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TikTok is one of the most popular media platforms for sharing short videos. One fun feature it offers is the ability to create private stories to share content with a selected group of friends.

Coming up with catchy and creative private story names for these TikTok stories can be a challenge. This article discusses some ideas for cool, funny, trendy, relatable and other types of unique private story names you can use on TikTok.

Private Story Names For TikToks

Private Story Names For TikToks

Your private story on TikTok allows you to share exclusive videos with close friends and family. An interesting name for this story helps grab attention. Here are some ideas:

  1. Inner Circle
  2. VIP Access
  3. Close Friends
  4. Secret Society
  5. The Real Me
  6. Behind the Scenes
  7. After Hours
  8. Daily Download
  9. Bonus Content

Snapchat Private Story Names For TikToks

If your TikTok private story is related to Snapchat, consider a cross-platform name like:

  1. Snaptik
  2. TikSnap
  3. SnapTok
  4. TokSnap
  5. Crossover
  6. Dual Stream
  7. Double Vision
  8. Parallel Play
  9. Tag Team

Instagram Private Story Names For TikToks

Some fitting Instagram Private Story Names For TikToks include:

  1. InstaTok
  2. Tiksagram
  3. Toksta
  4. GramTok
  5. Crossgram
  6. Side by Side
  7. Combo Feed
  8. Dual Access
  9. Two-for-One

Cool Private Story Names For TikToks

What defines a cool TikTok private story name? Creativity, fun references, or inside jokes. Ideas:

  1. Coolest Kids
  2. Premium Members
  3. All-Access
  4. TikTok Elite
  5. Club Lit
  6. Turnt Up
  7. Laugh Squad
  8. Good Vibes Only
  9. Lit Fam
  10. Goated Feed

Funny Private Story Names For TikToks

Humorous private story names are perfect for funny videos or meme sharers:

  1. LOL Club
  2. Best of the Worst
  3. Shady Bunch
  4. Sarcastic 3.0
  5. Meme Stash
  6. Daily Silliness
  7. Humor Hub
  8. Comedy Club
  9. Absurdity Unlimited
  10. Giggle Gang

Trendy Private Story Names For TikToks

Fashionable private story names for more stylish content:

  1. Runway Access
  2. Style Files
  3. Fashion Insiders
  4. Model Status
  5. Red Carpet Room
  6. Closet Confidential
  7. OOTD Overflow
  8. Photo Shoot Outtakes
  9. Wardrobe Malfunctions
  10. Dressing Room Diaries

Private Story Names For Sad TikToks

If you post emotional videos, these sad private story names reflect that:

  • In My Feelings
  • Rainy Day Reels
  • Emote Mode
  • Sentimental Journey
  • Bittersweet Moments
  • Heartache Hotel
  • Tearjerker Theater
  • The Feels
  • Cathartic Viewing
  • Soulful Session

Private Story Names For Relatable TikToks

When content feels personally relevant, private story names could include:

  1. Same Here
  2. Story of My Life
  3. Typical Tuesday
  4. Relatable Rewind
  5. Mood Boards
  6. Can Anyone Relate?
  7. It Me
  8. I Felt That
  9. Big Parallel Energy
  10. Universal Stories

Private Story Names For Posting TikToks

Quick posting calls for efficient names like:

  1. Rapid Reels
  2. Quick Uploads
  3. Instant Posting
  4. Fast Feeds
  5. Postathon 2021
  6. Daily Rush
  7. Post Haste
  8. Upload Marathon
  9. Last-Minute Launch
  10. Procrasti-Posters

GYM Private Story Names For TikToks

Fitness-focused private stories could be called:

  1. Gains Galore
  2. Swolemates
  3. Shred Society
  4. Lift Legends
  5. FitFam
  6. Gym Junkies
  7. Muscle Mountain
  8. Strength Summit
  9. shredded.AF
  10. Pump Paradise


A cute private story name lets you brand your exclusive TikTok content for close connections. Get creative with names related to emotions, interests, humor or relatability. Trendy references and inside jokes also make great names to represent your shared experiences.

With these diverse ideas, you can find a unique moniker to title your private feed.

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