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Taylor Swift’s confessional songwriting chronicles her rollercoaster romantic relationships and squad bonds. Like chapters in a diary, her discography intimately connects with fans. So it’s fitting Swifties create Taylor-themed private stories to share uncensored real life moments with their inner circle.

This article features ideas for Taylor Swift private story names for major Swiftie fans. The names reference Taylor Swift songs, albums, lyrics, insider details and Easter eggs. Peruse and pick your favorites or mix and match to invent your own creative Taylor-inspired private story name.

Taylor Swift Private Story Names

Taylor Swift Private Story Names

These cool private story names pull directly from Taylor Swift’s song and album titles. Use them to creates fan spaces celebrating all things Taylor.

  1. Love Story
  2. Sparks Fly
  3. Enchanted
  4. Fearless
  5. Speak Now
  6. Red Lips
  7. 1989
  8. Reputation
  9. Lover
  10. Folklore
  11. Evermore
  12. Midnights
  13. Shake It Off
  14. Blank Space
  15. Style
  16. Out of the Woods
  17. Look What You Made Me Do
  18. …Ready For It?
  19. Delicate
  20. Cruel Summer
  21. Lovers Point
  22. The Archer
  23. Cardigan
  24. Anti-Hero

Taylor Swift Private Story Names For Snapchat

Snapchat popularized private stories you can title and customize. Here are Taylor Swift inspired Snapchat private story name ideas:

  1. T Swift SC Circle
  2. Taylor’s Snap Squad
  3. Swifty Snaps
  4. Tay’s Snaparazzi
  5. Taylor SC Confidants
  6. TS Snap Insiders
  7. Taylor Snap Pack
  8. Swifty Snaptimates
  9. Tay’s Shutter Speed
  10. Taylor Snap Team
  11. Tay’s Ghost Chat
  12. Swifty Snaps Only
  13. Taylor’s Snapjudgers
  14. T Swift Snapkins
  15. Tay’s Sneak Peaks
  16. Taylor’s Snapscene
  17. Taylor’s Snaprolled
  18. Tay’s Snapvengers
  19. Swifty Snapfluencers
  20. Taylor Swifties SC

Taylor Swift Private Story Names For Instagram

Instagram closely followed with private stories. Here are Instagram private story names for Swifties:

  1. Taylor’s IG Insiders
  2. Taylor’s Gram Gang
  3. T Swift’s IG Circle
  4. Swifty’s IG Clutch
  5. Taylor’s IG Confidants
  6. Tay’s Instafam
  7. Taylor’s Instaposse
  8. T Swift Instascene
  9. Swifty Instainnercircle
  10. Taylor InstaVIP
  11. Tay’s Insta BFFs
  12. Taylor’s Instasoulmates
  13. T Swift’s Instaclique
  14. Swifty Instafaves
  15. Taylor’s Instafortunate
  16. Tay’s Gram Team
  17. Swifty’s Instasisters
  18. T Swift’s Instacrew
  19. Taylor’s Instasquad Goals

Taylor Swift-Themed Private Story Names

These private story names feature Taylor Swift themes like friendship, love and Easter eggs.

  1. Love Story Circle
  2. Romeo Save Me
  3. Enchanted Forest
  4. Forever and Always
  5. Fearless Friends
  6. Mine Only
  7. Speak Now Squad
  8. Red Lovers
  9. I Knew You Were Trouble
  10. We Are Never Getting Back Together Crew
  11. Stay Beautiful Babes
  12. Ours Only
  13. How You Get the Girl Gang
  14. Welcome to New York Squad
  15. Out of the Woods Adventurers
  16. Squad Goals
  17. Wildest Dreams Club
  18. This Love Team
  19. I Know Places Hideout

Taylor Swift Inspired Private Story Names

Take inspiration from Taylor song themes and details for these creative private story options:

  1. The Lucky One’s Lounge
  2. Tear Drops on My Guitar Buddies
  3. Picture to Burn Book Club
  4. Should’ve Said No’s Advice Group
  5. Teardrops Troop
  6. Tim McGraw Fan Club
  7. Our Song Singers
  8. Cold As You Ice Bucket
  9. The Outside Circle
  10. Tied Together with a Smile
  11. Invisible Bond
  12. Hey Stephen Hawking’s Fan Club
  13. White Horse Ranch
  14. You Belong with Me Squaaaaad


As evident by her ultra loyal fanbase, Taylor Swift tells the story of generations. Let Taylor lyrics, life chapters and personal details theme your own private stories. The ideas in this article make it easy to invent unique private story names anytime Swift releases new music or you go through life events together with your Taylor Swift squad.

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