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Private stories on social media like Snapchat have become a popular way for people to share moments, thoughts, and content with a select group of friends. For those with a “baddie” attitude – meaning someone who exudes confidence and doesn’t care what others think – coming up with a fun, edgy private story name can be a great form of self-expression. When crafted well, these names can capture your vibe and add some personality to your profile.

In this article, we’ll explore baddie private story name ideas for Snapchat and other platforms. Whether you identify as a baddie boy or girl, we’ve got diverse, creative name suggestions to inspire you. We’ll also provide tips on brainstorming unique names that channel your inner badass.

Baddie Private Story Names

Baddie Private Story Names

Here are 25 suggested baddie private story names that you can use or draw inspiration from:

  1. Boss Babe Diaries
  2. Only for the Real Ones
  3. Strictly VIP
  4. No Fake Friends Allowed
  5. In My Bag
  6. Too Blessed to Be Stressed
  7. Living My Best Life
  8. You Wish You Knew
  9. Not For the Weak
  10. Unapologetically Me
  11. Rich Girl
  12. Eyes on the Prize
  13. Level Up
  14. Catch Me If You Can
  15. Do Not Disturb
  16. Keeping Up
  17. Living Legendary
  18. inhibition
  19. Just Here to Slay
  20. Don’t Start None
  21. TBH…Too Beautiful/Handsome
  22. Champagne Tastes on a Beer Budget
  23. Not For Your Eyes
  24. Members Only
  25. Don’t Hate the Player

Baddie Private Story Names Ideas For Snapchat

Snapchat private story names allow you to show off your edgy, unfiltered personality in a short snippet. Here are 25 unique baddie private story name ideas for Snapchat:

  1. Baddie Diaries
  2. Thickums Daily
  3. Only for the Real Ones
  4. Unfollow If Easily Offended
  5. Catch Me Outside
  6. Do Not Disturb Unless…
  7. Story for My Haters
  8. Living My Best Life
  9. Hot Girl/Boy Summer
  10. Besties Only
  11. Guess Who?
  12. Champagne Tastes
  13. Private Party
  14. Plotting…
  15. Sorry, Can’t Relate
  16. Bad and Boujee
  17. Treat Yo’ Self
  18. Too Blessed to Be Stressed
  19. Finsta Fan Club
  20. Members Only
  21. The Devil Works Hard But I Work Harder
  22. Strictly Family
  23. Secret Society
  24. TBH…Too Beautiful/Handsome
  25. Not For Your Eyes

Baddie Attitude Private Story Names

Show off your edgy personality and badass attitude with these 25 private story name ideas:

  1. Unapologetically Me
  2. Can’t Tame This
  3. Boss Babe Diaries
  4. Zero Chill Zone
  5. Not Here to Play Nice
  6. Crazy but in a Cute Way
  7. Real Recognizes Real
  8. Only the Strong Survive
  9. Hammers Don’t Break Glass Ceilings
  10. Underestimate Me That’s Fine
  11. Too Edgy for You
  12. Field of Dreams to Crush
  13. Sassy Squad
  14. Go Hard or Go Home
  15. My Attitude is 10/10
  16. Fly High, Live Bold
  17. Bad and Boujee
  18. Too Much Sass Not Enough Class
  19. Makin’ Power Moves
  20. I’m Nice Not Weak
  21. I Am the Storm
  22. Level Up
  23. Unleash Your Inner Baddie
  24. Snatched Mindset
  25. The Lioness Den

Baddie Private Story Names For Girls

Show your fierce, edgy girl power with these 25 baddie private story name ideas for girls:

  1. Boss Babe Diaries
  2. Bad and Boujee
  3. Thickums Daily
  4. Baddie Secrets
  5. Crazy but in a Cute Way
  6. Snatched Queen Things
  7. From Zero to Hero
  8. Too Glam to Give a Damn
  9. Black Girl Magic
  10. Living Legendary
  11. Strictly for the Baddest Betches
  12. No Scrubs Allowed
  13. Treat Yo’ Self
  14. Unfollow If Easily Offended
  15. Not Here to Play Nice
  16. Champagne Tastes on a Beer Budget
  17. In My Bag
  18. Members Only
  19. Plotting My Takeover
  20. Level Up
  21. Eyes on the Prize
  22. Field of Glass Ceilings to Shatter
  23. Makin’ Power Moves
  24. Fly High, Live Bold
  25. Sorry, Can’t Relate

Baddie Private Story Names For Boys

These 25 private story name ideas channel a confident, edgy vibe perfect for baddie boys:

  1. Dude Diaries
  2. Strictly for the G’s
  3. Major Key Alerts
  4. Plotting the Come Up
  5. Members Only
  6. Hustle in Silence
  7. Big Things Coming Soon
  8. Go Hard or Go Home
  9. Boss Moves
  10. Living Legendary
  11. Be Humble
  12. Here to Break Records
  13. Catch Me If You Can
  14. Too Blessed to Be Stressed
  15. Don’t Start None
  16. Low Key Stackin’ Paper
  17. Outsmartin’ the Competition
  18. Power Hour
  19. Visionary in the Making
  20. This Is Light Work
  21. Übertalented
  22. Unfollow If Easily Offended
  23. Secret Society
  24. Makin’ Moves
  25. Only for the Real Ones

Putting thought into your private story name allows you to express yourself in a short, memorable way. Hopefully these baddie name examples have sparked ideas for showing off your fierce, confident spirit!


Private stories are the perfect place to let your inner badass shine. With the right baddie private story name, you can exude an aura of confidence, sassiness, and edgy personality.

For Snapchat in particular, creative and concise private story names allow you to capture your vibe in just a few words. Whether you relate to our baddie name examples or brainstorm your own using our tips, choose a name that authentically reflects your attitude.

While baddie private stories are often exclusive, don’t be afraid to get creative and have fun with the names. Show the world what makes you a baddie while sharing your favorite unfiltered moments with your closest friends. Just make sure whatever name you choose empowers you to own your baddie side!

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