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Private stories on social media platforms like Snapchat, Instagram, and TikTok have become extremely popular lately. They allow you to share content with a selected group of friends instead of your entire followers list. When creating a private story, one of the most important things is choosing a fun, creative private story name that matches the content you’ll be posting.

In this article, we’ll explore some ideas for shopping private story names. Whether you’re posting haul videos, cute selfies trying on clothes, or behind-the-scenes shopping trips with friends, we’ve got you covered with hundreds of name suggestions across various categories. Read on for unique, catchy, and funny private story names that are perfect for your next shopping-themed story!

Shopping Private Story Names

Shopping Private Story Names

Here are some general shopping private story name ideas that could work for any platform:

  1. Shop Till I Drop
  2. Shopping Spree
  3. Bag It Up
  4. Card Declined
  5. Swipe My Card
  6. Cha Ching
  7. Shopaholic
  8. Shop ‘Til I Drop
  9. Dressing Room Chronicles
  10. Sale Season
  11. Shoppin’ Like It’s My Job
  12. Retail Therapy
  13. Shopportunist
  14. Window Shopper
  15. Cart Full of Clothes
  16. Cart Full of Dreams
  17. Future Return
  18. Impulse Buy
  19. Buyer’s Remorse
  20. Treat Yo’ Self
  21. Splurge Session
  22. Cardboard Box Couture
  23. Overspent
  24. Next Day Delivery
  25. Unboxing Hour
  26. Try On Haul
  27. Shopping Center Squad
  28. Dressing Room Selfies
  29. Credit Card Roulette
  30. Bag Lady
  31. Shop Till You Pop
  32. Shop Girl Summer
  33. Ballin’ on a Budget
  34. Shops and Sips
  35. Drunk Shopping
  36. Hangover Haul

Shopping Private Story Names For Snapchat

If you’ll be posting your shopping content on Snapchat, consider these fun private story name ideas:

  1. Snapped My Stash
  2. Snappy Shopper
  3. Snap Splurge
  4. Dressing Room Snaps
  5. Snap Haul
  6. Snap Unbox
  7. Snap Receipts
  8. Snap Try On
  9. Snapchat Spree
  10. Snappin’ Up Deals
  11. Sale Snap
  12. Snaps and Bags
  13. Snap Shop Chronicles
  14. Snap Fashion Show
  15. SnapStyle
  16. Snap It or Bag It
  17. Snap Queen
  18. Shoe Snaps
  19. Snap To It
  20. Bag It Up Snapchat

Shopping Private Story Names For Instagram

Dress up your Instagram shopping posts with these creative private story names:

  1. ‘Gramming My Haul
  2. Hauls of ‘Gram
  3. ‘Gram Sesh
  4. Shop My ‘Gram
  5. Swipe Up To Shop
  6. Tap To Buy
  7. InstaCarts
  8. Instagram Shopping Spree
  9. ‘Gram It or Bag It
  10. Unboxing ‘Gram
  11. Dressing Room ‘Grams
  12. Too Blessed to Be Stressed
  13. Insta Haul
  14. ‘Gram and Shop
  15. Tapcart Chronicles
  16. Instagram Shopaholic
  17. InstaStyle Chronicles
  18. ‘Gram Fits
  19. OOTD Instagram
  20. Unboxing InstaStory

Shopping Private Story Names For TikTok

Let your TikTok followers in on the action with these shopping-themed private story names:

  1. TikTok Haul
  2. Tik Haulin’
  3. Tokin’ & Shoppin’
  4. TikTok Shop Haul
  5. TikTok Shop Chronicles
  6. TikTok Shopping Sesh
  7. ShopTok
  8. TikTok Wardrobe
  9. TikTry Ons
  10. TokStyle
  11. Tik Tok Trend Shop
  12. TikTok Unboxing Time
  13. TikTok Sale Snag
  14. TikTokin Through the Stores
  15. TikTok Dressing Room
  16. TikTok Fashion Show
  17. OOTikTok
  18. TikTok Shopping Buddy
  19. TikTok Shopaholic

Funny Shopping Private Story Names

Add some humor into the mix with these funny private story names for your shopping content:

  1. Cardiac Arrest: My Shopping Addiction
  2. Fashion Police Brutality
  3. Danger: Choking Hazard (My Closet)
  4. FBI Surveillance Van #Shopping
  5. Rehab Rejects Shopping Addicts Anonymous
  6. Cha Ching Cha Ching Wallet Screaming
  7. Real Housewives of Shopping Carts
  8. Project Runway Reject
  9. What Not To Wear: My Outfits
  10. Borderline Hoarder
  11. Shoppers Anonymous
  12. Recession? Never Heard of Her
  13. Influencer Wannabe
  14. Keeping Up With My Credit Card Debt
  15. Real World: Shopping Edition

Shopping Haul Private Story Names

Flaunt your big hauls with these creative private story name options:

  1. Haul Yeah
  2. Haulin’ Through the Stores
  3. Big Bag Energy
  4. Heavy Lifting (My Shopping Bags)
  5. Bulk Buy Bonanza
  6. Costco Haul
  7. Bag Lady
  8. Big Box Store Haul
  9. Cart Full of Clothes
  10. I Came, I Saw, I Bought It All
  11. Damage Report: My Wallet
  12. Excess Baggage Fee
  13. Haul Monitor
  14. Bagging and Tagging
  15. Unboxing Party
  16. Cardboard Box Couture

Clothing Haul Private Story Names

For clothes shopping hauls, use one of these clever private story names:

  1. T-Shirt Hoarder
  2. The Hunt for Cute Pants
  3. Dress Haul
  4. Jean Genie
  5. Sweater Weather Haul
  6. Jacket Rack
  7. Coat of Many Colors
  8. Blazer Blazing
  9. Cardigan Cascade
  10. Skirt Skirt
  11. Show Me Your Shoes
  12. Sock Drawer Dropoff
  13. Hat Haul
  14. Scarf Scavenger

Selling Clothes Private Story Names

If you’re reselling thrifted clothes, these private story names have you covered:

  1. Previously Pre-Loved
  2. Thrift Flipper
  3. Treasure Hunter
  4. Secondhand Shopper
  5. Closet Cleanout $ale
  6. Pre-Worn Couture
  7. Vintage Reseller
  8. Turning Old Into Gold
  9. One Woman’s Trash, Another’s Treasure
  10. Buy My Castoffs
  11. Hand-Me-Ups
  12. Sale Reject Resale
  13. Discount Designer
  14. Curbside Clothing Rack

Shopping Private Story Names For Boys

Guys can get in on the shopping fun with these male-oriented private story names:

  1. Man Haulin’
  2. Dude Shopping Network
  3. My Main Mans’ New Threads
  4. Sir Shops-a-Lot
  5. Boyz N The Mall
  6. Haulin’ Like a Baller
  7. Big Brands for the Boys
  8. Casual Fits for the Fellas
  9. Snapbacks and Stacks (of Clothes)
  10. Swipe It Like It’s Hot (Boys Shopping)
  11. Ballin’ on a Budget
  12. Polo Patrol
  13. The Hunt for Swag
  14. Drip Only
  15. Big Brand Boys Club
  16. Men’s Wear Haul

Shopping Private Story Names For Girls

Ladies can rock these feminine private story names for their posts:

  1. Shop ‘Til I Drop
  2. Girl’s Shopping Gang
  3. Fab Finds
  4. Dressing Room Chronicles
  5. Queen of Online Shopping
  6. Prissiest Purchases
  7. Girly Grabs
  8. Chic Flick (My Hauls)
  9. Glam Shopping Getaway
  10. Purse Haul
  11. Shoe Bae Goals
  12. Maxxinista
  13. Shopaholic in Heels
  14. Retail Therapy
  15. Treat Yo’ Self
  16. Card Declined…Again
  17. Splurge Sesh
  18. Sale Snatcher
  19. Boxes of Beauty (Hauls)


And there you have it – over 440 unique, catchy, funny and creative private story name ideas for all your shopping-themed social media content! Whether it’s a Snapchat haul video or Instagram OOTD post, these names will add a little something extra.

The next time you’re prepping a new clothes try-on session, accessory unboxing, or behind-the-scenes shopping trip with friends, look through this list for that perfect private story name to intrigue and entertain your followers. Get ready to give them sneak peeks into your shopportunist lifestyle with these fun titles. Happy shopping and storying!

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