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Private story names on social media apps like Snapchat, Instagram, and TikTok have become extremely popular among teenagers and young adults, especially those of Asian descent. Choosing creative, funny, and unique private story names allows users to show off their personality and creativity to a select group of friends.

In this article, we will explore ideas for Asian private story names for different apps and purposes, including funny names, names for boys and girls, and names tailored to specific Asian cultures. Whether you want a clever name for your close friends list or just need inspiration for your next private story, this list offers diverse and entertaining options.

Asian Private Story Names

Asian Private Story Names

Here are some creative and unique ideas for Asian private story names:

  1. Rice N’ Spice
  2. Bubble Tea Break
  3. Anime & Chill
  4. Weeb Squad
  5. Ramen Noods
  6. Mochi Madness
  7. Sushi Rolls
  8. Chopstick Squad
  9. Naruto Runners
  10. Konichiwa Cuties
  11. Kawaii Crew
  12. Samurai Swag
  13. Shabu Shabu Crew
  14. Dim Sum Besties
  15. Pandas Galore
  16. Boba Buddies
  17. Pho Real Friends
  18. Karaoke All Day
  19. Slurp Sesh
  20. Anime Addicts
  21. Manga Maniacs
  22. Cosplay Crew
  23. Zen Zone
  24. Matcha Madness
  25. Dumpling Darlings
  26. Anime Obsession
  27. Weeb Kingdom
  28. Otaku Overload
  29. Sensei’s Students
  30. Sushi Stans
  31. Bollywood Babes
  32. Chai Tea Time
  33. Masala Mates
  34. Biryani Bros
  35. Curry Cuties
  36. Namaste Y’all
  37. Desi Divas
  38. Henna Hotties
  39. Bhangra Boys
  40. Tandoori Teens
  41. Spice Girls
  42. Chutney Crew

Asian Private Story Names For Snapchat

If you’re looking for Asian private story names specifically for Snapchat, consider these fun options:

  1. Rice Snaps
  2. Anime Snap Squad
  3. Snapchap Stickers
  4. filters & pho
  5. Dim Sum Snaps
  6. Snapchat Sushi
  7. Snapchat Samurais
  8. Geisha Girl Snaps
  9. Harajuku Snaps
  10. Kawaii Snapchat
  11. Snapchat Sesh
  12. Otaku Snapchat
  13. Cosplay Snap Squad
  14. KPop Snapchat
  15. Snapchat Spice Girls
  16. Desi Snapchat
  17. Masala Snapchat
  18. Henna Snapchat
  19. Bhangra Snapchat
  20. Bollywood Snapchat
  21. Tandoori Snap Teens
  22. Chai Snap Break

Asian Private Story Names For Instagram

Looking for creative private story names for Instagram? Try these Asian-inspired ideas:

  1. Ricegrams
  2. Anime Instagrammers
  3. Kawaii ‘Grams
  4. J-vloggers
  5. Sushi Pics
  6. Chopstick Selfies
  7. Samurai ‘Grams
  8. Geisha Girl ‘Grams
  9. Harajuku Instagram
  10. Otaku Instagram
  11. Cosplay ‘Grammers
  12. KPopstagrams
  13. Desi ‘Grams
  14. Henna ‘Grams
  15. Bhangra ‘Grammers
  16. Bolly Instas
  17. Tandoori ‘Gram Teens
  18. Chai ‘Gram Break
  19. Matcha ‘Grammers
  20. Anime Addicts
  21. Weeb Kingdom
  22. Pho-tographs
  23. Bubble Tea Break

Asian Private Story Names For TikTok

If TikTok is your platform of choice, use these creative Asian private story names for TikTok:

  1. Anime TikTokers
  2. Cosplay Toks
  3. Kawaii TikTok
  4. J-Vloggers
  5. Sushi TikToks
  6. Samurai Toks
  7. Geisha Girl TikToks
  8. Harajuku TikTok
  9. Otaku TikTokers
  10. Chopstick Toks
  11. Desi TikTokers
  12. Henna TikToks
  13. Bhangra TikTokers
  14. Bollywood TikToks
  15. Tandoori TikTok Teens
  16. Chai TikTok Break
  17. KPop TikTokers
  18. Mochi Makers
  19. Ramen Noodle Toks
  20. Bubble Tea TikToks
  21. Pho-TikToks
  22. Dim Sum TikToks

Asian Private Story Names For Close Friends

If you’re looking for private story names just for your closest pals, these Asian-inspired ideas should work nicely:

  1. Rice N’ Besties
  2. Anime BFFs
  3. Sushi Besties
  4. Samurai Squad Goals
  5. Geisha Girl Gang
  6. Harajuku Homies
  7. Kawaii Close Friends
  8. Chopstick Cuties
  9. Otaku Squaddies
  10. Desi Day Ones
  11. Henna Homies
  12. Bhangra Bros
  13. Bollywood Babes
  14. Tandoori Ride or Dies
  15. Chai Tea Time Crew
  16. KPop Clan
  17. Pho-rever Friends
  18. Bubble Tea Baes
  19. Weebesties
  20. Ramen Noodle Crew
  21. Dim Sum Besties

Funny Asian Private Story Names

Make your friends laugh with these funny and punny Asian private story names:

  1. Rice to Meet You
  2. Fortune Cookie Crew
  3. Animeme Team
  4. Sushi Sesh
  5. Samurai Sillies
  6. Geisha Girl Giggles
  7. Harajuku Hooligans
  8. Kawaii Komedians
  9. Chopstick Goof Troop
  10. Otaku Oddballs
  11. Cosplay Clowns
  12. Desi Jokers
  13. Henna Ha-Has
  14. Bhangra Bozos
  15. Bollywood Banter
  16. Tandoori Tomfoolery
  17. Chai Tea Time Teasers
  18. KPop Goofs
  19. Mochi Madness
  20. Ramen Noodle Knuckleheads
  21. Bubble Tea Buffoons
  22. Pho Phunnies
  23. Dim Sum Dummies

Asian Private Story Names For Indians

Here are some clever and creative private story names tailored to Desi culture:

  1. Chai Time Cuties
  2. Masala Mates
  3. Biryani Besties
  4. Curry Crew
  5. Namaste Y’all
  6. Desi Divas
  7. Henna Hotties
  8. Bhangra Bros
  9. Tandoori Teens
  10. Spice Girls
  11. Bollywood Babes
  12. Mumbai Mavens
  13. Goa Gang
  14. Punjabi Pals
  15. Delhi Darlings
  16. Hyderabad Hotties
  17. Bangalore Buddies
  18. Chennai Clan
  19. Masala Mayhem
  20. Chapati Chaos
  21. Samosa Squaddies
  22. Naan Nonsense
  23. Bhelpuri Bros

Asian Private Story Names For Boys

Asian guys can use these cool private story names:

  1. Samurai Swag
  2. Ninja Bros
  3. Chopstick Lads
  4. Anime Addicts
  5. Otaku Overflow
  6. Sushi Stans
  7. JDM Jocks
  8. KPop Kings
  9. BTS Boys
  10. EXO Exclusives
  11. Dim Sum Dudes
  12. Beef Bowl Bros
  13. Ramen Noodle Boys
  14. Matcha Mans
  15. Mochi Men
  16. Teriyaki Titans
  17. Wasabi Warriors
  18. Pho Fellas
  19. Bubble Tea Bros
  20. Zen Zone
  21. Martial Arts Masters

Asian Private Story Names For Girls

Asian girls can pick from these quirky and cute private story names:

  1. Kawaii Cuties
  2. Anime Queens
  3. Manga Maniacs
  4. Geisha Girls
  5. Harajuku Honeys
  6. J-Beauty Babes
  7. KPop Queens
  8. Dim Sum Darlings
  9. Sushi Sisterhood
  10. Ramen Noodle Ladies
  11. Bubble Tea Baes
  12. Mochi Madness
  13. Pho-ver Friends
  14. Zen Zens
  15. Teriyaki Titans
  16. Wasabi Warriors
  17. Spice Girls
  18. Biryani Babes
  19. Masala Mamas
  20. Henna Hotties
  21. Bollywood Dolls
  22. Samosa Sisters
  23. Bhelpuri Besties


Finding the perfect Asian private story name for your social media requires balancing humor, cultural references, and your own personal flair. This list offers a wide range of creative options spanning Snapchat, Instagram, TikTok and more.

Whether you want to make your close friends laugh or showcase your Asian heritage, these unique and entertaining private story names will help you stand out. And remember, you can always change your private story name to match your mood or when inspiration strikes. With this expansive list, you’ll never run out of clever Asian private story name ideas.

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