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Private stories on social media allow couples to share sweet moments and inside jokes within their exclusive circle of two. Whether celebrating anniversaries, planning date nights or sending cutesy snaps to each other, a creative private story name adds a little romance.

Names like “Partners in Crime” and “Better Half” perfectly capture the playful banter and chemistry between couples. Other ideas speak to the adventure of relationships with names like “Offbeat Lovebirds” and “Wanderlust Sweethearts.”

In this article, we’ll explore over 250 private story names for romantic couples on platforms like Snapchat and Instagram. From funny duos and travel bugs to Bollywood lovebirds, these names help you memorialize special memories and tender times with your beloved.

Private Story Names For Couples

Snapchat Private Story Names For Couples

Capture your best times together with these 25 private story names on Snapchat for couples:

  1. Tangoing Through Life
  2. Salt & Pepper Shakers
  3. Love Drunk Lovers
  4. Bonnie & Clyde
  5. Found My Lobster
  6. Ride or Die Duo
  7. Lovey Dovey Forever
  8. Partners in Crime
  9. Tough Love Birds
  10. Better Half Besties
  11. Snuggle Struggle Buddies
  12. Charm & Charming
  13. His & Hers Hideaway
  14. Playful Paramours
  15. Heart Eye Honeymoon Phase
  16. Xs and Os Exchange
  17. Love Bug Duo
  18. Two Peas in a Pod
  19. Matching Puzzle Pieces
  20. Soulmates Snapping
  21. Lovey Dovey Snappers
  22. First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage
  23. Through Thick & Thin
  24. Love Me Tender Sweethearts
  25. On Cloud Wine Together

Instagram Private Story Names For Couples

Romance it up with Instagram private story name like one of these 25 ideas:

  1. Couples Retreat Circle
  2. Our Little Secret Society
  3. Partners in Wine & Crime
  4. Love Struck Sweeties
  5. Better Half Besties
  6. Date Night Insiders
  7. Adventure Duo
  8. Offbeat Lovebirds
  9. Head Over Heels Hideaway
  10. Playful Pair
  11. From Me to You
  12. The Ride or Dies
  13. Through Thick and Thin
  14. Two Peas in a Pod
  15. Soulmate Stories
  16. Laugh, Love, Live
  17. Lovey Dovey Forever
  18. Us Against the World
  19. Heart Eyes Only
  20. Wine Not Whiners
  21. Honeymoon Phase
  22. Traingoals Express
  23. Destination Duo
  24. Marriage Goals
  25. Always and Forever

Private Story Names For Indian Couples

Masala up your private stories with these 25 desi ideas for couples:

  1. Chai & Chat
  2. Samosa Sweethearts
  3. Date Pakoda Nights
  4. Bollywood Love Story
  5. Spicy & Sweet
  6. Biryani Besties
  7. Curry Cuties
  8. Masala & Magic
  9. Bhangra Beats
  10. Henna Hitched
  11. Sari Not Sorry
  12. Chapati Homies
  13. Chutney Soulmates
  14. Tandoori Two
  15. Roti Romance
  16. Gulab Gang
  17. Pyaar Power Couple
  18. Desi Duo
  19. Dosa Date Nights
  20. Chole Bhature Buddies
  21. Butter Chicken Besties
  22. Samosa Squad
  23. Chai Chats & Sunset Strolls
  24. Curry Cupid ConneXt
  25. Paratha Partners

Private Story Names For Couples in Hindi

Say I love you with these private story name ideas for couples in Hindi:

  1. जीवनसाथी
  2. जान-ए-जान
  3. मेरी जान
  4. मेरी शक्ति
  5. मेरी कमजोरी
  6. मेरी जिंदगी
  7. गुलाबी प्यार
  8. दिल के दोस्त
  9. जीवन का साथी
  10. मुस्कानें हमेशा
  11. हमेशा और हमेशा
  12. मेरे लिए तेरे लिए
  13. एक दूसरे के बिना
  14. मेरा सब कुछ
  15. तुम हो तो हम हैं
  16. मेरा प्यार
  17. मेरा परिवार
  18. मेरी जान-पहचान
  19. दो दिलों की धड़कन
  20. हमेशा हम


With over 250 endearing, romantic and fun private story names, couples can create intimate spaces to strengthen their bond for years to come.

These names reflect humor and tenderness, passion and commitment. So try them out the next time you want to send a private snap or share a cute selfie with your special someone!

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