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For feline fanatics, sharing cute and hilarious photos and videos of your cat via private social media stories is a joy. Crafting the purrfect title for your cat’s private story helps set the tone for the quirky content you’ll post of your furball.

A creative cat private story name grabs attention, conveys your cat’s personality, and shows off your kitty love loud and proud. In this article, we’ll explore popular types of cat private story names and provide over 300 examples to get your creative juices flowing.

Whether you have a lazy ragdoll, energetic tabby, orInsta-famous Siamese, you’re sure to find the meowtastic title for your cat’s private story adventures! Let’s dive in.

Cat Private Story Names

Cat Private Story Names

Here are some general ideas for cat private story names:

  1. Meow Mix Tapes
  2. Cat-titude Adjustment
  3. Purrasic Duck Chronicles
  4. Cat Nap Stories
  5. Adventure Cat Tales -arts & Cat Crafts
  6. Feline and Felonious
  7. Claw Enforcement Stories
  8. Cathlete in Training
  9. Cat Chat Snapshots
  10. Cats Do the Darnedest Things
  11. Meow or Never
  12. Intro-cat-ble Kitty
  13. Cat-astrophic Cutie
  14. Captivating Cat Content

Cat Private Story Names For Snapchat

Capture funny cat moments with these Snapchat private story names:

  1. Cat Snap Stories
  2. Snapshotting My Cat
  3. Snap That Kitty!
  4. Cat Taps & Nap Snaps
  5. Snap Paws Replay
  6. Tales from the Litterbox
  7. Cat Snap Takeover
  8. Happy Snaps with My Cat
  9. Purrfect Snapchat Moments
  10. Meow Mix Snapchat Edition
  11. Candid Kitty Snaps
  12. Snapshots from Kitty City
  13. Cat Snap Filters
  14. Snappin’ My Furball
  15. Primpin’ Kitty Snaps

Cat Private Story Names For Instagram

Pretty Instagram-worthy pics deserve these cat-inspired private story names for Instagram:

  1. Kitty ‘Gram Gallery
  2. Catwalk & Pounce IG
  3. Purrfectly Filtered
  4. Catstagram Chronicles
  5. IG Cat Content Only
  6. Cat Lady Instagram
  7. Cat Lover ‘Grams
  8. Kitty Bitty IG Stories
  9. Catitude ‘Grams
  10. Feature My Furball!
  11. Feline Fine on the ‘Gram
  12. Kitty IG Highlights
  13. Cat Lady Instagram Dumps
  14. Cat Haute Couture Photo Shoots
  15. Kitty Kisses & ‘Gram Wishes
  16. Daily Dose of Cat Content

Cat Private Story Names For TikTok

Playful kitties are perfect TikTok stars. Some private story names ideas:

  1. TikPaws CatTok Tales
  2. Kitty TikTok Takeover
  3. Cat TikToks Galore
  4. TikTok Famous Feline
  5. Featuring My Furball
  6. Fluffy Butt TikToks
  7. Cat Dad TikToks
  8. Crazy Cat Lady TikToks
  9. Kitty Klips 4 Toks & Lolz
  10. Cat TikTok POVs
  11. TikTalkin’ Kitty
  12. Adorable Kitty Content
  13. Tokin’ with My Cat
  14. TikTok Catnip Trip
  15. Cat TikTok FYP Party

Private Story Names For Cat Owners

As a proud cat parent, some private story titles include:

  1. This Cat Mom/Dad Life
  2. Tales from a Cat Lover
  3. Kitty Cuddles & Snuggles
  4. The Cat Whispurrer
  5. Laser Pointer Chaser
  6. Proud Cat Parent
  7. Cat Mom/Dad Duty Calls
  8. Parent to a Purrfect Angel
  9. Cat Lady/Dude Diaries
  10. My Kids Have Whiskers
  11. Cat Obsessed Storeez
  12. Naptime Stories

Private Story Names For Your Cat

Make your cat the star with these first-person private story names:

  1. Yours Fur Ever
  2. Through My Cat Eyes
  3. If Cat ruled the world…
  4. Crazy Cat’s Diary
  5. Kitty Conquests
  6. Wild Whisker Tales
  7. A Day in the Life of Cat
  8. [Cat’s Name]’s Cat Chat
  9. Nine Lives of an Instagram Cat
  10. Innermost Cat Thoughts
  11. Cat’s Meow POV
  12. Straight from the Cat’s Mouth
  13. Caught Red Handed
  14. [Cat’s Name]’s Cathletes

Private Story Names For Cat Addicts

For the ultimate cat lovers, some cute private story name ideas are:

  1. Cat Lady Tales
  2. This Home Belongs to Cats
  3. Cat Mom AF
  4. President of the Cat Fan Club
  5. Catty Shack Stories
  6. Just a Slave to Cats
  7. Proud Cat Hoarder
  8. Cathlete in Training
  9. Cat Walk of Fame
  10. Reserved Parking: Cat Zone Only

Private Story Names For Cat Lovers

More names for feline fanatics:

  1. Laser Pointer Addicts Anon
  2. Yarn Ball Unravelers
  3. Nip Nip Hooray!
  4. Catnip Dreams
  5. Treat Yo’ Self: Tuna Edition
  6. Cat Cafe Regulars
  7. Cat Lady Stories
  8. Subscribed to Cat Facts
  9. Team Pet My Belly
  10. Catmass All Year Long
  11. Cat Hair Don’t Care
  12. Whisker Kisses & Kitty Wishes

Doja Cat Themed Private Story Names

Funny cat private story names inspired by musician Doja Cat:

  1. Moo! Purrr.
  2. Doja Kitty Chronicles
  3. Planet Purr Tunes
  4. Doja Cat Nap Playlist
  5. Milkshake & Catnip Dreams
  6. Say So Cato
  7. Streets Need Cat Food
  8. Kitty Girl Summer
  9. Doja Catwalk Strut
  10. Saucey Feline Snaps
  11. Wild Purrties with Doja
  12. Hot Pink Kitty Committee

Pet Cats Private Story Names

Private stories featuring all your pet cats:

  1. Our Clowder of Cats
  2. Cat Pack Party
  3. Fluffy Butt Family
  4. Purrfect Pet Parents
  5. Tales from Our Tabby
  6. Crazy Cat Household
  7. The Cat Cave Stories
  8. Laser Pointer Olympics
  9. Cat Tree Climbing Champions
  10. Naptime with Our Furbabies

Funny Cat Private Story Names

These hilarious private story names will make you LOL:

  1. Funny Feline Bloopers
  3. Kitty Fails and Flails
  4. Cat Shaming at its Finest
  5. Klutzy Kitty Chronicles
  6. DO NOT PET – Bites
  7. Cattywampus Kitty Antics
  8. Izabella Goes Rogue
  9. Fluffy Butt Follies
  10. Cat Bloopers: Caught on Tape!

Cute Cat Private Story Names

Adorable names for adorable kitties:

  1. Tiny Tuna Tartar
  2. Itsy Bitsy Kitty Committee
  3. Lil’ Chonk Chronicles
  4. Precious Purrito
  5. Adorbs Kitty Stories
  6. Sweet Pea & Flower Power
  7. Cuddle Bug Tales
  8. Snug as a Bug Cat Hugs
  9. Lil’ Paws Big Purrsonality
  10. D’aww Stories from Mittens
  11. Pretty Kitty Portraits

Cat Private Story Names For Boys

For boy cats, some private story names ideas include:

  1. Sir Meows A Lot
  2. Tomcat Tales
  3. Lion King of the House
  4. Daddy’s Boy Stories
  5. Copy Cat Catchin’ Zzz’s
  6. Leader of the Cat Pack
  7. Boys Best Fur Friend
  8. Mr. Steal Your Spot
  9. Dudes and Felines

Cat Private Story Names For Girls

For girl cats, cute private story names could be:

  1. Fab Fur Baby Girl
  2. Queen of Her Castle
  3. Drama Queen Kitty Chronicles
  4. Pretty Paw Prints
  5. Chill Girl Cat Life
  6. Glam Kitty Stories
  7. [Cat’s Name]’s Shoe Collection
  8. Mademoi-meow-selle [Name]
  9. Treats and Tiaras
  10. Princess of Pawpernick


Finding that purrfectly clever private story name to showcase your cat’s endearing personality via private stories is a delight for any cat lover. With over 300 examples provided, you’re sure to find inspiration to capture your fabulous feline’s essence. From general ideas to platform-specific names to cat parent prides and Doja Cat references, let your creativity run free!

Ultimately, choose a cat private story name that brings joy and fits your furball perfectly. Those lazy lap cats, energetic kittens, and sassy senior cats all deserve their time to shine on social media.

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