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Private stories give you an intimate space to connect with the leading lady in your life, whether a girlfriend, crush, or best friend. The right name grabs her attention while celebrating your inside jokes and adventures together.

From ultra-feminine names like “Queen Bee Society” to funny shoutouts like “Cuddle Buddies,” these 425+ private story name ideas for her help strengthen bonds and brighten her day. Cute private story names speak to romantic escapades and future dreams you share as a couple. Other hilarious names poke fun at quirks that only the two of you understand.

So spark creativity and laughter with these private story names specially made for your favorite girl – the yin to your yang and the peanut butter to your jelly!

Private Story Names For Her

Snapchat Private Story Names For Her

Woo your sweetheart with these 25 romantic Snapchat private story names:

  1. Mademoiselle Magic
  2. Goddess Glimpses
  3. Her Royal Highness
  4. Queen’s Quarters
  5. Princess Bubblegum
  6. Prince Charming Approved
  7. Only Princess Pics Please
  8. Fairytale Fantasies
  9. Dancing With My Darling
  10. My Once Upon a Time
  11. Leading Lady Lounge
  12. Disney Duo Diaries
  13. Crown Jewels Gems
  14. White Knight & His Lady
  15. Grand Gestures & Sweet Nothings
  16. Enchanting Adventure Gram
  17. Happily Ever After Hideaway
  18. Rooftop Stargazing Sweeties
  19. Cloud 9 Cuties Circle
  20. Rose-Colored Lenses
  21. Love Drunk Lovers
  22. Archived Amours
  23. XOXO & Hugs ‘N Kisses Diary
  24. Cuddle Struggle Sweeties
  25. Love Lockdown

Instagram Private Story Names For Her

Make your #1 girl feel special with these 25 private Instagram story names:

  1. Goddess Goals
  2. Empowered Queens
  3. Bright & Beautiful Bestie
  4. Gal Pal Adventures
  5. Witchy Woman Podcast
  6. Boss Babe Society
  7. Movers & Shakers Circle
  8. SheEO Sorority
  9. Queen Bee Society
  10. Pretty Power Posse
  11. Lipstick Leaders
  12. Principal Ballet Beauty
  13. My Leading Lady Life
  14. Dream Girl Diary
  15. Smitten Kitten Sunshine
  16. Dancing Diva Chronicles
  17. Better Half Bestie
  18. Ride Or Die Chica
  19. The Bonnie To My Clyde
  20. Found My Lobster Friend
  21. Adventure Buddy For Life
  22. Two Peas In A Podcast
  23. Matching Puzzle Pieces
  24. Cutesy Couple Content
  25. Eternal Sunshine Duo

Cute Private Story Names For Her

Make her smile with these 25 adorable private story names for girls:

  1. My Cupcake Cutie
  2. Sweetheart Stories
  3. Sugar Plum Princess
  4. Sweet Nothings Notebook
  5. Candyland Cutie
  6. Precious & Peachy Girl
  7. Cookie Crumbs & Cuddles
  8. My Favorite Flavor
  9. Eye Candy Cutie Circle
  10. Sunshine & Rainbows Squad
  11. Sweetness Overload
  12. Cutesy Couple Content
  13. Baby Doll Beauty Reel
  14. Pretty In Pink Posse
  15. Darling Diary
  16. Sweet Like Sugar Snapshots
  17. Angel Face Stories
  18. Heaven Sent Halo Girl
  19. Sweetness Overload
  20. Teddy Bear Hugs & Kisses
  21. Melt My Heart Circle
  22. Sugary Sweetheart
  23. Cherry Chapstick Kisses
  24. Cuddle Buddy
  25. S’mores & Snuggles Society

Funny Private Story Names For Her

Bring some laughs with these 25 humorous private story names for girls:

  1. Silly Selfies
  2. Crazy Chica Chronicles
  3. What A Character!
  4. Small But Mighty Clown
  5. Mad Hatter’s Bestie
  6. Goof Troop Girl Gang
  7. Noodle Noggin’ Sweetie
  8. Absentminded Professor’s Girl
  9. Head In The Clouds Cutie
  10. Quirky Qutee Circle
  11. A Broad Abroad
  12. Adventure Klutz
  13. Ms. Misadventures
  14. Hot Mess Express
  15. Snafu Squad Sisterhood
  16. Fashionably Late & Frazzled
  17. Haute Mess Hideaway
  18. Mess Central Command
  19. Frazzled But Fabulous
  20. Wacky & Wild Woman
  21. Eccentric Sweetheart
  22. Quirky Girl Appreciation Ring
  23. Oddball Sweetie Stopover
  24. Klutzy Cutie Chronicles
  25. Small But Mighty Dynamo

Private Story Names For Your Crush

Subtly woo your crush with these 25 private story names:

  1. Secret Admirer Society
  2. Undercover Lover
  3. Could This Be Love?
  4. Crushin’ Hard
  5. Smitten Kittens Club
  6. Love at First Sight Lookbook
  7. Falling Fast Diary
  8. Head Over Heels Hideout
  9. Cloud Nine Clan
  10. Moonstruck Mystics
  11. Daydream Believers Circle
  12. Floating On Air Friends
  13. Lovestruck Lovers Lounge
  14. Enamored Escape
  15. absolutely Smitten
  16. Heart Flutters Filter
  17. Butterflies & Daisies Days
  18. Dizzy Daydreamers
  19. Blushing Cheeks Hub
  20. Rose-Colored Romance Reel
  21. Lovestruck Lens
  22. Twitterpated Two
  23. Floating on Cloud Nine
  24. Love Drunk Stumblers
  25. Hopelessly Devoted Diary

Private Story Names For Girlfriend

Make your girlfriend grin with these 25 romantic private story names:

  1. My Missing Puzzle Piece
  2. Ride or Die Chica
  3. Adventure Buddy
  4. Two Peas in a Podcast
  5. Cutesy Couple Content
  6. Matching Love Locks
  7. Eternal Sunshine Duo
  8. Partners in Wine & Crime
  9. Bonnie & Clyde
  10. Found My Lobster Friend
  11. Thelma & Louise Throwbacks
  12. Laugh, Live, Love Crew
  13. Us Against the World
  14. Better Half Bestie
  15. Heart Eyes Only
  16. Playful Paramours
  17. Soulmate Stories
  18. Lovey Dovey Forever
  19. Through Thick and Thin
  20. Always and Forever
  21. Team “Us” Hideaway
  22. Our Little Secret Society
  23. Ride or Die Duo Diary
  24. Tangoing Through Life
  25. Love-Struck Sweeties

Private Story Names For Best Friends

Celebrate your BFF with these 25 private story names:

  1. Ride or Die Chicks
  2. Bonded for Life Buddies
  3. Bizzy BFFs
  4. Friendship Never Ends
  5. Sisterhood of the Traveling Friends
  6. Travel Bugs & Adventurers
  7. Partners in Wine & Crime
  8. Crazy Comadres Chronicles
  9. Wild & Free Spirits
  10. Wanderlust Girls Gang
  11. Friends Who Brunch
  12. Golden Girl Gang
  13. Space Cadets Society
  14. Old Souls & Sages
  15. Free Spirited Friends Alliance
  16. Liberated Ladies League
  17. Empowered Queens Club
  18. Inspiring Insta Inner Circle
  19. Uplifting Underground
  20. Dream Chasing Cheer Squad
  21. goal getters & goofballs
  22. Vision Board Buddies
  23. Manifesting Magic Together
  24. Self-Love Sisters
  25. Dream Girl Gang


With over 425 private story name ideas for the leading ladies in your life, you can create intimate spaces that make them smile and feel special. These names celebrate your humor and dreams, while honoring the powerful female bonds that enrich our world.

So try out a few names with your girlfriend, crush, or bestie today – and keep those inside jokes, sweet nothings and silly moments flowing within your own private sanctuary!

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