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Coming up with a creative and memorable name for your private story on social media can be a fun way to express your personality. For French speakers, incorporating some French flair into your main private story name can give it a stylish and romantic vibe. In this article, we’ll explore some ideas for French private story names that are funny, cute, and perfect for couples.

Whether you want a name that’s playful, sophisticated, or charmingly French, you’ll find plenty of options here. We’ll also give tips on how to brainstorm your own French private story names. From picking the right French words to crafting short, catchy phrases, we’ll cover all the bases so you can find the ideal moniker for your private story. Time to let your inner francophile shine!

French Private Story Names

French Private Story Names

Here are some creative French private story name ideas to get your imagination going:

  • La vie en rose (Life in pink)
  • Joie de vivre (Joy of living)
  • Tour de France (Tour of France)
  • Bisous et câlins (Kisses and cuddles)
  • Bonjour la vie (Hello life)
  • C’est la vie (That’s life)
  • Je ne sais quoi (I don’t know what)
  • Savoir-faire (Know-how)
  • Esprit de corps (Shared spirit)
  • Piece de resistance (Main dish)
  • Menage a trois (Household of three)
  • Avant garde (Innovative)
  • Bon appetit (Enjoy your meal)
  • Je t’aime (I love you)
  • Tres chic (Very stylish)
  • Baguette (French bread stick)
  • Macaron (French pastry)
  • Mon chéri (My darling)

Private Story Names in French

Using French words and phrases is a chic way to name your private story. Here are some creative options:

  • Mon petit secret (My little secret)
  • Mes amis (My friends)
  • Ma famille (My family)
  • Notre amour (Our love)
  • Plaisir coupable (Guilty pleasure)
  • Bonne nuit (Good night)
  • Reve dete (Summer dream)
  • Cercle prive (Private circle)
  • Moments volés (Stolen moments)
  • Souvenirs (Memories)
  • Les choses privees (Private things)
  • Mes confidences (My confidences)
  • Seulement pour toi (Only for you)
  • Confidentiel (Confidential)
  • Entre nous (Between us)
  • Privé SVP! (Private please!)
  • Cache de moi (Hidden from me)
  • Le petit coin secret (The little secret corner)

Funny French Private Story Names

Naming your private story something silly and amusing in French is a playful idea. Here are some funny French private story name suggestions:

  • Ooh la la! (Oh wow!)
  • Le nimportequoi (Whatever)
  • Cest fou! (This is crazy)
  • Sacré bleu! (Good heavens!)
  • Mon dieu! (My god!)
  • Cest la folie! (This is madness)
  • Mais oui! (Of course!)
  • Oui oui! (Yes yes!)
  • Hon hon hon (French laugh)
  • Merde alors! (Damn it!)
  • Zut alors! (Rats!)
  • Pas de probleme (No problem)
  • Cest magnifique (It’s magnificent)
  • Tres bizarre (Very weird)
  • Omelette du fromage (Cheese omelette)
  • Menage a cinq (Household of five)
  • Je suis fatigue(e) (I’m tired)
  • Ca cest genial! (That’s great!)
  • Cest la vie (Such is life)

Cute French Private Story Names

For an adorable French private story name, try these cute options:

  • Mon amour (My love)
  • Mon chou (My sweet)
  • Mon petit chou (My little sweet)
  • Mon coeur (My heart)
  • Ma belle (My beauty)
  • Mon joli/ma jolie (My pretty)
  • Mon ange (My angel)
  • Mon petit (My little one)
  • Ma cherie (My darling)
  • Mon tresor (My treasure)
  • Ma moitié (My other half)
  • Mon petit ami/ma petite amie (My boyfriend/girlfriend)
  • Ma bichette (My little doe)
  • Mon lapin (My bunny)
  • Ma caille (My quail)
  • Mon canard (My duck)
  • Ma puce (My flea)
  • Mon chaton (My kitten)
  • Ma souris (My mouse)

French Private Story Names For Couples

Here are some adorable French private story names for couples:

  • Notre nid d’amour (Our love nest)
  • Nous deux (The two of us)
  • Toi et moi (You and me)
  • Ensemble pour toujours (Together forever)
  • Notre petite bulle (Our little bubble)
  • Rien que nous deux (Just the two of us)
  • L’amour toujours (Love always)
  • Notre paradis (Our paradise)
  • Rendez-vous romantique (Romantic date)
  • Seulement pour nous (Just for us)
  • Lune de miel (Honeymoon)
  • Coeur a coeur (Heart to heart)
  • Je t’aime pour toujours (I’ll love you forever)
  • Notre petit secret (Our little secret)
  • Tendres baisers (Tender kisses)
  • Notre vie privee (Our private life)

French Private Story Names For Boys

For a masculine vibe, try these French private story names for boys:

  • Mes potes (My buddies)
  • L’equipe (The team)
  • Les gars (The guys)
  • Entre mecs (Between guys)
  • Bonhomme (Good guy)
  • Les copains (The friends)
  • Camaraderie (Comradery)
  • Cercles des hommes (Circle of men)
  • Club prive (Private club)
  • Vestiaires (Locker room)
  • Blanchisserie (Laundry room)
  • Salle de jeux (Game room)
  • Salle de sport (Gym)
  • Bar masculin (Men’s bar)
  • Cigares et whiskey (Cigars and whiskey)

French Private Story Names For Girls

For a feminine vibe, here are some French private story names for girls:

  • Mes copines (My girlfriends)
  • Le girl gang (The girl gang)
  • Entre filles (Between girls)
  • Soiree pyjama (Slumber party)
  • Les princesses (The princesses)
  • Salon de beauté (Beauty salon)
  • Le boudoir (The boudoir)
  • Secrets de filles (Girls’ secrets)
  • La vie en rose (Life in pink)
  • Jolies choses (Pretty things)
  • Trousse de maquillage (Makeup kit)
  • Placard à chaussures (Shoe closet)
  • Club des reines (Queens’ club)
  • Cercle VIP (VIP circle)
  • Notre jardin secret (Our secret garden)
  • Cœurs de filles (Girls’ hearts)
  • Bonbons et fleurs (Candy and flowers)


Finding the perfect French private story name can take your Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook stories to the next level. With a mix of creative, funny, cute and romantic French words and phrases, you can come up with a moniker that expresses your personality or relationships.

The key is to brainstorm keyword ideas in French, use online translators judiciously if needed, and put together short, catchy phrases. Avoid just plugging in generic French terms – craft an interesting private story name that is uniquely you.

So go ahead – give your private story some French flair! Amusez-vous bien coming up with your new fabulous French title. And don’t forget to add some fun French emojis too.

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