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Summer is a wonderful time of year that is all about fun in the sun, spending time with friends, and making lasting memories. For many, especially teens and young adults, a popular summer activity is creating private story groups on social media platforms like Snapchat to share photos and videos of all their summer adventures with close friends.

Coming up with a meaningful and creative private story name is important to capture the vibe of your friend group and the types of content you will share. The name will be the first thing new viewers see when they are added, so making it interesting and eye-catching is key.

In this article, we will explore ideas for summer private story names including general summer themes as well as specific names for girls, boys, funny names, and more.

Summer Private Story Names

Summer Private Story Names

Here are some fun, summer-inspired private story name ideas you can use:

  1. Sunshine Squad
  2. Beach Bums
  3. Pool Party Crew
  4. Bikini Board
  5. Flip Flop Fam
  6. Tank Top Mafia
  7. Short Shorts
  8. Palm Trees & Sea Breeze
  9. Salt Water
  10. Sippin’ Lemonade
  11. Shades On
  12. Sunset Stalkers
  13. Fill Your Cup Crew

Summer Private Story Names For Snapchat

If you use Snapchat for your private story, here are name ideas fitting the app:

  1. Snappin’ Summer Squad
  2. Sunscreen Smiles
  3. Sunglass Selfies
  4. Pool Float Photos
  5. Flip Flop Snaps
  6. Bikini Body Snaps
  7. Beachin’ Besties
  8. Yacht Party Pics
  9. Dock Dogs Snaps
  10. Camp Chaos Stories
  11. Firework Frenzy
  12. Shaka Sign Snaps
  13. Pineapple 🍍 Partay

Good Summer Private Story Names

Here are some clean, safe ideas for summer private story names:

  1. Summertime Shindig
  2. Sun Soakin’ Crew
  3. Beach Ball Bash
  4. Pool Side Chillers
  5. Lemonade Stand Gang
  6. Popsicle Patrol
  7. Sandy Toes Society
  8. Waterskiing Wake
  9. Paddleboarding Posse
  10. Grill Masters 🍔
  11. Inner Tube Float
  12. Backyard Campout
  13. Slip n Slide Olympians
  14. Firefly Fanatics

Summer Time Private Story Names

Capture the summer season in your private story name:

  1. Endless Summer Stories
  2. Solstice Squad Goals
  3. Summertime
  4. Long Days & Sunburns
  5. Season of Shenanigans
  6. Dog Days of Summer
  7. Beach Bombshells
  8. Too Tanned
  9. Saltwater & Sunbeams
  10. Sun’s Out Buns Out
  11. Missing School?
  12. Lakeside Legends
  13. Bonfire Bachelor/Bachelorettes
  14. Campsite Cuddles

Cool Summer Private Story Names

Sound cool with these awesome private story names:

  1. Summer Lovin’
  2. Bikinis & Chillin’
  3. Summer Times
  4. Waves & Babes
  5. Sandy Feet & Salty Kisses
  6. Tank Tops & Flip Flops
  7. Summer Vibes
  8. Pineapples & Paradise 🍍
  9. Palm Trees & Sea Breeze
  10. Shades On
  11. Beachin’ Babes & Surfin’ Studs
  12. Chill Summer Chatter
  13. Yachtin’ Hotties
  14. Poolside Cocktail Cuties
  15. Lifes a Beach Then You Dive
  16. Tan Lines & Good Times

Funny Summer Private Story Names

Make ’em laugh with these funny private story names:

  1. Basic Beaches 🏖️
  2. Squad’s Day Off
  3. Poolside Puns
  4. Laughing Under the Sun
  5. Heat Wave
  6. Tan Line Legends
  7. Sandy Cheeks
  8. Who Invited the Lifeguard?
  9. Pool Boys & Bikini Girls
  10. Suns Out Buns Out
  11. Funny Sunbeam
  12. Making A Splash
  13. Silly Sun Stories
  14. Sweet Summertime
  15. Beachside Belly Laughs

Summer Private Story Names For Girls

Cute and girly private story names for the ladies:

  1. Bikini Babes 👙
  2. Sandy Toes & Sun Kissed Nose
  3. Sunshine & Smiles
  4. Poolside Princesses 👑
  5. Flip Flop Queens
  6. Beachy Keen Dream Team
  7. Girl’s Summer Glam
  8. Tan Lines & Good Times
  9. Sandy Sweethearts
  10. Sunshine Sisterhood
  11. Palm Tree Posse
  12. Shell Yeah Beach Squad
  13. Lady Sun Lovers
  14. Baywatch Beauties 👙
  15. Mermaid Kisses

Summer Private Story Names For Boys

Masculine private story names for the dudes:

  1. Beach Bros 🏖️
  2. Bros & Boards 🏄
  3. Summer Knight Tales
  4. Tank Top Buddies
  5. Swim Trunks & Sunkissed Bronze
  6. Poolside Players 🏀
  7. Backyard Bandits 😎
  8. Grill Masters 🍔
  9. Dock Dogs 🐶
  10. Sandy Shorts Squad
  11. Wild Water Warriors
  12. Sunscreen Smugglers
  13. Shaka Sign Brothers 🤙
  14. Pineapple Party Crashers 🍍
  15. Lime & Coconut Crew 🥥


Creating the perfect summer private story name sets the tone for the amazing memories and adventures you’ll share with your best friends all season long. Whether you want cute, funny or cool, focus on diving into the summer mindset with sunshine, beaches, pools parties and more lighthearted fun.

Use the endless summer private story name ideas and keywords throughout this article to spark your creativity and come up with a name that captures your squad’s vibe. Switch it up each year or whenever you want. Most importantly, smile big and make it an epic summer to remember!

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