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Going on a holiday is always an exciting time. Whether it’s a ski trip with friends, a tropical getaway with your significant other, or a family vacation filled with new memories, having a private story on Snapchat is the perfect way to share your adventures with loved ones back home.

Coming up with a clever and creative private story name is an important first step to curating your holiday highlights. A good name will set the tone for the entire story and get your viewers excited about following along on your journey. In this article, we’ll explore some ideas for holiday private story names covering various vacation types and themes. Read on for plenty of inspiration for your next trip!

Holiday Private Story Names

Holiday Private Story Names

When creating a private story for any holiday or vacation, keep it short, sweet and descriptive. You want something that encompasses the overall mood and purpose of your trip. Here are some great general holiday private story name ideas:

  1. Holidayin’ 2023
  2. Let the Adventures Begin
  3. Jetsetting with Friends
  4. Memory Making Tour 2023
  5. Good Vibes Getaway
  6. Wanderlust Engaged
  7. The Great Escape
  8. Holiday Highlights
  9. Besties on Vacay
  10. Making Memories
  11. Exploring the World
  12. Adventures Abroad
  13. Vacay Mode Activated
  14. Let the Fun Begin
  15. Time to Unwind

Holiday Private Story Names For Snapchat

Specifically for Snapchat private stories, you can get creative with holiday-themed puns and emojis. Here are some fun private story names using Snapchat emojis:

  1. Island Life 🏝️
  2. Winter Wonderland ❄️
  3. Camping Mishaps 🔥
  4. Backpacking Bliss 🎒
  5. Road Trip 🚗🍻
  6. Vacation Romance 🌹🥂
  7. Girls Getaway 👯‍♀️
  8. Family Bonding 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦
  9. Lake Livin’ 🏊
  10. Peak Vacay Vibes 🏔️
  11. Euro Trip 🇪🇺
  12. Tropical Paradise 🌴
  13. West Coast Wanderin’ 🏖️

Vacation Private Story Name Ideas

For a generic vacation private story name, keep it simple with the destination or purpose of the trip:

  1. The Getaway Gang
  2. Island Time
  3. Globetrotters Anonymous
  4. The Great Escape
  5. Holiday Hijinks
  6. Tourist Trapped
  7. Wanderlust Adventures
  8. Happy Campers
  9. Jungle Journey
  10. Tropical Troublemakers
  11. Sandy Feet Retreat
  12. Beach Bum Brigade
  13. No Vacancy Vacation
  14. Griswolds Gone Wild
  15. We Outta Here!

Summer Holiday Private Story Names

Summer vacations call for bright, cheerful names that evoke the fun in the sun. Some summery private story name ideas include:

  1. Endless Summer
  2. Sunny Days & Beach Vibes
  3. Lake Days 2023
  4. Poolside Parties
  5. Backyard BBQs
  6. Hot Girl Summer
  7. Summertime & Sunshine
  8. The Sunshine Squad
  9. Making Waves
  10. Sandy Toes & Sunkissed Nose
  11. Sun-Drenched Adventures
  12. Lakeside Laughs
  13. Saltwater & Sunsets

Funny Holiday Private Story Names

Don’t be afraid to get silly with your private story name! Humor is a great way to showcase your unique personality. Here are some funny vacation private story names:

  1. Trippin’ with the Trio
  2. Wild Ride
  3. Turistas Terribles
  4. Bikinis, Brews and Bad Decisions
  5. Dangerous When Drinking
  6. What Happens in Vegas…
  7. Adventures of the Awkward Turtles 🐢
  8. Plus Ones & Overpacks
  9. The Hot Mess Express
  10. Basic at the Beach 🏖️
  11. Don’t Tell Mom!
  12. FOMO Squad
  13. Hungry Travelers
  14. Lost in Translation

Ski Holiday Private Story Names

For ski vacations, come up with cool and punny snow-inspired names like:

  1. Powder Pals
  2. Snow Bunnies
  3. The Slopesquad
  4. Après Ski Antics
  5. Black Diamond Divas
  6. Crazy Cabin Crew
  7. Snow Day Getaway
  8. The Icy Eight 🥶
  9. Too Cool for Ski School
  10. Snow more FOMO!
  11. Hits and Brits
  12. The Ski Bums
  13. Snowcation
  14. Let It Snow, Let It Snow! ❄️
  15. Ice Ice Babies

Private Story Names For Traveling

If you’re backpacking or road tripping, reference your destinations or mode of transport:

  1. Eurotrail 2023
  2. Backpacking Bonanza
  3. Wanderlust Travelers
  4. Views from the Vanlife
  5. Jet Setters ✈️
  6. Rolling with the Homies 🚌
  7. The Open Road 🛣
  8. Train Trippin’ 🚂
  9. Globetrotting Group
  10. The Euro Squad 🇪🇺
  11. Port to Port 🚢
  12. Mile High Club ✈️
  13. London & Beyond
  14. Down Under Adventures
  15. Midnight Train 🚆
  16. Solo Backpacking
  17. Salty Hair, Sandy Toes 🏝


Coming up with the perfect holiday private story name sets the tone for sharing your amazing memories and adventures with friends and family back home. Whether you’re looking for something funny, cute, clever or cool, this list of over 350 private story name ideas for various holiday types covers all the bases!

Use puns, emojis, your destinations and more as inspiration to create a unique and personalized private story name. Most importantly, choose a name that encapsulates the vibe of your upcoming getaway or trip of a lifetime. Whatever you decide to call it, your private story will become a highlight reel of awesome moments and experiences to look back on for years to come.

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