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For food lovers, having Food Private Story Names dedicated to showcasing tasty dishes, new restaurants, funny food moments, and more can be an enjoyable experience. When creating a private story around food, one of the most important steps is choosing a clever and descriptive name. The name should give followers an idea of what type of content they can expect to see, while also being short, catchy and intriguing.

In this article, we’ll explore some ideas for food private story names for Snapchat, Instagram and beyond. We’ve included names tailored for different types of food content, from funny and playful names to options for more serious food vloggers and reviewers. Whether you love baking, fine dining, cheap eats or just have a quirky love of food, you’re sure to find some unique private story name inspiration here.

Food Private Story Names

Food Private Story Names

Here are some general food private story name ideas that could work for both Snapchat and Instagram:

  1. Snack Stack
  2. Foodie Finds
  3. Tasty Treats
  4. Flavor Favorites
  5. Fork Yeah
  6. Cuisine Queens
  7. Delish Diary
  8. What’s Cookin’?
  9. Dishin’ Delights
  10. Hungry Hijinks
  11. nibbles.n.bites
  12. Daily Bites
  13. InstaEats
  14. Snack Sesh
  15. Food Friends
  16. Culinary Creations
  17. Kitchen Chronicles
  18. Snack Shack
  19. Nom Nom Moments
  20. Totally Yummy
  21. Taste Bud Travels

Food Private Story Names For Snapchat

Snapchat lends itself to playful, funny and witty private story names. Here are some food-themed ideas tailored for Snapchat:

  1. Snappy Eats
  2. Foodie Snaps
  3. Tasty Snappery
  4. Snack Chat
  5. Nom Nom Snap
  6. Snap N’ Nosh
  7. Snap That Dish
  8. What’s Snappening?
  9. Snappy Delights
  10. Snack Stack Snap
  11. Snackventure
  12. Snack a gram
  13. Snap That Food Coma
  14. Hungry Snaps
  15. Snaps N Bites
  16. Snack Sesh Snap
  17. Snap for Food
  18. Snapping Nom Noms

Food Private Story Names For Instagram

Instagram private stories tend to use creative or stylish names. Here are some food private story names for Instagram:

  1. Culinary Cuties
  2. Gourmet Gathering
  3. Gastrogirls
  4. Haute Eats
  5. Fork and Lens
  6. Plating Artistry
  7. Foodtography
  8. Eat Pretty
  9. Kitchen Couture
  10. Gastrographic
  11. Taste the Moment
  12. Foodtastrophy
  13. Bellies and Lenses
  14. Appetite for IG
  15. Cuisine and Click
  16. Food Frames
  17. Brunch Bunch
  18. Lunchtime Luxury

Funny Food Private Story Names

For some silly and humorous food private story names, consider:

  1. Nom Nom Nom
  2. Munchie Mayhem
  3. Fork Fails
  4. Deliciously Dorky
  5. Kitchen Klutzes
  6. Bites Before Brains
  7. Hungry Hippos
  8. Midnight Munchies
  9. Feedin’ My Face
  10. Chompin’ Chums
  11. Noshin’ Goofs
  12. Snack Attacks
  13. Mealtime Messes
  14. Kitchen Catastrophes
  15. Appetite for Distraction
  16. Brain Foodies
  17. Om Nom Nitwits

Good Private Story Names For Food

Here are some additional good, creative private story names for all things food:

  1. The Tasty Tour
  2. Kitchen Creations
  3. Foodie Finds
  4. Culinary Adventures
  5. Dining Diaries
  6. Taste Bud Travels
  7. Fork & Glass
  8. Appetite Journey
  9. Cuisine Scene
  10. Gourmet Gathering
  11. Haute Snaps
  12. Midnight Meals
  13. Baker’s Dozen
  14. Spice It Up
  15. Saucy Snaps

Private Story Names For Food Lovers

For the diehard foodies, consider these private story name ideas:

  1. Bite-Sized Food Love
  2. Cuisine Cravers
  3. Kitchen Confessions
  4. Confessions of a Foodie
  5. Gastrogasm
  6. Appetite for Adventure
  7. The Hungry Bunch
  8. Foodie Fun Times
  9. Taste Bud Treats
  10. Food Snob Squad
  11. Chef’s Kiss
  12. Cuisine Connoisseurs
  13. Culinary Masterminds
  14. Gourmet Groupies

Good Food Private Story Names

Here are additional solid, descriptive private story names for food content:

  1. Delicious Discoveries
  2. Daily Bites
  3. Tasty Treats
  4. Foodie Finds
  5. Fresh Bites
  6. So Tasty
  7. Today’s Eats
  8. Snack Stack
  9. Food Diary
  10. Appetite Diary
  11. Edible Escapades
  12. Kitchen Creations
  13. What’s Cookin’?
  14. Forkin’ Around

Food Vlogger Private Story Names

For food vloggers and reviewers, consider these private story name ideas:

  1. Bites with [Name]
  2. [Name]’s Food Diaries
  3. [Name]’s Taste Test
  4. Good Eats with [Name]
  5. [Name’s] Gourmet Journeys
  6. Kitchen Tales with [Name]
  7. [Name’s] Tasty Travels
  8. Food Flavors by [Name]
  9. [Name]’s Foodie Finds
  10. [Name]’s Culinary Escapades
  11. The [Name] Review
  12. Adventures in Eating

Food Private Story Names For Boys

Here are some fun food private story names for guys:

  1. Boyz N’ Bites
  2. Guys Who Gorge
  3. Dude Food
  4. Boy Eats World
  5. Bros Who Brunch
  6. Forkin’ Boys
  7. Boys Who Bake
  8. Midnight Munchies
  9. Man vs. Food
  10. Boyz Who Brunch
  11. Diners Drive-Ins Dudes

Food Private Story Names For Girls

And some cute and playful food private story names for girls:

  1. Snack Queens
  2. Girl Eats World
  3. Kitchen Cuties
  4. Hangry Gals
  5. Gorgeous & Gorge
  6. Chicks Who Brunch
  7. Boss Babes & Bites
  8. Brunch Babes
  9. Cuisine Cuties
  10. Bakers & Beauties
  11. Delightful Damsels
  12. Chicks Who Click (Food)
  13. Gorgeous Gourmands


With this list of over 317 fun, unique, descriptive, humorous and hilarious private story name ideas, you hopefully have some inspiration to choose the ideal moniker for your own food-focused private story. Whether you’re a funny foodie, aspiring influencer or casual culinary enthusiast, a great private story name is key.

So gather your favorite food-loving friends, pick a clever new handle and get ready to start snapping and sharing your favorite food pics, dishes, restaurants and more. Your tasty eats and food adventures await!

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