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Private stories allow you to get flirty, romantic and silly with your boyfriend, husband or partner away from prying eyes. An intimate, personalized “for his eyes only” name transforms these private stories into special spaces just for two.

From racy puns to masculine names like “Wolf Pack” and “Man Cave,” these ideas create excitement while capturing his rugged spirit. Other funny or cute names speak to inside jokes and shared adventures.

So if you’re looking for the cute private story name to grab his attention, try out these 350+ ideas specially made for the leading man in your life.

Private Story Names For Him

Snapchat Private Story Names For Him

Try these 25 rugged Snapchat private story names to intrigue your guy:

  1. Snuggle Struggle
  2. Big Spoon & Little Spoon
  3. My Handyman
  4. Tall, Dark & Snappy
  5. Mountain Man Magic
  6. My Lumberjack Love
  7. Facial Hair Fancier
  8. Beards & Boxer Briefs
  9. Flannel Fanatic
  10. Outdoorsy Otter
  11. Fishing Fool
  12. Huntin’, Fishin’ & Lovin’
  13. Camo Cutie Snapchats
  14. Cabin in the Woods Circle
  15. Campfire Cutup
  16. Adventure Hunk
  17. Wanderlusting With My Guy
  18. National Park Honey
  19. Wildlife Watcher
  20. My Favorite Flannel
  21. Plaid Eye Candy
  22. My Outdoorsy Guy
  23. Backwoods Baby
  24. Into the Wild One
  25. Free Spirit Filmer

Instagram Private Story Names For Him

Make your man feel special with these 25 Instagram private story names:

  1. My Main Squeeze
  2. Pocket Protector Posse
  3. Team Player Circle
  4. MVP Access Only
  5. Sports Buff Squad
  6. Hot Shot Hottie
  7. Dapper Dude Society
  8. My Fine Wine
  9. My Silver Fox
  10. Major Muscle Mob
  11. My Big Strong Man
  12. Handsome Hubby Highlights
  13. My Handy Husband
  14. Daddy Daycare Days
  15. Dad Bod Battles
  16. Golf Getaway Great
  17. Coach Circle
  18. Grill Master Elite
  19. Fantasy Football Insider
  20. Car Show Crew
  21. Man Cave Members
  22. Mister Fix-It
  23. My Mountain Man
  24. Lawn Mower Legion
  25. Cuban Cigar Club

Private Story Names For Boyfriend

Make your boyfriend blush with these 25 private story name ideas:

  1. My Better Half
  2. Missing Piece Meetup
  3. Cloud Wine With My Love
  4. Dream Boat Bae
  5. My Leading Man
  6. Starring Role: Boyfriend
  7. Director’s Cut Sweetheart
  8. From Me to You
  9. Laugh, Live, Love Crew
  10. Soulmate Stories
  11. Playful Paramours
  12. Adventure Duo
  13. Two Peas in a Pod
  14. Ride or Die Partner
  15. Matching Puzzle Pieces
  16. Always and Forever
  17. Us Against the World
  18. Heart Eyes Only
  19. Through Thick and Thin
  20. Heartstrings Circle
  21. Sweet Nothings Squad
  22. Butterfly Kisses
  23. Smitten Kitten Society
  24. Love Drunk Lovers
  25. Head Over Heels

Private Story Names For Him Only

Claim him as yours only with these 25 private names:

  1. Eyes on You Only
  2. Need to Know Basis
  3. Members Only
  4. VIP Access Exclusive
  5. All Access Hall Pass
  6. Backstage Pass Buddies
  7. My Guy, My Man, My Everything
  8. Solo Entry Permit
  9. Hands Off! He’s Mine
  10. Paws Off Circle
  11. No Trespassing!
  12. Authorized Personnel Only!
  13. Employees Only Lounge
  14. 24 Karat Magic Man
  15. Top Secret Territory
  16. Classified Cutie Content
  17. His Private Property
  18. Private Show
  19. Confidential Cutie
  20. Private Dancer Partner
  21. Private Party of 2
  22. Private Screening Suite
  23. Private Practice Crew
  24. Private Lessons Posse
  25. Sweetheart Stories

Funny Private Story Names For Him

Make your man laugh with these hilarious 25 funny private story names:

  1. Daddy Daycare
  2. Manatomy Lessons
  3. Fantasy Football Failures
  4. FUPA Fighters
  5. Cuddle Buddies
  6. Beards & Boxers Brotherhood
  7. Bromance Chapters
  8. Wolf Whistles Wolves
  9. Silver Fox Appreciation Society
  10. Tighty Whitey Tribe
  11. Major League Eating Champions
  12. Fart Connoisseurs Club
  13. Burping Belchers
  14. Underpants Brigade
  15. Pit Stains Posse
  16. NFL Naptime Network
  17. Armchair Warriors
  18. Nacho Average Guy
  19. Couch Potato Cutie
  20. Quirky Hunk Society
  21. Pec Flexers
  22. Handyman Hottie
  23. Grill Masters & Beer Bellies
  24. Dad Joke Headquarters
  25. Manly Minions


With over 350 creative private story names ranging from adventurous to silly, you can create intimate spaces that grab his attention and make him smile. These ideas celebrate your inside jokes, honor your commitment and speak to shared passions.

So try out a few names that capture your bond and bring extra laughs along the journey of love. Because your relationship deserves its own legendary story – even if it’s just between the two of you!

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