Elite Only Instagram
  3. Select Group ‘Gram Squad
  4. The Chosen Few ‘Grams
  5. VIP List Instagram
  6. Hot List Insta Circle
  7. Top Priority Instagram
  8. Private Party ‘Grams
  9. Confidential ‘Gram Crew
  10. Backstage Pass Instagram
  11. The In Crowd ‘Grams
  12. By Invitation Only Instagram
  13. Members Only Insta Circle
  14. AAA Access Instagram
  15. Celeb Status ‘Grams
  16. Luxury Lounge Instagram
  17. High Roller Insta Room
  18. Baller ‘Gram Circle

VIP Private Story Names For TikTok

If TikTok is your platform of choice, these exclusive names will elevate your private story:

  1. Inner Circle TikTok
  2. Elite Only TikTok
  3. Select Group TikTok Squad
  4. The Chosen Few TikTok
  5. VIP List TikTok
  6. Hot List TikTok Circle
  7. Top Priority TikTok
  8. Private Party TikTok
  9. Confidential TikTok Crew
  10. Backstage Pass TikTok
  11. The In Crowd TikTok
  12. By Invitation Only TikTok
  13. Members Only TikTok Circle
  14. AAA Access TikTok
  15. Celeb Status TikTok
  16. Luxury Lounge TikTok
  17. High Roller TikTok Room
  18. Baller TikTok Circle

VIP Private Story Names For Close Friends

Here are exclusive private story names just for your besties:

  1. Inner Circle Homies
  2. Elite Only Squad
  3. Select Group Chat
  4. The Chosen Few BFFs
  5. VIP List Besties
  6. Hot List Babes
  7. Top Priority Posse
  8. Private Party Crew
  9. Confidential Bestie Cluster
  10. Backstage Pass Buddies
  11. The In Crowd Clique
  12. By Invitation Only Amigos
  13. Members Only Mates
  14. AAA Access All-Stars
  15. Celeb Status Gal Pals
  16. Luxury Lounge Ladies
  17. High Roller Roomies
  18. Baller Circle Bros

VIP Guest Private Story Names

If you have a private story just for VIP guest appearances, try these names:

  1. Special Guest Spot
  2. Celebrity Appearance
  3. VIP Guest Stars
  4. Red Carpet Roll Call
  5. Famous Faces
  6. Celeb Sightings
  7. Paparazzi Pack
  8. Star-Studded Soiree
  9. Spotted: Hot Shots
  10. Elite Visitor Log
  11. VVIP Roster
  12. Very Important Personnels
  13. Who’s Who Whirlwind
  14. One-Nighter Wonders
  15. 15 Mins of Fame
  16. Headliner Hullabaloo
  17. Main Attraction Moments

Funny VIP Private Story Names

These humorous VIP private story names will make your friends laugh:

  1. Bougie Bitches
  2. Champagne Dreams
  3. Richy Riches
  4. Mossy Crew
  5. Cha-Ching Chums
  6. Monet Mafia
  7. Stacked Squad
  8. Cheddar Circle
  9. Bills Bills Bills
  10. Benji Buddies
  11. Cash Money Crew
  12. Broker Betties
  13. Trust Fund Babies
  14. Platinum Plebs
  15. Caviar Cuties
  16. Lobster Life
  17. Bottle Service Buddies
  18. Champagne Campaign

Best VIP Private Story Names

Here are some of the best elite private story names:

  1. Platinum Circle
  2. Diamond Squad
  3. Front Row Crew
  4. Penthouse Pack
  5. Box Seats & Bottles
  6. Courtside Cuties
  7. High Rise Honeys
  8. Rooftop Roll Call
  9. Skybox Soiree
  10. Runway Ready
  11. Red Carpet Royalty
  12. Fashion Elite
  13. Must Haves Only
  14. It List Insiders
  15. Best Dressed Diaries
  16. Style Icon Alert
  17. Fashionista Files
  18. Cool Kids Club
  19. Trendsetter Trailblazers

VIP Dolls Private Story Names

If you want a dolled up, glamorous vibe, try these VIP names:

  1. Dolled Up Divas
  2. Red Bottoms & Rosé
  3. Louboutin Lovlies
  4. Prada Princesses
  5. Chanel Circle
  6. Gucci Gang
  7. Dior Darlings
  8. YSL Squad
  9. Fendi Femmes
  10. Valentino Vixens
  11. Jimmy Choo Cuties
  12. Manolo Mavericks
  13. Fancy Nancy Fantasies
  14. Blowout & Brunch Brigade
  15. Mimosa & Mani Mornings
  16. Pretty Woman Posse
  17. Rodeo Drive Royalty
  18. Ritz Paris
  19. Milan Elite

VIP Private Story Names For Boys

Guys can choose from these suave private story names for boys:

  1. Ballers Only
  2. High Roller Homies
  3. Big Spenders
  4. Bottle Bros
  5. Benji Boyz
  6. Bills Bills Bills
  7. Broker Boys
  8. Trust Fund Toddlers
  9. Money Makers
  10. Cash Flow Crew
  11. Wolf Pack
  12. Entourage Elite
  13. Wingmen & Winning
  14. High Life Hype Men
  15. Table Vultures
  16. Bottle Buccaneers
  17. Turn Up Titans
  18. Clubland Crew
  19. Party Pilots
  20. Veuve Vice Lords

VIP Private Story Names For Girls

Girls can pick from these exclusive private story names for girls:

  1. Boujee Bitches
  2. Champagne Queens
  3. Richy Riches
  4. Cha-Ching Cuties
  5. Stacked Sisterhood
  6. Cheddar Chicas
  7. Platinum Plebs
  8. Lobster Ladies
  9. Caviar Cuties
  10. Front Row Foxes
  11. Penthouse Posse
  12. High Rise Hunnies
  13. Rooftop Royalty
  14. Fashionista Files
  15. Style Icon Alert
  16. Cool Kids Club
  17. Trendsetter Trailblazers
  18. Dolled Up Divas
  19. Prada Princesses
  20. Chanel Circle
  21. Gucci Gang
  22. Fendi Femmes
  23. Jimmy Choo Cuties


An elite VIP private story name is a great way to make your exclusive inner circle feel special. This comprehensive guide provided creative, funny, and clever private story name ideas for Snapchat, Instagram, TikTok and more.

Whether you want something humorous for your besties, an exclusive name for select followers, or ideas tailored to boys and girls, this list offers diverse options to give your profile a VIP vibe. So review these names, pick your favorite, and start sharing exclusive content with your very important friends!

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