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Coming up with a fun, cryptic or weird private story names adds an element of mystery and intrigue. The name often provides a hint about the type of content being shared or the specific group it’s intended for.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore numerous creative, downright strange and funny private story name ideas. From pop culture references to inside jokes, you’ll find plenty of unique options to make your private story stand out.

Weird Private Story Names

Weird Private Story Names

Here are 20 unique ideas for Weird Private Story Names:

  1. Existential Crisis: The Musical
  2. My Brain Cells on Vacation
  3. Unfiltered & Unflattering
  4. Socks & Self-Doubt, Vol. 3
  5. Nap Queen Chronicles
  6. Petting the Void (My Cat)
  7. Living Off of Coffee & Regret
  8. Procrastination Station
  9. Talking to Plants, Again
  10. Social Battery: 0%
  11. Shower Thoughts, Questionable Hygiene
  12. My Inner Demon’s Playlist
  13. Chaos Muppet Takes Over
  14. Ghosts Don’t Judge My Messy Bun
  15. Can’t Adult Today, Watch Dogs Instead
  16. Laundry Mountain Climb
  17. Daydreaming of Winning the Lottery
  18. Existential Dread
  19. My Life: A Live Musical (Mostly Off-Key)
  20. Emotional Support

Weird Private Story Names For Snapchat

Snapchat private stories let you get creative with quirky, funny names that give your close friends a taste of the exclusive content. Here are some weird Snapchat private story name ideas to inspire you:

  1. Potato Squad
  2. The Dark Side
  3. Cult of the Unicorn
  4. Snapping Turts
  5. Sir Poops-a-Lot
  6. Kitchen Chaos
  7. Candid Camera
  8. Puppers Parade
  9. Witchy Business
  10. Snack Attack
  11. Silly Selfies
  12. Wandering Wizards
  13. Mermaid Madness
  14. Late Night Antics
  15. Naptime Nonsense
  16. Meme Machine
  17. Waffle Warriors

Weird Private Story Names For Instagram

Instagram private stories are the perfect place to use strange, cryptic or totally random names. Amuse your chosen viewers with these weird private story names:

  1. Pineapple Express
  2. Dragon Slayers
  3. Starburst Squad
  4. Ghost Gang
  5. Laser Cats
  6. Unicorns & Rainbows
  7. Alien Invasion
  8. Puppy Power
  9. Potato Party
  10. Cheesy Selfies
  11. Yodeling Yetis
  12. Mermaid Magic
  13. Sassy Squad
  14. Drama Llamas
  15. Snackin’ Cats
  16. Ladybug Brigade
  17. Donut Lovers
  18. Moody Manatees
  19. Banana Bandits
  20. Mystery Machine

Funny Weird Private Story Names

Make ’em laugh with these funny and bizarre private story names:

  1. Spandex Squad
  2. Chicken Nug Fan Club
  3. Bad Hair Days
  4. Made Ya Look!
  5. Cheesy Feet
  6. Fashion Disasters
  7. Sleeping Beauties
  8. Yoga Pants Party
  9. Dance Break
  10. Snorty Snorty
  11. Cooking Fails
  12. Sir Farts-a-Lot
  13. Strange Noises
  14. Klutzy Crew
  15. Midnight Munchies
  16. Llamacorn Luau
  17. Super Weirdos
  18. Mood Swings
  19. Quirky Selfies
  20. Burrito Brigade
  21. Wacky Weekends

Weird Private Story Names For Guys

Dudes can get in on the weird private story name fun too. These names will appeal to a guys’ sense of humor:

  1. Man Cave
  2. Burpin’ Bros
  3. Gym Junkies
  4. The Dude Crew
  5. Snack Attack
  6. Single Squad
  7. Guy Stuff
  8. Beards & Brews
  9. Midnight Munchies
  10. Couch Potatoes
  11. Basketball Bros
  12. Weird Beards
  13. Muscle Madness
  14. Gamer’s Paradise
  15. Meme Team
  16. The Flesh Wound
  17. Pit Stop
  18. The League of Pizza
  19. Guy Talk
  20. Puppers & Doggos

Weird Private Story Names For Girls

Ladies, spice up your private stories with these funny, girl-powered private story names:

  1. Queens of Chaos
  2. Drama Squad
  3. Pretty Princesses
  4. Fabulous & Fierce
  5. Girl Gang
  6. Mermaid Crew
  7. Makeup Madness
  8. Brunch Club
  9. Yoga Pant Parade
  10. Pizza Party!
  11. Nap Queen
  12. Crazy Cat Ladies
  13. Ladies Who Brunch
  14. Gal Pals
  15. Ladybug Club
  16. Unicorn Brigade
  17. Witchy Vibes
  18. Princess Power
  19. Boss Babes
  20. Sugar & Spice

Weird Private Story Names For Close Friends

Want an exclusive vibe just for your closest crew? Try these intimate, weird private story names:

  1. The Secret Society
  2. VIP Only
  3. Shh! It’s a Secret
  4. For Your Eyes Only
  5. Top Secret
  6. Closely Guarded
  7. The Chosen Ones
  8. Privileged Few
  9. Inner Circle
  10. Clandestine Club
  11. Confidential Convos
  12. Classified Contents
  13. Cryptic Messages
  14. Under Wraps
  15. Hush Hush
  16. On the Down Low
  17. Discreet Details
  18. Quiet Conversations
  19. Whisper Network


Picking the perfect cryptic, wacky or weird private story name sets the tone for the exclusive content you’ll share with your chosen circle. Whether you want to amuse, confuse or intrigue them, this extensive list of creative, funny and unique private story names ideas offers tons of inspiration.

So gather your close friends, come up with the ideal funky title, and start snapping those private stories on Snapchat and Instagram. From Mermaid Madness to Man Cave, Donut Lovers to Drama Llamas, the options are endless for making your private digital hangout weird and wonderful.

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