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Private stories on social media platforms like Snapchat and Instagram have become hugely popular in recent years, especially among Punjabi youth. These private stories allow users to share content with a select group of close friends rather than their entire friend list.

Coming up with a unique and interesting private story names for your stories can be tricky. The name needs to be catchy yet represent the vibe of your private story. In this article, we will explore popular Punjabi private story names ideas for Snapchat, Instagram, close friends, boys and girls.

Whether you want a funny name or something simple, this list of 425+ creative Punjabi private story names will help you find the perfect fit. Let’s get started!

Punjabi Private Story Names

Punjabi Private Story Names

Here are 20 catchy and creative Punjabi private story name ideas you can use:

  1. Pyaar Da Kissa
  2. Dil Diyan Gallan
  3. Yaara Da Haal Chaal
  4. Kalle Kalle
  5. Gabru Nation
  6. Squad Goals
  7. Friendship Heights
  8. Pyaar Vyar Da Khel
  9. Taare Zameen Par
  10. Thug Life
  11. Desi Vibes
  12. Gol Gappe Wale
  13. Pakke Yaar
  14. Desi Gang
  15. Kudiyan vs Buses
  16. Swag Wali Toop
  17. Thodi Thodi Peg Maar
  18. Weekend Vibes
  19. Pyaar Da Haal
  20. Friends Forever

Punjabi Private Story Names For Snapchat

If you are looking for Punjabi private story names for Snapchat, here are 20 fun ideas:

  1. Snap Da Scene
  2. Snapchat Pyaar
  3. Pyaari Snaps
  4. Snapchat Squad Goals
  5. Snap Wale Yaar
  6. Snapchat Di Gal Suno
  7. Pyaar Vyar Wali Snap
  8. Viah Da Khel
  9. Snapchat Te Aish
  10. Snapchat Di Kudiyan
  11. Snapchat Di Crazy Gang
  12. Snapchat Da Swag
  13. Pyaar Di Snapchat Kahani
  14. Laake 3 Peg Balliye
  15. Chak De Phatte
  16. Snapchat Pyaar Vyah Da Haal
  17. Snapchat Di Bestie
  18. Pyaar Da Connection
  19. Snapchat Di Yaadein
  20. Pyaar Da Adda

Punjabi Private Story Names For Instagram

If Instagram is your platform of choice, these 20 Punjabi private story names will be perfect:

  1. Instagram Da Pyaar
  2. Instagram Kahani
  3. Insta Di Yaari
  4. Instagram Squad Goals
  5. Pyaar Vyar Instagram
  6. Insta Te Aish Karo
  7. Instagram Di Kudiyan
  8. Insta Da Swag
  9. Dill Di Suno
  10. Chak De Phatte
  11. Insta Di Crazy Gang
  12. Instagram Bestie
  13. Pyaar Da Instagram Adda
  14. Jatt Da Haal Chaal
  15. Instagram Pyaar Da Khel
  16. Jatt Di Gall Baat
  17. Pyaar Vyar Di Galla
  18. Instagram Da Scene
  19. Weekend Plans
  20. College Di Yaadan

Punjabi Private Story Names For Close Friends

If you want a private story just for your inner circle, these 20 ideas have a close friends vibe:

  1. Best Friends Forever
  2. Pyaar Ya Dosti
  3. Haal Chaal
  4. Asli Yaarana
  5. Dildaar Yaaran Nu
  6. Pyareya Nu
  7. Crazy Yaaran Da Group
  8. Best Friends Ki Kahani
  9. Meri Yaari Sabse Pyari
  10. Doston Ki Baatein
  11. Yaadein Doston Ke Saath
  12. Hum Sab Ki Kahani
  13. Yaaron Ka Whatsapp Group
  14. Doston Ke Liye
  15. Pyaar Doston Wich
  16. Sabse Khaas Dost
  17. Pyaar Da Circle
  18. Secret Dosti Club
  19. Doston Ka Apna Adda
  20. Sirf Yaaron Ke Liye

Punjabi Private Story Names For Boys

Here are 20 cool Punjabi private story names for guys:

  1. Gabru Squad
  2. Singhan Da Jatha
  3. Punjabi Gabru
  4. Jatt Boys Snapchat
  5. Gabruo Di Top Ten
  6. Brotherhood Goals
  7. Singh Saab Da Crew
  8. Veer Da Group
  9. Gabruo Di Dosti
  10. Pyaar Da Munda Circle
  11. Gabruo wale Meme
  12. Jatt Boys Ki Kahani
  13. Singh Saab De Yaar
  14. Pyare Veero Nu
  15. Gabruo Di Chugli
  16. Yaar Mera Jatt
  17. Boyz Life
  18. Gabruo Di Crazy Gang
  19. Veero Ki Masti
  20. Boyz Nighbourhood

Punjabi Private Story Names For Girls

And 20 cute ideas for Punjabi girls’ private stories:

  1. Pyaariyan Da Group
  2. Kudiyan Di Baat
  3. Girl Gang Goals
  4. Mast Kudiyan Di Party
  5. Punjaban Di Dosti
  6. Girlz Night
  7. Kudiyan Da Squad
  8. Pyaari Kuriyan Nu
  9. Sisterhood Goals
  10. Girlz Ki Chugli
  11. Kudiyan Da Adda
  12. Masti Kudiyan Wali
  13. Girlz Love
  14. Kudiyan Di Gal Suno
  15. Pyaariyaan Di Gupshup
  16. Crazy Kudiyan Da Group
  17. Top Kudiyan
  18. Girlz Ki Kahani
  19. Punjabi Kudian
  20. Girl Power

Funny Punjabi Private Story Names

Here are 20 hilarious ideas for funny Punjabi private story names:

  1. Mental Asylum
  2. Pagalpan Da Adda
  3. Chutkule De Pappe
  4. Hasde Raho
  5. Comedy Nights
  6. Mental Hospital
  7. Pagal Kutte
  8. Funny Fools
  9. Husan Pardaan
  10. Daru Pee Ke Haso
  11. Mazak Da Group
  12. Mental Di Gang
  13. Goofballs
  14. Crazy Clowns
  15. Meme Wali Duniya
  16. Pagal Doston Da Squad
  17. Crackheads
  18. Weirdos United
  19. Laugh Out Loud
  20. Funny Freaks

Best Punjabi Private Story Names

And finally, here are 20 of the best Punjabi private story name ideas:

  1. Jatt Punjab Ton
  2. Masstt Kudiye
  3. Swag Sardaara Da
  4. Singh Saab Da Crew
  5. Gabruo Da Squad
  6. Thodi Thodi Peg Maar
  7. Snapchat Di Gal Suno
  8. Insta Bestie
  9. Pyaariyan Di Gupshup
  10. Pagalpan Di Duniya
  11. Friendship Heights
  12. Dil Diyan Gallan
  13. Desi Vibes
  14. Crazy Clowns
  15. Kudiyan Vs Munde
  16. Pyaar Di Dosti
  17. Gol Gappe Wale
  18. Girl Gang Goals
  19. Yaadein Doston Ke Saath
  20. Hum Sab Ki Kahani


Private stories are a fun way to share your life moments with your closest friends and inner circle. With these 425+ creative, funny and catchy Punjabi private story name ideas, you can find the perfect name that suits your vibe.

A good private story name will grab attention, intrigue people and make your friends want to view your story. Whether you want a bold name, a funny one or something cute, this list has plenty of options to choose from.

So go ahead, pick a name from this list or use it as inspiration to come up with your own unique Punjabi private story name. Your friends will definitely love it and it will make your Instagram or Snapchat private story stand out.

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