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College is a time for self discovery, adventure and bonding over new experiences. Private stories give college friends a dedicated space to share uncensored snippets of their journeys.

The college years overflow with hilarious inside jokes, sentimental traditions, campus shenanigans and coming-of-age lessons. Capture it all with creative private story names that speak to the college condition.

This article features tons of ideas for fun, clever, cool and meaningful college private story names for Snapchat and Instagram. Browse and pick your favorites or mix and match concepts to invent your own perfect title.

College Private Story Names

College Private Story Names

General college private story names apply to all students’ shared adventures. They instantly give followers college vibes.

  1. Dorm Life
  2. Campus Crew
  3. On Campus
  4. College Days
  5. Academic Year
  6. Student Life
  7. Our College Story
  8. University 101
  9. Freshman Year
  10. Sophomore Slump
  11. Junior Year Abroad
  12. Senioritis
  13. Study Buddies
  14. Pop Quiz
  15. All Nighter
  16. Brain Trust
  17. Creative Minds
  18. Free Thinkers
  19. Master Students
  20. Bookworms
  21. Grade A Squad

College Private Story Names For Snapchat

Snapchat initiated private stories for groups. Here are college-themed Snapchat private story name ideas:

  1. Dorm Snaps
  2. Snap U
  3. University Snapscene
  4. Campus Snap Pack
  5. Student Snaptimates
  6. Snapstudy Group
  7. Project Snapgroup
  8. Snap Scholarships
  9. On Campus Snapchat
  10. Snap Syllabus
  11. Snap Finals
  12. Graduate Snaps
  13. Cap and Gown Snaps
  14. Snap Study Abroad
  15. Semester Snapsters
  16. Snap Homeroom
  17. Dining Hall Snaps
  18. Midterm Snaps
  19. Rush Week Snaps
  20. Snap Library Squad
  21. Class Snap Group
  22. Dorm Drama Snaps
  23. Group Nap Snapchat
  24. Procrastisnaps

College Private Story Names For Instagram

Instagram also lets you create private stories for select friends. Here are college Instagram private story name ideas:

  1. Freshman Year
  2. Sophomore Slump IG
  3. Junior Year Abroad
  4. Senioritis
  5. On Campus
  6. Student Life
  7. Dorm Life
  8. Campus Crew
  9. Our College Story
  10. College Days
  11. Study Buddies
  12. Pop Quiz
  13. All Nighter
  14. Brain Trust
  15. Creative Minds
  16. Free Thinkers
  17. Master Students

College Private Story Names For Students

These student-focused private story names highlight the ups and downs of college academics:

  1. Dean’s Listers
  2. Academic All Stars
  3. Grade A Squad
  4. Pop Quiz Crew
  5. Cram Session
  6. Procrastinators
  7. Caffeine Crazed
  8. Nap Time
  9. Mental Health Break
  10. Self Care Sunday
  11. Stress Fests
  12. Test Anxiety Group
  13. Study Abroad Stories
  14. Semester Abroad
  15. Junior Year Abroad
  16. Backpackers
  17. Wanderlusters
  18. Spring Breakers
  19. Road Trippers
  20. Adventure Seekers
  21. Globe Trotters
  22. Cultural Exchange

College Private Story Names For Boys

College guys can pick a masculine private story name from these fun options:

  1. Bros Group
  2. The Boys Club
  3. One of the Guys
  4. Alpha Males
  5. Testosterone Squad
  6. Meme Lords
  7. Keyboard Warriors
  8. Controllers & Consoles
  9. Fantasy Footballers
  10. Xbox Live
  11. Gym Bros
  12. Swolemates
  13. Protein Pack
  14. Arm Day
  15. Leg Day
  16. Bros & Biceps
  17. Campus Hearththrobs
  18. Bachelor Pads
  19. Player’s Club
  20. Wingmen

College Private Story Names For Girls

College girls will love these feminine private story name ideas:

  1. Sorority Sisters
  2. Sisterhood Circle
  3. Galentines
  4. Empowered Women
  5. The Divine Feminine
  6. Yin Energy
  7. Baddie Gang
  8. Regina George Vibes
  9. Gossip Girls
  10. Drama Queens
  11. Queen Bees
  12. Wanderlusters
  13. Jet Setters
  14. Influencers
  15. Trendsetters
  16. Fashionistas
  17. Self Love Club
  18. Self Care Circle
  19. Affirmation Station
  20. Confidence Boost
  21. Body Positivity

Good College Private Story Names

These college private story names have positive vibes:

  1. Bright Futures
  2. Dream Chasers
  3. World Changers
  4. Trail Blazers
  5. Rise & Grind
  6. Student Support
  7. Empathy Friends
  8. Lean on Me
  9. Mutual Uplift
  10. Circle of Trust
  11. Minds in Bloom
  12. Growth Mindset
  13. Developing Brilliance
  14. Spark Growth
  15. Think Big
  16. Adventure Squad
  17. Globe Trotters
  18. Cultural Exchange
  19. Study Abroad Squad
  20. Semester at Sea

Funny College Private Story Names

Make friends laugh with these hilarious college private story ideas:

  1. Drunk Dials
  2. Keg Stand Champions
  3. Sip Sip Pass Out
  4. Ratchet After Dark
  5. Sugar Baby Academy
  6. OnlyBans
  7. Lonely Fans
  8. Cheat Sheets
  9. Funny Exam Answers
  10. Epic Test Fails
  11. Professor Shade
  12. Totally Baked
  13. Pizza Addicts
  14. Munchie Raids @ 2 AM
  15. Freshman 15


Your college days go by quicker than any all-nighter. Capture all the hysterical, moving, monumental memories and inside jokes with a cool private story name.

The wide variety of clever and fun college-themed private story names in this article make it easy to define your shared stories. Savor these transformative years surrounded by friendship, growth and discovery.

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