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Anime and manga have become hugely popular around the world in recent years. With engaging characters, exciting storylines, and captivating animation styles, it’s no wonder so many people have become obsessed with anime. This extends to social media, where many anime fans enjoy sharing anime content and discussing their favorite shows through private story features on platforms like Snapchat and Instagram.

If you’re an anime lover looking for some creative anime private story names, you’ve come to the right place! Below we’ll suggest numerous anime-themed private story names that are funny, clever, and unique. We’ve divided them into categories based on the platform and gender, so you can easily find the perfect anime private story name.

Anime Private Story Names

Anime Private Story Names For Snapchat

Here are 20 creative anime private story names perfect for Snapchat:

  1. Anime Binge Watchers
  2. Weeb Nation
  3. Anime Addicts Anonymous
  4. The Otaku Club
  5. Anime Trash
  6. 2D > 3D
  7. Anime Obsession
  8. Late Night Anime
  9. Crunchyroll and Chill
  10. Anime Memes Galore
  11. SNS: Sailor Not Sorry
  12. Anime Central
  13. Shinobi Stories
  14. Slice of Anime Life
  15. Daily Shounen
  16. Baka News Network
  17. Otaku Outcast
  18. Anime All Day
  19. Anitubers
  20. Kawaii Cuties

Anime Private Story Names For Instagram

These 20 Instagram private story names have an anime vibe:

  1. Animegram
  2. Waifu Watch
  3. Otaku Feed
  4. Weebstagram
  5. Anime Fans United
  6. By Anime Fans, For Anime Fans
  7. Daily Cosplay
  8. Anime Obsessed
  9. For the Love of Anime
  10. Animanga
  11. Anime News Network
  12. Anitrendz
  13. Shinobi Scroll
  14. The Hidden Leaf Village
  15. Chakra Chronicles
  16. Akatsuki Tales
  17. Bishounen Blog
  18. Daily Ninja Nonsense
  19. Anime Memes for Weeblets
  20. Isekai Adventures

Funny Anime Private Story Names

Make your friends laugh with these 20 anime funny private story names:

  1. Weebs Anonymous
  2. Anime Freaks United
  3. What is Sleep?
  4. 2D Girls > 3D Girls
  5. Anime Addicts Support Group
  6. Otaku Overload
  7. Anime Trash Panda
  8. Weeb Nation Army
  9. Yu-Gi-Oh No She Betta Don’t
  10. Anime Memes to the Extreme
  11. Yeetaku
  12. The Cult of Anime
  13. Anime Obsession Hotline
  14. You Say “Anime,” I Say “YES PLEASE!”
  15. Anime Fans Be Like…
  16. Anime All Dang Day
  17. For the Love of Waifus
  18. Anime Fans Unite!
  19. Anime Nerds Assemble
  20. Anime: 100, Social Life: 0

Creative Anime Private Story Names

Get creative with these 20 unique anime private story names:

  1. A Day in the Life of an Otaku
  2. Waifu Watchers
  3. Anime Fans Forever
  4. Daily Cosplay Chronicles
  5. Crunchyroll N’ Chill
  6. Stay Weeby
  7. Kawaii Central
  8. The Anime Scoop
  9. All Things Anime
  10. Weeb Wednesday
  11. Otaku Diaries
  12. For the Love of Anime
  13. Shinobi Shorts
  14. So Many Anime, So Little Time
  15. Slice of Otaku Life
  16. Mission: Binge Anime
  17. Anime Obsessors
  18. Animanga Mania
  19. The Weeb Wire
  20. Anime Access Pass

Good Anime Private Story Names

These 20 good anime private story names are great options:

  1. Anime Daily
  2. Otaku Outlet
  3. Weeb Watch
  4. Anime Avenue
  5. The Anime Scene
  6. For Anime Lovers
  7. Animanga Hangout
  8. Anime Scope
  9. All Things Anime
  10. The Anime Express
  11. Shinobi Shorts
  12. Cosplay Corner
  13. Shojo Beat
  14. Mecha Madness
  15. Isekai Insider
  16. Perfect Pitches: Anime Reviews
  17. Crunchyroll Express
  18. Daily Binge Watch
  19. The Anime Scoop
  20. Anime Access Pass

Anime Private Story Names For Boys

Here are 20 anime private story names for boys:

  1. Shonen Squad
  2. Anime Dudes
  3. Daily Shounen
  4. For the Shounen Fans
  5. Mecha Maniacs
  6. Boys Anime Club
  7. Ecchi Empire
  8. Bishie Brigade
  9. Husbando Hangout
  10. Anime Bros
  11. Sword Guys and Magic
  12. Otaku Order
  13. Weeb Watch
  14. Akatsuki Reports
  15. Shinobi Scrolls
  16. The Hidden Leaf
  17. Ninja Nonsense
  18. Pirate Adventures
  19. Alchemist Alliance
  20. Bender’s Chat

Anime Private Story Names For Girls

These 20 anime private story names have a feminine vibe:

  1. Shojo Society
  2. Kawaii Cuties
  3. Daily Moe
  4. Magical Girl Hangout
  5. Anime Queens
  6. Waifu Watchers
  7. Bishie Buffet
  8. Husbando Haven
  9. Strong Shoujo Leads
  10. Cute Anime Girls
  11. Princess Anime Club
  12. Magical Girls Assemble
  13. Otaku Sisters
  14. Girls Anime Gang
  15. Anime Dreams
  16. Kawaii Central
  17. Pastel Paradise
  18. Anime Cuties
  19. Shojo Sweethearts
  20. Cute Anime Club


Anime offers endless inspiration for creative private story names. Whether you want something funny, cool, cute, or just plain anime-obsessed, this list provides hundreds of unique, catchy, and memorable anime private story name ideas.

So switch up your private story game and stand out from the crowd with a fun anime-themed name. From iconic characters to hilarious anime memes, the possibilities are endless for anime fans looking to showcase their fandom!

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