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Private stories on social media apps like Snapchat, Instagram, and TikTok have become immensely popular among Indian youth. They allow users to share exclusive content with their closest friends and contacts. Choosing creative and catchy private story names adds an element of fun and personalization. Here are some ideas for coming up with great Indian private story names.

This article will provide a list of 250 unique, funny, catchy and creative Indian private story name ideas for Snapchat, Instagram, TikTok and other apps. The names are divided into categories to make it easier to find the perfect fit for your specific friend group. Read on for great ideas to level up your private story names game!

Indian Private Story Names

Indian Private Story Names For Snapchat

Here are 20 cool Indian private story names for Snapchat:

  1. Desi Darlings
  2. Chai Time Madness
  3. Bollywood Gossip
  4. Cricket Masti
  5. Festive Vibes
  6. Shah Rukh Fan Club
  7. Desi Memes Daily
  8. My Indian Fam
  9. Spicy Food Tales
  10. Bhangra Beats
  11. Chill House
  12. Masala Magic
  13. Daily Chaos
  14. Burger Lovers Group
  15. Late Night Jokes
  16. Travel Diaries
  17. Movie Mania
  18. 90s Nostalgia
  19. Fitness Motivation
  20. Cricket Fandom

Indian Private Story Names For Instagram

Make your Instagram private stories stand out with these 20 Indian name ideas:

  1. Desi Vibes
  2. Chai pe Charcha
  3. Humor Hub
  4. Wanderlust Dairies
  5. Foodie Gang
  6. Cricket Crazy
  7. Festive Feels
  8. Bollywood Buzz
  9. Masala Mornings
  10. Shah Rukh Fandom
  11. Bhangra Beats
  12. Desi Meme Stash
  13. Inner Circle
  14. Lit Literature Talks
  15. Bolly Junkies
  16. Woke Discussions
  17. Midnight Munchies
  18. Star Gazing Adventures
  19. 90s Nostalgia Trip
  20. Travel Tales

Indian Private Story Names For TikTok

Spice up your TikTok private stories with these cool 20 Indian names:

  1. Desi Vibes
  2. Cricket Masti
  3. Bolly Mania
  4. Humor Hub
  5. Festive Feels
  6. Food Diaries
  7. Fitness Motivation
  8. Movie Mafia
  9. Travel Tales
  10. Bhangra Beats
  11. Chai pe Charcha
  12. Desi Meme Stash
  13. Midnight Munchies
  14. Shah Rukh Fan Club
  15. 90s Nostalgia
  16. Wanderlust Diaries
  17. Music Junkies
  18. Masala Mornings
  19. Late Night Rants
  20. Daily Chaos

Indian Private Story Names For Close Friends

Make your close friends feel special with these 20 private story names:

  1. Inner Circle
  2. Midnight Madness
  3. Crazy Kids Club
  4. Foodie Gang
  5. Travel Buddies
  6. Movie Marathoners
  7. Meme Stash
  8. Festive Feels
  9. Fit Fam
  10. Cricket Crazies
  11. Wanderlust Diaries
  12. Shah Rukh Fandom
  13. Desi Vibes
  14. Chai pe Charcha
  15. Humor Hub
  16. Bolly Junkies
  17. Bhangra Beats
  18. Lit Book Club
  19. Music Lovers
  20. Daily Debates

Funny Indian Private Story Names

Add some humor to your private stories with these 20 funny private story names for Indians:

  1. Midnight Munchies
  2. Masala Mornings
  3. Desi Meme Stash
  4. Daily Chaos
  5. Cricket Crazy
  6. Bollywood Buzz
  7. Festive Madness
  8. Bhangra Beats
  9. Travel Diaries
  10. Foodie Gang
  11. Shah Rukh Fan Club
  12. Crazy Kids Club
  13. Humor Hub
  14. Movie Mania
  15. Woke Discussions
  16. 90s Nostalgia Trip
  17. Chai pe Charcha
  18. Fit Fam Fails
  19. Late Night Rants
  20. Spicy Food Tales

Good Indian Private Story Names

Try these 20 good Indian private story names for wholesome content:

  1. Inner Circle
  2. Travel Buddies
  3. Movie Marathoners
  4. Music Lovers
  5. Fitness Motivation
  6. Festive Feels
  7. Daily Debates
  8. Lit Book Club
  9. Wanderlust Diaries
  10. Food Diaries
  11. Cricket Fandom
  12. Bolly Buzz
  13. Desi Vibes
  14. Chai pe Charcha
  15. Humor Hub
  16. Bhangra Beats
  17. Shah Rukh Fan Club
  18. Meme Stash
  19. Star Gazing Adventures
  20. Midnight Madness

Best Indian Private Story Names

Level up your social media game with these 20 best private story names for Indian:

  1. Masala Mornings
  2. Desi Meme Stash
  3. Humor Hub
  4. Foodie Gang
  5. Shah Rukh Fan Club
  6. Bollywood Buzz
  7. Cricket Crazy
  8. Daily Chaos
  9. Chai pe Charcha
  10. Movie Mania
  11. Travel Diaries
  12. Festive Vibes
  13. Music Junkies
  14. 90s Nostalgia
  15. Bhangra Beats
  16. Fit Fam
  17. Inner Circle
  18. Crazy Kids Club
  19. Midnight Munchies
  20. Spicy Food Tales

Desi Private Story Names For Indians

Connect with your Indian friends using these 20 desi private story name ideas:

  1. Masala Mornings
  2. Chai pe Charcha
  3. Humor Hub
  4. Desi Vibes
  5. Bollywood Buzz
  6. Cricket Crazy
  7. Festive Feels
  8. Daily Chaos
  9. Foodie Gang
  10. Bhangra Beats
  11. Shah Rukh Fan Club
  12. Meme Stash
  13. Music Junkies
  14. Midnight Munchies
  15. 90s Nostalgia
  16. Fit Fam
  17. Travel Diaries
  18. Movie Mania
  19. Inner Circle
  20. Crazy Kids Club

Indian Private Story Names For Boys

Here are 20 cool Indian private story names for boys:

  1. Cricket Fandom
  2. Bhangra Vibes
  3. Meme Stash
  4. Shah Rukh Fan Club
  5. Midnight Munchies
  6. Foodie Bros
  7. Gaming All Night
  8. Movie Marathoners
  9. Travel Buddies
  10. Music Junkies
  11. Humor Hub
  12. Festive Feels
  13. Daily Debates
  14. Fitness Lifestyle
  15. Tech Talks
  16. Late Night Rants
  17. Math Nerds
  18. History Buffs
  19. Geeks United
  20. Desi Vibes

Indian Private Story Names For Girls

Girls will love these 20 fun Indian private story names:

  1. Beauty Gurus
  2. Fashion Diaries
  3. Foodie Sisters
  4. Makeup Addicts
  5. Netflix Binges
  6. Fit Girls Club
  7. Bollywood Buzz
  8. Festive Feels
  9. Humor Hub
  10. Travel Tales
  11. Romcom Lovers
  12. Poetry Club
  13. Starbucks Runs
  14. Desi Meme Stash
  15. Music Lovers
  16. Diwali Vibes
  17. Eid Celebrations
  18. Holi Hangouts
  19. Midnight Munchies
  20. Giggle Gang


Naming your private stories creatively makes the experience more fun and personal. This article provides 250 unique, interesting, catchy, funny and entertaining Indian private story name ideas to inspire you.

The names are categorized by social media platform, relationship with audience, tone and gender to make it easier to pick the perfect name. Level up your Snapchat, Instagram, TikTok or Close Friends stories by picking a cool Indian private story name from this list. Have fun brainstorming even more creative titles with your friends!

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