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Private stories on social media like Snapchat have become immensely popular among college students in recent years. These private stories allow university students to share photos, videos, and messages with a select group of close friends. Coming up with clever and creative private story names ideas can be challenging.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore numerous university private story name ideas for Snapchat and other platforms. We will specifically cover private story names for students in general, names for guys and girls, photo dump story names, and names for close friends.

Read on for over 450 unique, fun, interesting private story name suggestions to consider using for your own university social media accounts.

University Private Story Names

University Private Story Names

Here are some creative, catchy university private story name ideas that any student can use:

  1. Uni Life
  2. Campus Chronicles
  3. Dorm Diaries
  4. School Days
  5. Academic Adventures
  6. College Confessions
  7. Study Group
  8. Cram Crew
  9. Procrastinators United
  10. Cafeteria Crew
  11. Library Squad
  12. Class Clowns
  13. Parking Lot Pirates
  14. Commuter Comrades
  15. Freshman Fifteen
  16. Sophomore Slump
  17. Junior Jamboree
  18. Senioritis Support Group
  19. Night Owls
  20. Early Birds
  21. Coffee Addicts

University Private Story Names For Snapchat

These university private story names for Snapchat groups of college friends:

  1. Snap Pack
  2. Campus Snaps
  3. Storytime Squad
  4. Snappy Stories
  5. Snap Happy
  6. Snapshot Adventures
  7. Snap Sessions
  8. Snap Squad Goals
  9. Best Snaps
  10. Snap Judgments
  11. Snap Streaks
  12. Daily Snaps
  13. Snaptastics
  14. Snaparazzis
  15. Snapshots of College Life
  16. Happy Snapping
  17. Snap On Campus
  18. Campus Snappers
  19. Snap That!

University Private Story Names For Close Friends

Here are some great private story names for your closest university friends on social media:

  1. Inner Circle
  2. Squad Goals
  3. Ride or Dies
  4. Day Ones
  5. WCW/WCM (Woman/Man Crush Wednesday)
  6. Favorites
  7. Besties
  8. Lifers
  9. BFFs
  10. Partners In Crime
  11. The Real MVPs
  12. Fab Five
  13. Fantastic Four
  14. Triple Threat
  15. Three Amigos
  16. Dynamic Duo
  17. A-Team

College Private Story Names

These are some catchy, creative private story names for any college student’s friend group:

  1. Dorm Days
  2. Freshman Frenzy
  3. Sophomore Squared
  4. Junior Jamboree
  5. Senior Squad
  6. Greek Life
  7. Rush Week
  8. Mixers & Minglers
  9. Social Butterflies
  10. Club Kids
  11. Study Buddies
  12. Dungeons & Dorm Rooms
  13. Netflirting
  14. Roomies
  15. Meal Plan Addicts
  16. Midnight Munchies

University Private Story Names For Students

Here are fun private story name ideas that any university student could use:

  1. Student Survival Guide
  2. Academic All-Stars
  3. Dean’s Listers
  4. Grade Grinders
  5. Pop Quiz Crew
  6. Cramming 101
  7. Procrastinators Unite!
  8. Extra Credit
  9. Syllabus Squad
  10. Professor Picks
  11. Teaching Assistants
  12. Nerd Herd
  13. Bookworms United
  14. Caffeinated Crew
  15. Nap Time
  16. Brainiacs
  17. Major Leaguers

University Private Story Names For Girls

These feminine private story name ideas have a vibe perfect for university girl friends:

  1. Gal Pals
  2. Girl Gang
  3. Sorority Sisters
  4. Empowered Women
  5. Queens & BFFs
  6. WCWs (Women Crush Wednesdays)
  7. Bachelor Viewing Party
  8. Galentines Day
  9. Spa Days
  10. Nails, Hair, Chill
  11. Brunch Club
  12. Gala Girls
  13. Girls Night In/Out
  14. Lady Lounge
  15. Dream Girls
  16. Golden Girls
  17. Pretty Little Liars
  18. YAAS Queens!
  19. Lady Killers
  20. Girl Power

University Private Story Names For Guys

Here are some cool private story names for groups of university guy friends:

  1. The Wolf Pack
  2. Boyz II Men
  3. Bromance
  4. Trophy Husbands
  5. Hype Beasts
  6. Sneakerheads
  7. Gym Bros
  8. Fit Fam
  9. Gains Gang
  10. Fantasy Footballers
  11. Sports Junkies
  12. Game Day
  13. PlayStation Pros
  14. Super Smash Squad
  15. COD Killers
  16. Mario Kart Masters
  17. Midnight Madden
  18. NBA2K All-Stars
  19. Fortnite Fanatics

University Private Story Names For Photo Dumps

Use these private story names when sharing random photos and videos with university friends:

  1. Photo Dump
  2. Camera Roll Clips
  3. Snaps & Stories
  4. Social Media Memories
  5. Camera Clickers
  6. Photo Frenzy
  7. Happy Snaps
  8. Smile! It’s Picture Time
  9. Strike a Pose
  10. Paparazzi
  11. Photoshoot
  12. Model Mayhem
  13. Behind the Scenes
  14. Bloopers & Outtakes
  15. Imgur
  16. Memes & Dreams
  17. Tag, You’re It!
  18. TBT: Throwback Thursday
  19. Flashback Friday
  20. Fashion Show
  21. OOTD: Outfit of the Day


University life offers so many opportunities to create private stories and share funny, memorable moments with your closest friends. With over 450 creative private story name ideas, you can find the perfect title for any college social media group. Whether you want something funny or more serious, girly or masculine, academic or silly, this list has it all.

Use these names as inspiration when creating private stories during your university years. The right name will grab attention, make people laugh, and perfectly capture the vibe of your friend group.

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