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Coming up with creative and unique private story names for your pets can be a fun way to show off your furry friends on social media. Whether you have dogs, cats, or other pets, a witty or clever pets private story names help your pet’s personality shine through.

In this article, we’ll explore some ideas for pet private story names for various social media platforms like Snapchat and Instagram. We’ll cover names for both dogs and cats, as well as some general tips that work for any type of pet. Read on for over 450 pets private story name suggestions ranging from funny to cute!

Pets Private Story Names

Pets Private Story Names

  1. Pawesome Pet Stories
  2. Tails from the Crib
  3. The Daily Bark/Meow
  4. Fur Babies
  5. Pet Shenanigans
  6. Critter Chronicles
  7. Scales, Tails & Fur
  8. The Pet Diaries
  9. Creature Features
  10. Animal Antics
  11. Pet Tales
  12. The Pawcast
  13. Creature Comforts
  14. The Pet Set
  15. Puparazzi
  16. Pet Pourri
  17. Animal Adventures
  18. Furry Friends
  19. The Pet Project
  20. Pawsitive Vibes

Pets Private Story Names For Snapchat

Snapchat’s private stories allow you to share photos and videos with a select group of friends. Here are some fun and playful pet private story names for Snapchat:

  1. Puptastic Snaps
  2. The Daily Meow
  3. Cat Snap Chronicles
  4. Doggie Snaps
  5. Creature Snaps
  6. Furry Snap Tales
  7. Pet Snaps 4 Days
  8. Puppy Snappin’
  9. Kitty Snaps
  10. Scale, Tail & Fur Snaps
  11. Fin & Fur Snaps
  12. Feathers & Fur Snaps
  13. Pup Snaps
  14. Pawesome Snaps
  15. Pet Snaps Galore
  16. Snap That Pet!
  17. Pet Snapshot
  18. Furry Snap Stories
  19. Creature Snap Shots
  20. Pet Snaps 2 Share

Pets Private Story Names For Instagram

Instagram’s private story option lets you share temporary photos and videos with selected friends or followers. Here are engaging pet private story names for Instagram:

  1. Pawsome Pet Stories
  2. Kitty Gram
  3. InstaPet
  4. Petstagram
  5. Furbabies
  6. Pet Tales
  7. IG Pet Diaries
  8. Pet Shenanigans
  9. Pawsome
  10. Pet Pourri
  11. Puparazzi on IG
  12. Kitty Gram IG Edition
  13. Pawcasts on Instagram
  14. Pet Snaps
  15. Furry Friends
  16. Daily Bark Version
  17. Litterbox Tales
  18. Scales, Tails & Fur
  19. Feathers & Fur
  20. Fins & Tails

Pet Dogs Private Story Names

If you have a dog, here are some creative private story names that capture their fun spirit:

  1. Puptastic Tales
  2. Doggie Diaries
  3. Puppy Adventures
  4. Doggo Days
  5. Tales of a Tail Wagger
  6. A Dog’s Life
  7. The Daily Bark
  8. Puppy Power
  9. Doggie Drama
  10. Dog Tales
  11. Happy Hound Stories
  12. Puppy Love Notes
  13. Good Boy Diaries
  14. Doggo Adventures
  15. Tails from a Doggo
  16. Pawesome Dog Stories
  17. A Dog’s Tale
  18. Doggie Doings
  19. Canine CAPers
  20. Pup Paradise

Pet Cats Private Story Names

For cat lovers, here are purr-fect private story names for your feline friends:

  1. Kitty Chronicle
  2. Catty Adventures
  3. Tales from the Litterbox
  4. Happy Tabby Tales
  5. Purrs & Meows
  6. Kitty Komments
  7. Cat Chat
  8. Meowza Tales
  9. Kitten Chronicles
  10. Catty Conversations
  11. Life of a Feline
  12. Purrfect Cat Tales
  13. Kitty Confessions
  14. Meowmoirs
  15. The Cat’s Meow
  16. Fab Feline Stories
  17. Purrrfectly Cat
  18. Kitty Khronicles
  19. Tales from a Cat Lady
  20. The Daily Meow
  21. Catty Tales

Private Story Names For Pet Owners

As a proud pet parent, these private story names celebrate your special bond:

  1. Pawrenting 101
  2. Pet Parent Life
  3. Fur Baby Love
  4. Critter Keeper Tales
  5. Scales & Tails & Me
  6. Feathers & Fur Parent
  7. Puppy Love Stories
  8. Kitty Kuddles
  9. Dog Mom Diaries
  10. Cat Dad Chronicles
  11. Pet Parenthood
  12. Furbaby Fanatic
  13. Proud Pet Parent
  14. Crazy Critter Lady
  15. Dog Mom
  16. Cat Daddy Tales
  17. Parent to Pawesome Pets
  18. Fur Baby Fan Club
  19. Proud Pet Pawrent
  20. Pet Obsessed Stories

Private Story Names For Pet Peeves

Let your pet annoyances shine through with these pet peeve private story names:

  1. Pet Peeve Central
  2. Pet Hates & Irritations
  3. Things That Make Me Grr
  4. Major Pet Peeves
  5. Annoyances Anonymous
  6. Pet Peeve Venting
  7. Nag Diaries
  8. Rant Away
  9. Gripe Vine
  10. Complaint Department
  11. Whine & Cheese Pairing
  12. Daily Irk
  13. Vexed & Perplexed
  14. Bothered & Bewildered
  15. Grinds My Gears
  16. Minor Nuisance Majors
  17. Trials & Tribulations
  18. First World Woes

Private Story Names For Pet Parents

Share the joys and challenges of pet parenting with these private story titles:

  1. Fur Baby Tales
  2. Critter Lovin’
  3. Pawsitively Pawsome
  4. Scales & Tails & Me
  5. Bird Nerd Diaries
  6. Reptile Keeper Chronicles
  7. Puppy Love Stories
  8. Kitty Cuddles
  9. Dog Mom Diaries
  10. Cat Dad Tales
  11. Parent to Pawesome Pets
  12. Pet Project Diaries
  13. Loving My Lil’ Dragon
  14. Bunny Business
  15. Guinea Piggin’ It
  16. Hamster Handler Chronicles
  17. Rabbit Ramblings
  18. Turtle Tales
  19. Fin-Tastic Stories
  20. Hedgehog Happenings

Funny Pets Private Story Names

Make ’em laugh with these funny and punny pet private story names:

  1. LOL Pet Moments
  2. I’m just here fur the laughs
  3. Pet Shenanigans
  4. Silly Pet Tricks
  5. Animal Pun Time
  6. Pet Memes Galore
  7. Literally Petty
  8. Cat Nap Time
  9. Treat Yo’ Self
  10. Adventures in Pet Sitting
  11. Scale, Tail & LOL
  12. Fin & LOL
  13. Feathers & Pun
  14. Pawfully Punny Pet Tales
  15. Fur Real Funny
  16. LMAO Pet Stories
  17. Meowmies & Doggie Dads
  18. Pet TikTok Famous
  19. Pet Influencers
  20. Famous Fur Babies

Pets Private Story Names For Boys

For pet lovers with boys and men, these masculine private story names hit the mark:

  1. Pawsome Pet Dudes
  2. Good Boys Club
  3. Bro Time with Furbros
  4. Boyz & Their Toyz
  5. Doggie Dude Diaries
  6. Man’s Best Friend Stories
  7. For the Boyz
  8. Puppy Bros
  9. Cat Dads
  10. Reptile Wranglers
  11. Fishin’ with my Fin Friends
  12. Bird Bros
  13. Hoppin’ with my Bunny Boyz
  14. Doggos & Their Dudes
  15. Pawsome Pet Guys
  16. Boyz Being Boyz with Pets

Pets Private Story Names For Girls

For gal pals who adore their pets, here are some feminine private story titles:

  1. Fur Babes
  2. Girl Time with Pet Friends
  3. Kitty Khronicles
  4. Fab Felines
  5. Doggo Diaries for Gals
  6. Cat Ladies Connect
  7. Scales & Tails Sisters
  8. Feathers & Fur Gals
  9. Fins & Girlfriends
  10. Hoppin’ with Bunny Besties
  11. Pony Playdates
  12. Pawsitively Pawsome Gals
  13. Chicks with Critters
  14. Lady Animal Lovers
  15. Queens & Their Pet Beans
  16. Damsels & Their Doggos
  17. Purrfect Pet Ladies
  18. Pawesome Pet Chicas


Coming up with the creative private story name lets your pet’s personality shine while also showing off your bond. Whether you have a dog, cat, bunny, lizard or any other creature, these pets private story names for Snapchat, Instagram, and more add some flair and fun.

Play around with puns, cute sayings, or inside jokes to find the ideal title. And don’t be afraid to change it up once in awhile to keep things fresh. Most importantly, pick a name that captures the quirks of your furry, scaly or feathery friend. With so many options, you’re sure to find the pawfect pets private story name!

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