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Lit Private Story Names allow users to share content with a select group of friends instead of their entire friend list. Lit private stories specifically are private stories with fun, interesting private story names that often relate to partying, drinking, having a good time with friends, etc.

Coming up with a unique, catchy name for your private story can be a fun and creative process. The name helps set the vibe and tone for the type of content you’ll share. A good lit private story name intrigues people and makes them want to join.

In this article, we’ll explore different types of lit private story names and provide name ideas you can use for inspiration. Whether you want something funny, cute, clever or cool, we’ve got you covered.

Lit Private Story Names

Lit Private Story Names

Here are some general lit private story name ideas that could work well on platforms like Snapchat or Instagram:

  1. Litty Committee
  2. Turn Up Tonight
  3. Good Vibes Only
  4. Late Nights with the Squad
  5. Lit Fam
  6. Wild Ones
  7. Bad Decisions
  8. No Sleep Crew
  9. Turnt Tuesdays
  10. Thirsty Thursdays
  11. FRIYAY!
  12. Weekend Warriors
  13. The Real After Party
  14. Stay Lit Fam
  15. Litigation Squad
  16. Wine Night In
  17. Happy Hour Homies
  18. Lituationship
  19. Expensive Taste
  20. Blackout Stories
  21. Late Nights & City Lights

Lit Private Story Names For Snapchat

Here are some lit Snapchat private story name ideas:

  1. Snapping with the Squad
  2. Snap Lit
  3. Crazy Nights Snap Edition
  4. Snappy Hour
  5. Weekend Snap Warriors
  6. Snaparazzi
  7. Drunk Snaps
  8. Snap You Later
  9. Expensive Snaps
  10. Snap It Like It’s Hot
  11. Snap Queen/Snap King
  12. Snap It Like You Mean It
  13. Lit Snap Fam
  14. Turnt Snaps
  15. Thirsty Snap Thursday
  16. Snaps After Dark
  17. Wild Snaps
  18. Snap This Not That
  19. Snapshot in Paradise
  20. Best Snaps Win
  21. Do It For the Snap
  22. Snaps and Chill

Lit Private Story Names For Instagram

Here are creative lit Instagram private story names tailored for you:

  1. InstaLit
  2. Crazy Nights
  3. Turnt Insta Posts
  4. LitstaGram
  5. Afterparty Instagram
  6. Drunkstagram
  7. Best Nights Insta
  8. Insta After Dark
  9. Stay Litsta
  10. InstaFamous
  11. Turn Up Insta
  12. Happy Hour Homies
  13. Expensive IG Posts
  14. Light Up the Insta
  15. Lituationship on Insta
  16. Instagram It Like It’s Hot
  17. Insta Snaps
  18. Wild InstaStory
  19. IG Lit Fam
  20. Thirsty Insta Thursday
  21. FRIYAY on Insta!
  22. Lit IG Feed

Best Lit Private Story Names

Here are some of the absolute best lit private story names:

  1. The A-Squad
  2. VIP Access Only
  3. Nightcrawlers
  4. Lit Gang
  5. Turn Up Crew
  6. No Sleep Tonight
  7. Drinking Team
  8. Best Nights Ever
  9. Lit Hangovers
  10. Blackout Club
  11. Turnt Up Troop
  12. Thirst Trappers
  13. Wine Not?
  14. Bad Ideas Welcome
  15. Shots Shots Shots
  16. Late Nights & City Lights
  17. Champagne Dreams
  18. The Real Afterparty
  19. Lituationship Goals
  20. Good Times Gang
  21. Lit Life Crisis
  22. Drunk History
  23. Cheers Girls
  24. Squad Goals

Lit Party Private Story Names

If your private story will focus specifically on chronicling wild parties and celebrations, these names could work well:

  1. Turn Up Tonight
  2. Things Got Lit
  3. This Party Lit
  4. Lituation
  5. Dancefloor Divas
  6. Shots Shots Shots
  7. Champagne Dreams
  8. House Party Crew
  9. Ragers Only
  10. Lit Party People
  11. Party Animals
  12. Wild Ones
  13. Party Squad Goals
  14. Dancefloor Queens
  15. Bad Decisions
  16. Blackout Party
  17. Afterparty Squad
  18. Party Rockers
  19. Turnt Up Troop
  20. Weekend Warriors
  21. Party Legends
  22. Dancefloor Kings

Lit Mood Private Story Names

For a more laidback, chill lit private story try these mood-focused names:

  1. Good Vibes Only
  2. Chilling Hard
  3. Wine Night
  4. Happy Hour Homies
  5. Lowkey Lit
  6. Chillers Club
  7. Good Times Gang
  8. Night In Squad
  9. Relax Mode Activated
  10. Chilled Out Crew
  11. Buzzed & Cozy
  12. Comfy & Tipsy
  13. Snuggle Up Season
  14. Lazy Lushes
  15. Pajama Party
  16. Chilling & Spilling Tea
  17. Drinking on the Couch
  18. Couch Potato Club
  19. Netflix & Chillers
  20. Staying In Lit

Lit Private Story Names For Boys

Here are lit private story name for guys:

  1. The Bro Code
  2. Lit Bros
  3. Turn Up Tonight Boys
  4. One of the Boys
  5. Boys Just Wanna Have Fun
  6. Bad Boys Club
  7. Lit Lads
  8. The A-Squad Boys
  9. Bromance Goals
  10. Wingmen Wanted
  11. Party Legends Boys Edition
  12. Boyz Night
  13. Dancefloor Kings
  14. House Party Crew Bros
  15. Happy Hour Homies Guys Edition
  16. Chilling with the Bros
  17. Lituation Boys Only
  18. Shots Shots Shots
  19. Squad Goals Bros
  20. Dude Night
  21. Guys Being Dudes
  22. Blackout Bros

Lit Private Story Names For Girls

And here are lit private story names for ladies:

  1. Queens of the Night
  2. Dancefloor Divas
  3. Chicks Bricks
  4. Turn Up Tonight Ladies
  5. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
  6. Bad Girls Club
  7. Champagne Queens
  8. Boss Babes After Hours
  9. Galentines Day
  10. Happy Hour Hotties
  11. Thirst Trappers
  12. Bride Tribe
  13. Girls Night Lit
  14. Dancefloor Goddesses
  15. Girl Gang Goals
  16. Girls Run the World
  17. Lady Lushes
  18. Wine Night Girls
  19. Chilling with the Gals
  20. Lituation Ladies Only
  21. Blackout Besties
  22. Stay Lit Girl Squad


Coming up with creative, catchy lit private story names is a fun way to brand the exclusive content you share with friends. The name should capture the vibe of your private story whether it’s wild partying, casual chilling or anything in between.

Use the unique private story name ideas in this article for inspiration when brainstorming name options. Think about your friend group, interests and the type of content you’ll share. Aim for a short, memorable name that intrigues people.

The name you choose for your lit private story helps set the tone. With a fun name that perfectly encapsulates your crew and the good times you share, you’re sure to end up with entertaining content that lives up to the hype. Stay lit and get creative with your private story naming!

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