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Private stories on social media platforms like Snapchat and Instagram are a fun way to share exclusive content with a select group of friends. Coming up with catchy and clever private story names for your stories can be tricky. The name needs to be interesting enough to grab people’s attention, but not too obscure.

In this article, we will explore clever and creative private story name ideas you can use for different contexts. Whether you want a name for your close friends, for the gym, or for boys and girls specifically, we have you covered. Read on for over 400+ unique, funny and clever private story name suggestions!

Clever Private Story Names

Clever Private Story Names

Here are some general clever and creative private story name ideas you can use on platforms like Snapchat and Instagram:

  1. The Inner Circle
  2. VIP Access Only
  3. Shh! It’s a Secret
  4. For Your Eyes Only
  5. The Chosen Few
  6. Strictly Confidential
  7. Top Secret Content
  8. Classified Info
  9. Inside Scoop
  10. Hush Hush
  11. On the Down Low
  12. The Real Tea
  13. Unfiltered
  14. Behind the Scenes
  15. After Hours
  16. Inside Jokes
  17. Daily Nonsense
  18. Crazy Shenanigans
  19. Silliness and Shenanigans
  20. Too Hot for Public Viewing
  21. Not Safe For Work
  22. Parental Advisory: Explicit Content
  23. Enter at Your Own Risk
  24. Caution: May Contain Inappropriate Content
  25. Open for VIPs Only
  26. Members Only
  27. Friends, Fun and Foolishness

Clever Private Story Names For Snapchat

Snapchat lends itself nicely to funny and clever private story names. Here are some ideas tailored for Snapchat:

  1. My Snappiest Friends
  2. Snaptastic Shenanigans
  3. Snap Happy
  4. Snapshot Central
  5. It’s Snappening!
  6. Shh! Snap Secrets
  7. Snapchat Sillies
  8. Stories for My Favorite Peeps
  9. Snapchat Inner Circle
  10. Snapchat Crew Only
  11. Daily Snappery
  12. Snapchat Faves
  13. Snaps from the Vault
  14. Top Secret Snaps
  15. For Snapchat Eyes Only
  16. Snapchat VIPs
  17. Snapchat Funtimes
  18. Snapchat Antics
  19. Snapchat Madness
  20. Snapchat Drive-Bys
  21. Snapchat Hot Takes
  22. Snapsational
  23. Snap It or Lose It

Clever Private Story Names For Instagram

For Instagram private stories, consider these funny and creative name ideas:

  1. Insta Inner Circle
  2. Insta Clique
  3. Insta Amigos
  4. Close Friends Instagram
  5. Instagram VIPs Only
  6. Insta Besties
  7. Insta Favorites
  8. Insta Confidential
  9. Shhh! Insta Secrets
  10. Eyes Only: Insta Edition
  11. Insta Tales
  12. Insta Sillies
  13. Insta Shenanigans
  14. Daily Insta Laughs
  15. Insta Good Times
  16. Behind the ‘Gram
  17. After ‘Gram Special
  18. The Real Insta Life
  19. Instafamous Friends Only
  20. Insta Drive-Bys
  21. Instagram Hot Takes
  22. InstaSnaps
  23. InstaSnapStories
  24. InstaStyle Stories
  25. InstaFoodie Finds

Funny Clever Private Story Names

Make your friends laugh with these clever and funny private story name ideas:

  1. LMAO Stories
  2. Ya Had to Be There
  3. Stories My Grandma Can’t See
  4. Daily Laughs
  5. Happy Hour Shenanigans
  6. TGIF Stories
  7. Humor Me
  8. Comedy Hour
  9. LOL Stories
  10. The Funny Farm
  11. Chuckle Hut
  12. Giggles Galore
  13. Funny Business
  14. Laughing Stock
  15. Cheeky and Absurd
  16. Quirky and Hilarious
  17. Oddly Specific Nonsense
  18. Silly Stories for Silly Billies
  19. Fun and Foolery
  20. Hijinks and Buffoonery
  21. Tomfoolery and Shenanigans

Clever GYM Private Story Names

If you want to share your workout journey, try these gym-themed private story names:

  1. Gym Rat Pack
  2. Gains & Gossip
  3. Sweat Session Stories
  4. Gym Insiders
  5. Fitness Fanatics
  6. Gym Junkies
  7. Workout Warriors
  8. Fit Fam
  9. Gym Regulars
  10. Locker Room Talk
  11. Gains Galore
  12. Gym Grinds
  13. Fitness Inspo
  14. Gymtimidation Stories
  15. Sweaty Selfies
  16. GTL (Gym Tan Laundry) Stories
  17. Gym, Tan, Laundry Repeat
  18. Gym Bums United
  19. Muscle Madness
  20. Pumping Iron Stories
  21. Gym Progress Pics

Clever Private Story Names For Close Friends

Make your closest friends feel special with these clever private story names just for them:

  1. Ride or Dies Only
  2. Day Ones
  3. The OG Crew
  4. My People
  5. The Real MVPs
  6. Friends Since Day One
  7. Besties Only
  8. Squad Stories
  9. Wifey Stories
  10. Best Friend Diaries
  11. Soul Sisters Stories
  12. Brother from Another Mother
  13. My Person Stories
  14. Friendship Goals
  15. Bonded for Life
  16. Lifelong Friends
  17. Friends Forever
  18. Close Knit Crew
  19. Ride Together Die Together

Clever Private Story Names For Boys

If you have a private story just for your guy friends, here are some clever name ideas:

  1. The Wolfpack
  2. Boyz Club
  3. Brothers in Arms
  4. Dude Stories
  5. Boys Being Boys
  6. Bromance Stories
  7. Guy Talk
  8. Man Cave Access Only
  9. Mansplaining Stories
  10. For the Boys
  11. Boys Club Only
  12. No Girls Allowed
  13. Guy Time Stories
  14. One of the Guys
  15. Brotherhood of Men
  16. Boys Night Shenanigans
  17. Boys Gone Wild
  18. Dudes United
  19. Guy Secrets

Clever Private Story Names For Girls

And for your female friends, consider these cute and clever private story names for girls:

  1. Girls Only
  2. Girly Gossip
  3. Gal Pal Stories
  4. Queen Bee Stories
  5. Girl Gang Stories
  6. Girl Power
  7. Sisterhood Stories
  8. Lady Lair
  9. Divine Feminine
  10. Goddess Group
  11. Witches of Eastwick
  12. Coven Meeting Stories
  13. Crazy Chicks
  14. Girls Gone Wild
  15. Boss Babes Club
  16. Queen Bees Buzzing
  17. Girls Run the World
  18. Ladies Night Stories
  19. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
  20. Girl Talk Stories
  21. Girl Problems


Coming up with the perfect private story name can take your social media game to the next level. A clever, funny and memorable name will get more engagement from your friends. Use the over 400 Hilarious private story name ideas suggested in this article to find the right fit for your own private Snapchat and Instagram stories.

Whether you want something general, tailored for a specific platform like Snapchat, or for certain groups like your close girlfriends or guy pals, there are so many options to choose from. The key is finding a name that fits your personality and the vibe of your private story.

So take inspiration from this list, get creative, and come up with a name that really pops! With the right clever private story name, you are sure to have followers eagerly awaiting your next story.

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