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Private stories allow us to share snapshots of our lives with a select inner circle. Unlike a public feed open to acquaintances and strangers alike, private stories promote intimacy. We get to highlight silly, vulnerable or personal moments amongst trusted friends.

But that sense of closeness starts with the story’s name. An creative, evocative title sets the tone – signaling the type of content we’ll find within. The name piques curiosity, makes viewers feel special for being allowed access.

In this article, we’ll explore ideas for creative private story names. We’ll look at funny names perfect for humor-filled stories, clever titles fitting mysterious or interesting content, cute names for lighthearted girlfriend stories and more. Whether you use Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook or another platform, you’re sure to find inspiration ahead.

Creative Private Story Names

Creative Private Story Names

The key to a great private story name is creativity. You want something original that captures viewers’ attention and fits the subject matter shared within. Here are some ideas for brainstorming a unique name:

  1. The Fantastic Five
  2. Oracle of Truth
  3. Seventh Heaven
  4. Wanderers
  5. The Aca- Exploration
  6. The Scoop Troop
  7. Guilty Pleasures
  8. Ghost Files
  9. Pineapple Paradise
  10. Banana Bandits
  11. No Boys Allowed
  12. Sisterhood of the Traveling Phone
  13. Snapshot Squad
  14. Chaos Coordinators
  15. Awesome Sauce
  16. Radical Rebels
  17. Agent Adventure
  18. Fortress of Solitude
  19. Imagination Station
  20. Thunder Buddies
  21. Sparkle Committee
  22. The Order of the Phoenix
  23. Shutterbug Clubhouse
  24. Sunshine Brigade

Creative Private Story Names For Snapchat

Snapchat’s features make it a top choice for private stories. The automatic deletion of snaps creates secrecy, while lenses, filters and bitmojis lend playfulness.

  1. Snappy Shenanigans
  2. Shh…It’s a Secret
  3. Ghost Files
  4. Snap Pack
  5. Bitmoji Bonanza
  6. Filter Fanatics
  7. Lens Lovers
  8. Snap Stars ⭐
  9. Daily Drama
  10. Snaptastic Voyage
  11. Snapchat Sillies
  12. After Dark
  13. Late Night Laughs
  14. Code Word: Thunderbird
  15. The Fantastic Five
  16. Firefly Friends
  17. Fort Knox
  18. The Chosen Few
  19. Midnight Society
  20. Moonlight Mavericks
  21. Project Lightning

Funny Creative Private Story Names

Humor builds bonds. That’s why funny private story names work so well – they set a playful tone from the start.

  1. Pineapple Paradise
  2. Banana Bandits
  3. Ananas Anonymous
  4. Totally Tropical
  5. Peach Perfect
  6. Berry Best Friends
  7. The Zoo Crew
  8. Monkey Business
  9. Dancing Queens
  10. Pineapply Ever After
  11. Gelatin Giggles
  12. Souper Friends 🥣
  13. Nacho Average Crew
  14. Guac Goals
  15. Awesome Possum
  16. Cool Beans
  17. Sweet Feet 🦶
  18. Butter Together
  19. Happy Campers ⛺
  20. Adventure Squad 🗺
  21. Global Goofballs 🌎
  22. Cliffhanger Crew 🏔
  23. Mile High Club ✈
  24. French Toast Fanatics 🍞
  25. Cereal Killers 🥣
  26. Couch Potatoes 🥔

Most Creative Private Story Names

Maximize creativity by playing with language and drilling down on inside jokes. Obscure pop culture references also showcase creative panache.

  1. The Chosen Ones
  2. Knights of the Nightingale
  3. Orion’s Belt
  4. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D
  5. Department of Mysteries
  6. The Treehouse Ten 🌳
  7. Project Unicorn 🦄
  8. Operation: Laughing Gas
  9. The Fantastic Five
  10. The Melon Medley 🍈
  11. Ghost Pepper Group 🌶
  12. Spice Force Five ⭐️
  13. The League of Pumpkins 🎃
  14. The Order of the Phoenix 🐦
  15. Pineapply Ever After 🍍
  16. Gelatin Giggles 🥣
  17. The Pudding Pact 🍮
  18. Pancakes ‘n’ Waffles 🥞
  19. French Toast Fanatics 🍞
  20. Secret Society of Sundaes 🍨
  21. Late Night Nacho Quest 🌯

Creative Private Story Names For Girls

Female friendships thrive on emotional intimacy. Cute private story names for girls reflect inside jokes and shared interests.

  1. Sisterhood of the Traveling Phone 📱
  2. Galentines Day 💕
  3. Finding Emoji 💃🏻
  4. Golden Girls
  5. Sparkle Committee ✨
  6. Glam Squad 💋
  7. Athena Alliance 🏹
  8. Aphrodite Angels 🎀
  9. Queen Bees
  10. Wonder Women
  11. The Powerpuff Girls
  12. Destiny’s Child 👯‍♀️
  13. The Babysitters Club 👧🏻
  14. Sweet Valley High 🏫
  15. Girl Meets World 🌎
  16. ’90s Chicks 🐥
  17. Throwback Ladies 👒
  18. Totally 2000s Girlfriends 🦋

Creative Private Story Names For Guys

Amongst guy friends, inside jokes, irony and competition drive connection. Private story names for boys reflect this masculine energy.

  1. No Girls Allowed
  2. Lone Wolves 🐺
  3. The Wolfpack 🐾
  4. Danger Zone ⚠️
  5. Boys Club 👦
  6. The Bro Code
  7. Alpha Squad 💪
  8. Ghost Recon
  9. Final Five Fellas
  10. Victory Vipers
  11. Gold Medal Guys
  12. Trophy Husbands
  13. First Place Fellas


Private stories grant us creative license – the freedom to come up with names tailored precisely to each friend group’s humor and history. Whether you prefer punny phrases, celebrity references or old inside jokes resurrected, a unique title sets the mood from the very first view.

So take inspiration from the ideas here to spark your naming genius. Keep in mind the dynamics of your particular friend circle – then have fun crafting the perfect moniker!

A personalized, creative private story name invites intimacy, builds bonds and keeps your circle coming back for more smiles with every snap.

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