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Sharing funny, cute, and memorable photos and videos of your furry friend is a joy for dog owners. Private social media stories are a great way to show off your pooch to a select inner circle.

Crafting creative and clever dog private story names helps set the tone for the adorable content you’ll share of your pup. It also grabs attention from those you allow access and conveys the dog’s personality.

In this article, we’ll look at popular types of dog private story names and provide over 325 examples to inspire you. Whether you have a goofy golden retriever, a sassy chihuahua, or a mix, you’re sure to find the pawfect title for your dog’s private story!

Dog Private Story Names

Dog Private Story Names

Here are some general ideas for Dog private story names:

  1. PUParazzi
  2. Dog-Gone Fun
  3. Treat Yo’ Self
  4. A Dog’s Life
  5. Who Let the Dogs Out?
  6. Dog Days of Summer
  7. Howl at the Moon
  8. Barkour Adventures
  9. Pawsitively Cute
  10. Who’s a Good Boy?
  11. Dog-Napped My Heart
  12. Canine and Dine
  13. Doggy Daycare Diaries
  14. Siri, Show Dog Memes
  15. Sniffing for Trouble
  16. Puppy Love Stories
  17. Doggie Play Dates
  18. Leash on Life
  19. Fur Baby’s Photo Shoot

Dog Private Story Names For Snapchat

Snap some cute dog pics with these Snapchat private story name ideas:

  1. Snappin’ Doggie Selfies
  2. Pupper Snaps
  3. Puppy Love Snaps
  4. Doggo Snap Pack
  5. Snap That Good Boy
  6. Yappy Snaps
  7. Snapshots of My Doggo
  8. Puppy Snuggles & Snaps
  9. Snappy Dog Tales
  10. Bone Voyage Snaps
  11. Pawsitively Snaptastic
  12. Doggie Snap Diaries
  13. Pup Snap Filters
  14. Snapping My Furbaby
  15. Dog Days of Snapchat
  16. Puppy Play Date Snaps
  17. Tails from Snapchat
  18. Doggie Snapchat Takeover

Dog Private Story Names For Instagram

Pretty pup pics deserve these Instagram private story names:

  1. Pawsome Instagram Dog
  2. Doggle (Dog + Google)
  3. Dogstagram Tales
  4. Pupparazzi
  5. Furbaby’s Feed
  6. Doggie Daily ‘Grams
  7. Puppy Portrait Mode
  8. Doggo Features
  9. IG Wagworthy Tales
  10. InstaDoggie Diaries
  11. Puppy Dog Eyes Emoji
  12. Too Cute IG Stories
  13. Posting My Pooches
  14. Furry Friend Features
  15. Dressed Up Doggo ‘Grams
  16. Doggo Hauls & IG Reels
  17. Fur Baby Photo Shoots
  18. InstaPup Content Only

Dog Private Story Names For TikTok

TikTok is perfect for playing with your pup. Tiktok private story names could include:

  1. Doggie TikTok Takeover
  2. PupTok Time
  3. Furbaby + TikTok = Fun
  4. Adogble TikToks
  5. TikToking with My Doggo
  6. Puppy Play Time TikToks
  7. Doggo TikTok Duets
  8. Doggie Dancing Vids
  9. TikTok Tales from a Doggo
  10. TikTok Famous Furbaby
  11. Feature My Furbaby!
  12. Doggie FYP Party
  13. Puppy TikTok POV
  14. Woof Woof TikTok Time
  15. Furbaby TikTokking His Heart Out
  16. Adorable Doggo Toks
  17. Puppy Love on TikTok

Private Story Names For Dog Owners

As a proud dog parent, try these private story names:

  1. Dog Mom/Dad Stories
  2. Dog Parent Pride
  3. My Furbaby’s Adventures
  4. Dog Owner Diaries
  5. Paws and Pups
  6. Puppy Parenthood
  7. Proud Dog Parent
  8. Dog Lover Stories
  9. Dog Mom Life Snaps
  10. Dog Dad Photo Dump
  11. Fur Kid Family Mems
  12. Dog Obsessed Stories
  13. My Kids Have Paws
  14. Crazy Dog Mom Stories
  15. Dog Dad Duty Calls
  16. Dog Owner Perks
  17. Mom/Dad to Pups

Private Story Names For Your Dog

Make your pup the star with these first-person private story names:

  1. My Dog’s Eye View
  2. A Day in the Life of [Dog’s Name]
  3. Follow Me: [Dog’s Name]
  4. [Dog’s Name]’s Doggo Diaries
  5. Through My Puppy Eyes
  6. Tales from a Goodest Boy/Girl
  7. If [Dog’s Name] Ran the World…
  8. My Doggo Selfies
  9. [Dog’s Name]’s Adventures
  10. A Dog’s Thoughts
  11. Inside My Dog Brain
  12. Doggo Point of View
  13. A Tail from Yours Trufurry
  14. Sniffing Out Trouble: [Dog’s Name]
  15. Snooping Around with [Dog’s Name]
  16. [Dog’s Name]’s Pawprint
  17. Dog on a Mission: [Dog’s Name]

Snoop Dog Private Story Names

More funny private story names inspired by rapper Snoop Dogg:

  1. Doggy Bizzle Snaps
  2. Snoop Pup Deep Cover
  3. Gin n Juicebones
  4. Doggystyle Tails
  5. From the Dogg House
  6. What’s My Dog Name? Snoop Doggy Dog!
  7. Running with the Dogg Pack
  8. Pupper Snooper Pooper Scooper
  9. Laying Down the Paw
  10. Doggy Dog World Stories
  11. Hip Hop Hound Dog
  12. Ruff Ryders Snaps
  13. Hot Doggity Dog Tales
  14. Puppy Love from Tha Dogg Father
  15. Tha Last Meal Bones n’ Treats
  16. bow wow yippie yo yippie yay
  17. Doggyland Side Stories
  18. Dogg Catchin’ Frisbees
  19. Big Snoop Dogg Energy

Pet Dogs Private Story Names

Capture all your pets in these private stories:

  1. My Pack Stories
  2. Whole Litter of Love
  3. Pet Parents Unite
  4. Fur Family Bonding
  5. Tails of My Furry Friends
  6. Critter Chronicles
  7. Our Zoo: [Last Name]
  8. Pet Life Snaps
  9. Animal Kingdom Content
  10. Fur Babies Photo Shoots
  11. Pet Portraits & Playtime
  12. Creature Comforts
  13. Scales, Tails & Furry Details
  14. Our Menagerie Merriment
  15. 4 Legged Family Members
  16. Tails from My Pets

Funny Dog Private Story Names

These funny names are sure to make you chuckle:

  1. Doggone It! Stories
  2. My Dog’s a Goofball
  3. Just a Bunch of Hair
  4. Doggedly Pawsome
  5. Adventures in Slobber
  6. Doggie Bloopers Reel
  7. When Dogs Do Weird Things
  8. Puppy Fails and Goofs
  9. Doggie Don’ts
  10. Silly Sausage Dog Snaps
  11. Ralphie the Roomba Chaser
  12. Derpy Doggo Diaries
  13. Duke Destroyer of Toys
  14. Dog Shaming at its Finest
  15. Cartoonish Canine Antics

Cute Dog Private Story Names

Adorable names for adorable pups, checkout these cute private story names:

  1. Boop the Snoot
  2. Puppy Love Bug
  3. Fluff Baby Tales
  4. Doggo Cuteness Overload
  5. Adogable Antics
  6. Precious Pooches
  7. Puppy Dog Eyes
  8. Floppy Ears and Wet Noses
  9. D’awww Stories
  10. Snuggle Bug Snaps
  11. Pocket Pup Pepper
  12. Itsy Bitsy Furbaby
  13. Lovebug’s Latest
  14. Snug as a Pug in a Rug
  15. Adorbs Doggo Diaries
  16. Snuggle Puppy Tales

Dog Private Story Names For Boys

For boy dogs, some ideas are:

  1. Mr. Steal Your Treats
  2. Sir Barks-A-Lot
  3. Leader of the Pack
  4. Alpha Dog Stories
  5. Top Dog Tales
  6. Dudes and Dogs
  7. Puppy Brother Bonding
  8. Boys Best Friend Stories
  9. Heckin’ Good Boy
  10. Guy’s Best Bud Snaps
  11. Doggie Dude Chronicles
  12. Brother from Another Mother
  13. My Main Man [Dog’s Name]
  14. [Dog’s Name]’s Man Cave
  15. Guy Time with My Doggo

Dog Private Story Names For Girls

For girl dogs, some private story names are:

  1. Queen Bee Stories
  2. Drama Queen Doggo
  3. [Dog’s Name]’s Castle
  4. Princess Pup Snaps
  5. Fab Fur Baby Girl
  6. Pretty Pooch Portraits
  7. Bow Wow Beauty
  8. G.L.A.M. – Girl Lover and Mutt
  9. Mademoiselle [Dog’s Name]
  10. Chic Chick Dog Diaries
  11. [Dog’s Name]’s Shoe Collection
  12. Treats and Tiny Teacups


Figuring out the crazy private story name for your furry friend can really set the tone for sharing cute, funny, and heartwarming photos and videos of your beloved pup. With over 325 examples provided, you’re sure to find inspiration to capture your dog’s endearing personality.

From general ideas to platform-specific names to first-person dog tales and Snoop Dogg references, the options are endless. Ultimately the story name you choose should bring a smile to your face and delight fellow dog lovers.

So embrace your dog parent pride and create a private story worthy of your pawesome pooch. Those good boys and girls deserve it!

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