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Private stories on social media platforms like Snapchat and Instagram have become extremely popular in recent years. Especially vloggers and influencers use private stories to give their fans and followers exclusive behind-the-scenes access to their daily lives.

Coming up with a catchy and creative vlog private story names is important to make it appealing and interesting for your audience. The name should reflect the type of content you will be posting and your overall personal brand. An interesting private story name also helps grab people’s attention right away when they see it pop up on their feed.

In this comprehensive article, we will cover numerous ideas and suggestions for cool, funny, and unique vlog private story names for different social media platforms. Whether you want something cute for your Snapchat, clever for Instagram, or professional for a YouTube channel, we have you covered. Read on for over 400 creative vlog private story name ideas!

Vlog Private Story Names

Vlog Private Story Names

Here are some general vlog private story name ideas that would work great across different platforms:

  1. Behind the Vlog
  2. Vlogging After Dark
  3. Life Through the Lens
  4. Daily Vlog Diaries
  5. Vlog Sesh
  6. Vlog Life
  7. Raw & Uncut
  8. Follow Me Around
  9. Bloopers & Outtakes
  10. Off Camera Antics
  11. Sneak Peek
  12. The Other Side of the Screen
  13. View from My Eyes
  14. Behind the Mirror
  15. Unedited & Unfiltered
  16. Vlog Insiders Only
  17. Exclusive Access
  18. VIP Entry Only
  19. Backstage Pass
  20. Green Room Access
  21. Behind the Scenes
  22. Confessions of a Vlogger
  23. Real Reality
  24. My Other Side
  25. The Real Me
  26. Unscripted
  27. Rare Footage
  28. Raw Files
  29. Director’s Cut
  30. Watch Me Work

Vlog Private Story Names For Snapchat

Snapchat private stories are great for giving your closest friends quick everyday life updates. Here are some fun and casual private story names perfect for Snapchat:

  1. Snapping My Day Away
  2. Daily Snapshot
  3. Snap Sesh
  4. Snap Story Time
  5. Snaps After Dark
  6. Snap It Like It’s Hot
  7. Snap Queen
  8. Snapchat Diaries
  9. Behind the Snap
  10. Snap Life
  11. Snap Crackle Pop
  12. Snaptastic Adventures
  13. Snap Attack
  14. Snapperific
  15. Snap Happy
  16. Snap This Not That
  17. Snap It Off
  18. Snaps Galore
  19. Snaparazzi
  20. Peep My Snap Story
  21. Snap Spectacular
  22. My Snap Fam
  23. Snapxiety Stories
  24. Happy Snapping
  25. Snap On Snap Off

Vlog Private Story Names For Instagram

Instagram private story names tend to be a bit more curated and polished. These names have a classy Instagram vibe:

  1. Instagram Insiders
  2. Behind the ‘Gram
  3. IG After Dark
  4. Instagram Diaries
  5. IG Stories After Hours
  6. Instagram Story Time
  7. Insta Sesh
  8. Gram It Like It’s Hot
  9. IG Story of My Life
  10. Instagram Takeover
  11. Insta Fame
  12. Instagram Royalty
  13. Instagram Memoirs
  14. Life on Insta
  15. Insta Story Exclusive
  16. Instagram VIP Access
  17. Insta Secrets
  18. Instagram Confidential
  19. Top Secret Insta
  20. Instagram Raw & Uncut
  21. Unfiltered Instagram Access
  22. Instagram Photo Dump
  23. Best of My Instagram

Funny Vlog Private Story Names

Make your audience laugh with these clever and funny private story names:

  1. Kardashian Wannabe
  2. Dancing Queen
  3. Basic Becky
  4. Yoga Pants Addict
  5. Messy Jesse
  6. Snack Monster
  7. Drama Llama
  8. Princess Private Story
  9. Clone Zone
  10. Send Noodles
  11. Bad Decisions After Dark
  12. Wine O’Clock
  13. Treat Yo Self
  14. Adulting Fail
  15. Sushi Freak
  16. Nap Time
  17. Bedhead Stories
  18. Crazy Cat Lady
  19. Plant Mom
  20. Send Memes
  21. Food Baby
  22. Bad Ideas Only

Good Vlog Private Story Names

These private story names are simple but effective:

  1. Good Vibes Only
  2. Positive Vibes
  3. Smiles & Sunshine
  4. Happy Place
  5. Good Times
  6. Amazing Adventures
  7. Everyday Magic
  8. Daily Highlights
  9. The Good Stuff
  10. Cherry on Top
  11. Silver Linings
  12. Cup Half Full
  13. Fun Moments
  14. Happy Snaps
  15. Smile Inducing
  16. Mood Booster
  17. Good Day Sunshine
  18. Ray of Light
  19. Bright Side
  20. Pure Joy
  21. Feel Good Vibes

Blog Private Story Names

For bloggers sharing previews and behind-the-scenes of your posts, these are some clever private story names:

  1. Blog Life
  2. Blogger Diaries
  3. Blog Sneak Peek
  4. Blog Inspo
  5. Blog BTS
  6. Blog Secrets
  7. Blog Snippets
  8. Blog Previews
  9. Blog Bloopers
  10. Blog Outtakes
  11. Blog Insiders Only
  12. Exclusive Blog Access
  13. Blog Fam
  14. Blog Besties
  15. Blog Royalty
  16. Blog Takeover
  17. Blog After Dark
  18. Blogroll
  19. Blog Gang
  20. Behind the Blog

Vlog Private Story Names For YouTube Channel

If you have a YouTube channel, use one of these creative private story names:

  1. YouTube Raw
  2. YouTube Real
  3. YouTube Uncut
  4. YouTube Confessions
  5. YouTube Insiders
  6. Exclusive YouTube Access
  7. YouTube After Dark
  8. YouTube Diaries
  9. Behind the Channel
  10. YouTube Royalty
  11. YouTube Story Time
  12. YouTube VIPs Only
  13. YouTube Blooper Reel
  14. YouTube Outtakes
  15. Life of a YouTuber
  16. YouTube Studio Tour
  17. YouTube Memoirs
  18. YouTube Secrets
  19. Director’s YouTube Cut
  20. Rare YouTube Footage

Vlog Private Story Names For Photo Dumps

Share random pics and selfies on these photo dump-inspired private stories:

  1. Photo Frenzy
  2. Photo Flood
  3. Picture Perfect
  4. Photo Fun
  5. Pic Dump
  6. Daily Dumps
  7. Photo Fiesta
  8. Camera Roll Clutter
  9. Selfie Central
  10. Photo Flurry
  11. Random Snaps
  12. Picture This
  13. Photo Fiesta
  14. Camera Roll Chaos
  15. Photo Frenzy
  16. Selfie Spam
  17. Photo Finish
  18. Shameless Selfies
  19. Camera Roll Roulette

Vlog Private Story Names For Boys

Here are some cool private story names for guys and dudes:

  1. Man Cave
  2. Boyz Club
  3. Dude Diary
  4. Guy Time
  5. The Fellas
  6. Come Along with Me
  7. One of the Boys
  8. Boys Being Boys
  9. For the Bros
  10. Guy Stuff
  11. Dude Zone
  12. Boys Only
  13. No Girls Allowed
  14. Guy Talk
  15. Man Time
  16. Male Bonding
  17. Broments
  18. Dude Nation
  19. Guy Land

Vlog Private Story Names For Girls

Cute and girly private story names for ladies:

  1. Girl Gang
  2. Gal Pal Goals
  3. Ladies Only
  4. Girl Time
  5. Girly Gossip
  6. Chick Chat
  7. Girl Power
  8. Queen Things
  9. Girl Stuff
  10. Chick Flicks
  11. Lady Lounge
  12. Girls Club
  13. Sisterhood of the Traveling Snapchat
  14. Boss Babes
  15. Girl Problems
  16. Women Supporting Women
  17. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
  18. Lady Land
  19. Goddess Mode


Developing a creative private story name is an important part of engaging your audience on social media. This article provided over 400 fun, catchy, and unique private story name ideas for vlog, Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube, and other private stories.

The key is choosing a name that matches your personal brand and the type of exclusive content that your followers can expect. A good private story name piques people’s interest, hints at the style of posts, and encourages fans to subscribe right away.

So take inspiration from the suggestions above to brainstorm the perfect vlog private story name for your channel and audience. A name that genuinely reflects your personality will connect with viewers and take your vlogs, snaps, and ‘grams to the next level.

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