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Private story names on social media apps like Snapchat and Instagram allow users to create fun, customized names for their stories visible only to close friends. If you enjoy reading, having a book-themed private story name is a great way to express your love of literature and reading.

Coming up with unique, creative private story names related to books can be tricky, so we’ve compiled this guide on book-related private story names to help spark ideas. Whether you love fiction, nonfiction, fantasy, comedy or any other genre, we hope you find the perfect book private story names for your close friends list!

Book Private Story Names

Book Private Story Names

Here are some general book-themed private story names to consider:

  1. Novel Ideas
  2. Cliffhanger Alert
  3. Spoiler-Free Zone
  4. Plot Twist
  5. Read Between The Lines
  6. Bookmarked
  7. Lit Squad
  8. The Bookshop
  9. Page Turner
  10. Book Nerds Unite
  11. The Library
  12. Readers Anonymous
  13. Behind The Book Covers
  14. The Book Nook
  15. Book Buffs
  16. Bibliophiles
  17. Literary Circle
  18. Cover To Cover
  19. Once Upon A Time
  20. Happily Ever After
  21. The Final Chapter
  22. Binding Stories
  23. Novel Adventures
  24. Genre Hoppers
  25. Story Time
  26. Turning Pages
  27. Ink Slingers
  28. Word Worms
  29. Literary Life
  30. Well Read
  31. Paperback Paradise

Book Private Story Names For Snapchat

Snapchat’s private stories disappear after 24 hours, so book-inspired names should be short, catchy and instill some FOMO. Some ideas:

  1. Shelfie Of The Day
  2. Currently Reading
  3. Today’s Top Picks
  4. Book Club Chosen
  5. Lit Hits
  6. Novel Previews
  7. First Lines
  8. Sneak Peek
  9. Cliffhanger Pt. 1
  10. Character Closeup
  11. Signed Copies
  12. Advance Reading
  13. Next Hot Release
  14. Bookish Banter
  15. Lit Tea Time
  16. Readers Only
  17. VIP Section
  18. Cover Reveal
  19. Bookstagram

Book Private Story Names For Instagram

Instagram private stories don’t disappear, so you can use more descriptive bookish private story names for Instagram. Ideas include:

  1. Book Of The Month Club
  2. First Edition Followers
  3. Backlist Besties
  4. TBR To The Max
  5. Book Reviews & Previews
  6. Books & Bites
  7. Page Turners United
  8. Fiction Fanatics
  9. Bookish Banter
  10. Coffee & Classics
  11. Lit Ladies Lounge
  12. YA Circle
  13. Book Nook Insiders
  14. Weekly Reading Wrap-Up
  15. Book Tour Destination
  16. Armchair Travelers
  17. Novel Destinations

Book Themed Private Story Names

Use your favorite book genres, characters or authors as private story names:

  1. Mystery Inc.
  2. Happily Ever After
  3. Dystopian Dwellers
  4. Magic & Mayhem
  5. Whodunnit?
  6. Fantasy Fanatics
  7. YA Addicts
  8. Murder Mystery Mavens
  9. Thriller Thrillseekers
  10. Horror Hub
  11. Whimsical Wonderland
  12. Paranormal Passions
  13. Romance Readers Retreat
  14. Chick Lit Lovers Lounge
  15. Laugh Out Loud Comedy Club
  16. Sci-Fi Society
  17. Wizarding World
  18. Middle Earth Travelers
  19. Sherlock’s Squad
  20. Agatha Christie Detectives
  21. Hogwarts Alumni
  22. Camp Halfblood
  23. Baker Street Irregulars

Book Related Private Story Names

Here are more bookish private story names to inspire you:

  1. Lit Hits & Funny Bits
  2. Shelf Indulgence
  3. Behind The Book Covers
  4. The Bookshop Buzz
  5. Novel Ideas & Hot Titles
  6. Reading Rainbow
  7. YA Galore
  8. Booked & Busy
  9. Comfy Reading Spot
  10. Armchair Travelers
  11. Beach Reads & Vacay Vibes
  12. Booked Solid
  13. Literary Lounge
  14. Story Time for Grownups
  15. The Book Nook
  16. Page Turners Clubhouse
  17. Readers Anonymous
  18. Booked Up
  19. Shelfie Showcase
  20. Signed First Editions
  21. Plot Twist Snapshot
  22. Books & Bubbly

Good Book Private Story Names

These are positive, upbeat private story names for book lovers:

  1. Happily Ever After
  2. The Cozy Nook
  3. Novel Adventures
  4. Story Time Surprise
  5. Lit Ladies Lounge
  6. Coffee & Classics
  7. Reading Rainbow
  8. Comfy Reading Spot
  9. Beach Reads & Vacay Vibes
  10. Booked Up Bliss
  11. The Book Nook
  12. Page Turners Paradise
  13. Novel Ideas & Hot Titles
  14. Booked Solid
  15. Shelf Indulgence
  16. Bookstagram Sneak Peek
  17. Signed First Editions
  18. Readers Retreat

Funny Book Private Story Names

Amuse your close friends with these humorous bookish private story names:

  1. Shelfie Saboteurs
  2. Spoiler Alert!
  3. Cliffhanger Clickbait
  4. Book Hangover Hotel
  5. Beach Reads & Vacay Vibes
  6. Characters Gone Wild
  7. Plot Twist Snapshot
  8. Bookish Banter Only
  9. Readers Anonymous
  10. For Your Book Eyes Only
  11. Lit Hits & Funny Bits
  12. YA Saga Sagas
  13. Booked Up or Shut Up
  14. Agony of Dfeet (Agony of Defeat)
  15. Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover Shoot
  16. Read My Lips…No Spoilers!
  17. Readheads Only
  18. Hot Off the Presses

Private Story Names For Book Lovers

For fellow bookworms, try these literary private story names:

  1. The Book Nook
  2. Novel Ideas
  3. Lit Ladies Lounge
  4. Reading Rainbow
  5. Shelf Indulgence
  6. Bookmarked
  7. Cover To Cover
  8. Coffee & Classics
  9. First Edition Followers
  10. Signed First Editions
  11. Plot Twist Snapshot
  12. Cliffhanger Clickbait
  13. Spoiler Alert!
  14. Beach Reads & Vacay Vibes
  15. Bookstagram Sneak Peek
  16. TBR To The Max
  17. Book Reviews & Previews
  18. Bookish Banter Only

Book Private Story Names For Close Friends

Make your close friends feel special with these private story names:

  1. VIP Book Club
  2. First Edition Friends
  3. YA Circle
  4. Book Besties
  5. Shelfie Squad
  6. Bookmarked BFFs
  7. Page Turners United
  8. Book Buff Buddies
  9. Novel Ideas Inner Circle
  10. Beach Reads Bonanza
  11. Vacay Vibes VIPs
  12. Book Nook Insiders
  13. TBR To The Max Top Fans
  14. Bookworm Bookmarked Feed
  15. Cliffhanger Club Members Only
  16. Plot Twist Inner Circle
  17. Spoiler Alert! Close Crew
  18. Bookish Besties Banter

Book Private Story Names For Boys

Here are some bookish private story names for guys:

  1. The Manly Book Club
  2. The Literati
  3. Bookish Bros
  4. Shelfie Squad
  5. The Bookmarked Boys
  6. The Reading Rangers
  7. Novel Ideas Inner Circle
  8. Sci-Fi Society
  9. Laugh Out Loud Comedy Club
  10. Wizarding World
  11. Game of Thrones Gang
  12. Middle Earth Travelers
  13. Sherlock’s Squad
  14. Agatha Christie Detectives
  15. Hogwarts Alumni
  16. Camp Halfblood

Book Private Story Names For Girls

And some book-themed private story names for your female friends:

  1. Chick Lit Chicks
  2. YA Gals Book Circle
  3. The Lit Ladies Lounge
  4. Book Besties Club
  5. Shelfie Sistas
  6. The Bookmarked Babes
  7. Book Nook Cuties
  8. Novel Ideas Inner Circle
  9. Romance Readers Retreat
  10. Chick Lit Lovers Lounge
  11. Paranormal Passions Peer Group
  12. Mystery Inc.
  13. Happily Ever After Heaven
  14. Dystopian Dwellers Domain
  15. Magic & Mayhem Meet Up
  16. Whodunnit Gals
  17. Thriller Thrillseekers Troupe


Finding the perfect book-themed private story name for apps like Snapchat and Instagram can be challenging. But for bookworms, bibliophiles and literature lovers, an imaginative, customized name is a fun way to showcase your passion for the written word.

Hopefully the suggestions and ideas in this article help spark creativity for your own unique book private story names. Whether you want something short and quirky or more descriptive, focus on what makes books special to you. And most importantly, have fun brainstorming names with your close friends list!

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