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Coming up with a creative and smart private story names ideas for your private stories on social media can be challenging. You want a creative private story name that’s smart, witty, and hints at the selective content you’ll be sharing with your chosen audience.

Whether your private story is on Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, or another platform, a thoughtful name helps make it feel special. In this article, we’ll explore smart private story names idea for every situation. Read on for inspiration to craft the perfect smart title for your private shares!

Smart Private Story Names

Smart Private Story Names

Here are some general smart and witty private story name ideas:

  1. Brainwaves
  2. A Beautiful Mind
  3. Gray Matter
  4. Neural Pathways
  5. Conscious Stream
  6. Mind Games
  7. Intellectual Outlet
  8. Brainpower
  9. Mental Sparring
  10. Mindfulness Journey
  11. Think Tank
  12. Food for Thought
  13. Mental Marathon
  14. Wired Differently
  15. The Book Nook
  16. The Idea Incubator
  17. The Mental Gym
  18. Mind Full

Smart Private Story Names For Snapchat

Make your Snapchat private story name clever with these smart ideas:

  1. Snapshot of Genius
  2. Snap Scholar
  3. Mastermind Snaps
  4. Snap Wits
  5. Philosophy Snaps
  6. Snaptellect
  7. Snap Thoughts
  8. Eureka Snaps
  9. Brainy Snapper
  10. Wise Snaps
  11. Snapshot Sagacity
  12. Gray Matter Snaps
  13. Think Tank Snaps
  14. Ph.D Snaps
  15. Snaps for Scholars
  16. Snaps for Smarties
  17. Snapstrate

Smart Private Story Names For Instagram

Display your intellect with these brainy Instagram private story names:

  1. Thinkstagram
  2. Instatellect
  3. Brainstagram
  4. IG Insight
  5. Instagram Think Tank
  6. Wisestagram
  7. Intelligram
  8. Mastergram
  9. Insta-Ingenuity
  10. IG Gray Matter
  11. Philosogram
  12. Insta-Einstein
  13. Gram Gallery for Gifted Minds
  14. IG Insiders
  15. Instagram for Intellectuals
  16. The Smartest Story on IG
  17. Mensa Members Only

Smart Private Story Names For Guys

If you’re a guy seeking smart private story titles, consider:

  1. Mind Cave
  2. Bro Think Tank
  3. Dude Dome
  4. The Smart Guy Sanctuary
  5. Big Brain Energy
  6. Intellectual Bro Outlet
  7. Ph.D Frat House
  8. Genius Gentlemen’s Club
  9. Mastermind Manor
  10. Mind Mansion
  11. Guy Intelligencia
  12. Mensans Only
  13. High IQ Hideout
  14. Brotherhood of Bright Minds
  15. Smartypants Roundup
  16. Brotherly Brainiacs
  17. Big Brain Brotherhood

Smart Private Story Names For Girls

Ladies, try these intelligent private story names:

  1. Athena’s Sanctuary
  2. High IQ Harem
  3. Brilliant Girl Brigade
  4. Brainy Babes
  5. Beautiful Mind Society
  6. Female Masterminds
  7. Intellectual Girl Gang
  8. Genius Girl Group
  9. Ladies of Luxurious Gray Matter
  10. Wise Women Society
  11. Brainy Broad Assembly
  12. Sisterhood of the Smartset
  13. Clever Gal Collective
  14. Sorority of Savvy Sisters
  15. Euphoric Neurotransmitters
  16. Estrogen & Neurons

Best Smart Private Story Names

Here are some of the catchiest smart private story names:

  1. Beautiful Mind Palace
  2. Brainiac Brigade
  3. Mastermind Society
  4. Intelligencia
  5. Big Brain Club
  6. Beautifully Complex Minds
  7. Mental Marathon
  8. Neuro Network
  9. Brain Trust
  10. Synaptic Symphony
  11. Wise Cracks
  12. Higher Thoughts Society
  13. Gray Matters
  14. Neural Pathways
  15. Conscious Dreaming

Clever Private Story Names

Finally, these clever titles also make smart private story names:

  1. Psycho Babble
  2. Chaotic Logic
  3. Brain Fart Diary
  4. Random Neurons Firing
  5. Silicon Brain Corral
  6. Daily Brain Drain
  7. Head Space
  8. Brainstorming Station
  9. Mental Venting
  10. Right Brain Hangout
  11. Left Brain Lounge
  12. Wandering Mind Palace
  13. Thought Bubbles
  14. Neural Tangents
  15. Stream of Unconsciousness


With endless options for smart, witty, and funny private story names, you can show off your intellect and hint at exclusive content for your chosen friends. Consider your personality and the vibe you want to convey, then craft the perfect brainy title!

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