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Coming up with catchy and creative private story names for your social media can be a fun way to express yourself. Private stories allow you to share content with a select group of friends, so the name you choose represents an “exclusive club” that people want to be a part of.

In this article, we’ll explore cold and cool-toned private story name ideas you can use on platforms like Snapchat and Instagram. From icy puns to winter-inspired names, here are over 450 unique ideas to spark your creativity.

Cold Private Story Names

Cold Private Story Names

Here are 25 chilling, frosty private story names with a cold vibe:

  1. Ice, Ice Baby
  2. Cold as Ice
  3. Ice Queens
  4. Chill Zone
  5. Frost Bite
  6. Winter Wonderland
  7. Blizzard Buddies
  8. Snow Much Fun
  9. Ice Ice Babies
  10. North Pole
  11. Abominable Friends
  12. Avalanche Squad
  13. Flurry Friends
  14. Frost Friends
  15. Ice Box
  16. Brain Freeze
  17. Sub Zero
  18. Ice Age
  19. brrr° Babes
  20. Chilly Chums
  21. Cool Cats
  22. Freeze Frame
  23. Frost Bitten
  24. Ice Ice Maybe
  25. Snow More Drama

Cold Private Story Names For Snapchat

If you use Snapchat, these 25 icy private story name ideas for Snapchat to give your private stories extra chill:

  1. Winter Wonderland
  2. Frosty Snap Squad
  3. Ice Queen Snaps
  4. Chilled Snap Streaks
  5. Snaparctica
  6. Frost Bitten
  7. Freeze Frame Snaps
  8. Snappy Snowflakes
  9. Brrbots on Snapchat
  10. Snapchat Blizzard
  11. Ice Ice Snapchat
  12. Snap Below Zero
  13. Snapchat Hibernation
  14. North Pole Snap Group
  15. Abominable Snaps
  16. Snapchat Frost
  17. Icy Snap Friends
  18. Snapchat Ice Age
  19. Snapchat Snowstorm
  20. Cool as Ice
  21. Baby It’s Cold Outside Snaps
  22. Frosty Snap Filters
  23. Snow Angels
  24. Snapchat Brain Freeze
  25. Snapchat Igloo

Cold Private Story Names For Instagram

Catch the winter spirit with these 25 icy Instagram private story names:

  1. Ice Queens
  2. Chilly Squad
  3. Frosty Photos
  4. Ice Ice Instagram
  5. Instagram Snowdrifts
  6. Baby It’s Cold on Instagram
  7. Winter Wonderland Circle
  8. Frost Instagrammers
  9. Snow Crew
  10. North Pole
  11. Brain Freeze on Instagram
  12. Avalanche Posse
  13. Flurry of Photos
  14. Igloos
  15. Abominable Snowman
  16. Frosty Instagram Filters
  17. Freezing Temps Squad
  18. Ice Age Squad
  19. Snow More Drama
  20. My Insta Squad
  21. Cold Snap Crew
  22. Ice Box Circle
  23. Frost Bite Squad
  24. Blizzard Conditions
  25. Sub Zero Squad

Cold Hearted Private Story Names

Show your icy personality with these 25 brutally cold private story name ideas:

  1. Stone Cold Hearted
  2. Ice In My Veins
  3. Cold Blooded Squad
  4. Frost Bitten Hearts
  5. Colder Than Ice
  6. Heart of Ice
  7. Ice Box Where My Heart Should Be
  8. Silent and Cold
  9. Unfeeling Squad
  10. The Heartless Circle
  11. Emotionally Unavailable Friends
  12. Empathy Not Included
  13. Sympathy Not Found Here
  14. Don’t Catch Feelings Crew
  15. Negative Degrees Friend Group
  16. Arctic Friends
  17. Personality Below Zero
  18. Frozen Feelings
  19. Heart as Cold as Ice
  20. Chilly Receptions
  21. Emotionally Abominable Friends
  22. No Warm Fuzzies Here
  23. Frosty Dispositions
  24. Baby It’s Cold Inside My Heart
  25. Stone Face Emoji Friends

Cold Private Story Names For Girls

Ladies, chill out with these 25 fashionably frosty private story names:

  1. Frosty Femmes
  2. Ice Princesses
  3. Queen Elsa’s Girl Gang
  4. Snow Angel Circle
  5. Baby It’s Cold Outside Girls
  6. Abominable Snow Women
  7. Sub Zero Squad
  8. Girl Igloo
  9. Lady Frost Bite
  10. Female Blizzard Buddies
  11. Winter Fashionistas
  12. Snow Drifting Divas
  13. Brain Freeze Betties
  14. Ice Ice Babes
  15. Avalanche Ladies
  16. Frost Bitten Chicas
  17. North Pole Honeys
  18. Frozen Chosen Girls
  19. Flurry of Female Friends
  20. Freezing Temps Girls Club
  21. Frost Friends Female Chapter
  22. Girls Just Wanna Have Brrs
  23. Chicks Below Zero
  24. Brrrr° Babes
  25. Ice Cold Gals

Cold Private Story Names For Guys

Dudes, hang with the cool crowd with these 25 chilled out private story names:

  1. Frosty Bros
  2. Cool Guys Club
  3. Abominable Bros
  4. Sub Zero Squad
  5. Snow Much Fun Boy Band
  6. Avalanche Boys
  7. Frost Bitten Fellas
  8. Flurry Friends Fraternity
  9. Blizzard Boys
  10. Ice Ice Babies Boy Chapter
  11. Winter Warriors
  12. Snow More Drama Dudes
  13. Brain Freeze Brethren
  14. North Pole Homies
  15. Brrdegree Boy Band
  16. Igloo Man Group
  17. Frost Giant Guys
  18. Snowball Fight
  19. Ice Box Boy Band
  20. Freeze Frame Boyz
  21. Chillin’ Like a Villain Boyz
  22. Cold Snap Wolf Pack
  23. Baby It’s Cold Outside Bros
  24. Stone Cold Foxes
  25. Ice Kings


With over 450 icy, interesting private story name ideas, you can show off your cool vibe and winter spirit. Use these names as inspiration when creating groups on Snapchat, Instagram stories, Facebook and more.

A chilly, exclusive name represents the select inner circle of friends that get access. So embrace the cold temps and frosty fun with these cold private story name suggestions for your social media accounts. Stay warm out there and happy snapping!

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