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Private stories on social media like Snapchat and Instagram are a fun way to share moments with a select group of friends. Coming up with creative private story names for your stories can be a challenge. The name needs to be catchy, unique and represent the vibe of your friend group.

When brainstorming UK private story names, it helps to think about inside jokes, favourite hangout spots, interests you share or memories you’ve made together. A touch of British humour also adds personality.

Below are some ideas to spark inspiration for your own private story name.

UK Private Story Names

UK Private Story Names

When creating a private story name for UK friends, it helps to come up with something relatable and locally relevant. Here are some ideas that have a distinctly British flair:

  1. The Queen’s Secret Diary
  2. British Banter
  3. Tea Time Shenanigans
  4. London Calling
  5. Royal Snaps
  6. Tea Time Tickles
  7. London Lookbook
  8. Beauty Brits
  9. Chav Chic
  10. 6th Form Shenanigans
  11. Churchill’s Chronicles
  12. Only in the UK
  13. Mind the Snaps
  14. British Bants
  15. The Queen’s Corgis
  16. Pub Crawls & Kebab Tales
  17. Rainy Day Reels
  18. Festival Fails
  19. Football Fanatics
  20. Brexit Blunders
  21. Across the Pond
  22. Keep Calm and Carry On
  23. The Royal Ruckus
  24. Birds, Biscuits and Brews
  25. Mind the Gap
  26. Chronicles of the UK
  27. God Save the Tea
  28. British Bits and Books

UK Private Story Names For Snapchat

Snapchat private stories allow you to share ephemeral photos and videos with a custom group of friends. The Story lasts 24 hours before disappearing. Here are some funny, creative UK private story names for Snapchat:

  1. Tea & Biscuits
  2. Fish and Chips Squad
  3. Queen’s Guard
  4. British Bake Off
  5. Harry’s Hooligans
  6. Don’t Tell the Queen
  7. Spice Up Your Snaps
  8. London Calling
  9. Tea Time Legends
  10. Guy Fawkes Night
  11. Royal Banter
  12. Chavs Not Knaves
  13. Piper’s Posse
  14. The Loo Crew
  15. Yorkshire Pud Pullers
  16. Jolly Good Time
  17. Piccadilly Partiers -PUB Crawlers
  18. Double Decker Brigade
  19. Mind the Gap
  20. Cuppa Comrades
  21. Rule Britannia
  22. Westminster Wanderers
  23. By George!
  24. Pip Pip Cheerio
  25. Birds of The Beatles

UK Private Story Names For Instagram

Instagram private stories enable groups of friends to share photos and videos that last for 24 hours. Give your UK Instagram private story a creative name:

  1. Buckingham Bunch
  2. Cambridge Crew
  3. Oxford Outlaws
  4. Shoreditch Squad
  5. Liverpool Lads/Lasses
  6. Manchester Mates
  7. Knights of the Round Table
  8. London Calling
  9. Brit Pop Posse
  10. Tea Time Replay
  11. Bangers & Bash
  12. Royal Runaways
  13. Stiff Upper Lip
  14. Piccadilly Partiers
  15. Posh & Becks
  16. House of Windsor
  17. Yorkshire Pud Pullers
  18. Scottish Scallywags
  19. Welsh Wanderers
  20. Belfast Babes/Blokes
  21. Cardiff Cuties

Private Story Names For UK Edition

Make your UK private stories stand out with these cool private story names:

  1. British Besties
  2. Tea Time Replay
  3. London Legends
  4. Shoreditch Squad
  5. Piccadilly Partiers
  6. Pint Pullers
  7. Wimbledon Watchers
  8. Royal Runaways
  9. Knights of the Round Table
  10. Yorkshire Pud Pullers
  11. Belfast Babes/Blokes
  12. Liverpool Lads/Lasses
  13. Posh & Becks
  14. Chavs Not Knaves
  15. Welsh Wanderers
  16. Scottish Scallywags
  17. Guy Fawkes Night
  18. Crumpets & Cricket
  19. Mind the Gap
  20. Cuppa Comrades

Best UK Private Story Names

Here are some of the catchiest UK private story names:

  1. Tea & Telly
  2. Pip Pip Cheerio
  3. London Calling
  4. Royal Banter
  5. Piccadilly Partiers
  6. Shoreditch Squad
  7. Knights of the Round Table
  8. Wimbledon Watchers
  9. Crumpets & Cricket
  10. Yorkshire Pud Pullers
  11. Belfast Babes/Blokes
  12. Fish and Chips Squad
  13. British Bake Off
  14. Buckingham Bunch
  15. Chavs Not Knaves

Good UK Private Story Names

These UK private story names will make your friends chuckle:

  1. Tea Time Legends
  2. Posh & Becks
  3. By George!
  4. Birds of The Beatles
  5. Guy Fawkes Night
  6. Queen’s Guard
  7. Harry’s Hooligans
  8. Don’t Tell the Queen
  9. Spice Up Your Snaps
  10. Tally-ho!
  11. Pip Pip Cheerio
  12. Rule Britannia
  13. Stiff Upper Lip
  14. Welsh Wanderers
  15. Wimbledon Watchers

Funny British Private Story Names

Add some humour to your UK private stories with these funny private story names:

  1. The Loo Crew
  2. Royal Runaways
  3. Knights of the Round Pub
  4. Chavs Not Knaves
  5. Piper’s Posse
  6. Crumpets & Who Gives A Crumpet
  7. London Bridges Falling Down
  8. Full English Breakfast Club
  9. Tea & Toast at Half Past
  10. Beans on Bloody Toast
  11. Bugger Thatmate
  12. Don’t Be a Plonker
  13. Taking the Mick
  14. Are You Having a Bubble?
  15. Chatty like a Cockney

Funny UK Private Story Names

Give your friends a laugh with these amusing UK-themed private story names:

  1. The Royal Fools
  2. Tea Time Tossers
  3. British Wankers United
  4. Full English Breakfast Club
  5. Beans on Bloody Toast
  6. Stop Your Gobbling
  7. Oi Oi Saveloy!
  8. Don’t Get Your Knickers In A Twist
  9. Chatty like a Cockney
  10. Are You Having a Bubble?
  11. Bugger Thatmate
  12. Loopy Like A London Cabby
  13. Bonkers for Bangers & Mash

UK Private Story Names For Boys

Let the lads bond over these creative UK private story names:

  1. Lads Holiday Legends
  2. The Guv’nors
  3. London’s Top Lads
  4. Guy’s Night In
  5. Manchester Mates
  6. Liverpool Lads
  7. Knights of the Round Pub
  8. British Blokes United
  9. Tea Time Tossers
  10. Full English Breakfast Club
  11. Yorkshire Pud Pullers
  12. Scottish Scallywags
  13. The Beatles Boys
  14. Welsh Wanderers
  15. Belfast Lads Banter

UK Private Story Names For Girls

Fun, girly private story names for UK friend groups:

  1. British Besties
  2. Spice Girls Reunion
  3. Posh & Becks
  4. Royal Runaways
  5. London Calling
  6. Wimbledon Watchers
  7. Tea Time Legends
  8. Piccadilly Partiers
  9. Birds of The Beatles
  10. Belfast Babes
  11. Cardiff Cuties
  12. Yorkshire Lasses
  13. High Tea Hotties
  14. Windsor Wonders
  15. Princess Diaries
  16. Rule Britannia
  17. Queen’s Guard
  18. Tea & Tiaras

Final Words

In summary, naming your private story on Snapchat or Instagram takes creativity and inside humour. Focus on references that are uniquely British and tailored to your friend group’s interests.

The key is keeping it short, catchy and fun. Use the ideas above as inspiration to brainstorm the perfect UK private story names that captures the spirit of your UK circle.

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