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For many, the office private story names are used to give glimpses into their work life or connect with colleagues. Coming up with a unique, catchy work private story names can be tricky. The name needs to encompass the professional nature of the content while still being fun and engaging. 

In this article, we will explore ideas and suggestions for work private story names. Whether you want something simple or more creative, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Work Private Story Names

Work Private Story Names

Here are some ideas for general work private story names:

  1. The Office Life
  2. Corporate Chronicles
  3. Desk Diaries
  4. Cubicle Confessions
  5. Office Shenanigans
  6. The Daily Grind
  7. Work Wife/Work Husband
  8. Colleagues Connected
  9. The Watercooler
  10. Corporate Ladder
  11. Conference Room Chatter
  12. Copy Room Confessions
  13. Behind the Cubicle Wall
  14. Work BFFs
  15. The Break Room
  16. Clock Out Crew
  17. Corporate Jungle
  18. Office Antics
  19. Workspace Wanderings
  20. Clock In Crew
  21. The Corporate Bubble
  22. Work Fam
  23. Office Hours
  24. Career Carousel
  25. Cubicle Jungle
  26. Office Orbit
  27. Watercooler Talk
  28. Corporate Circles
  29. Clock In Confessions
  30. Conference Call Crew
  31. Career Journey
  32. The Work Bubble
  33. Office Chatterbox
  34. Deskside Diaries
  35. 9 to 5 Friends
  36. Corporate Comrades

Work Private Story Names For Snapchat

Here are some fun and catchy work private story names for Snapchat:

  1. Snapping the Daily Grind
  2. Cubicle Chronicle Snaps
  3. Snaps from My Desk
  4. Snapchat Work Wife/Husband
  5. Snaps from the Office
  6. Snapped at My Desk
  7. Watercooler Talk
  8. Corporate Confessions
  9. Corporate Ladder
  10. Conference Call Snaps
  11. Snapping Office Shenanigans
  12. Snapchat Work BFFs
  13. Snapping the Office Bubble
  14. Snapping My 9 to 5
  15. Snapchat Clock In Crew
  16. Snapping My Corporate Cubicle
  17. My Career Journey
  18. Break Room
  19. Office Antics
  20. Snapping My Work Fam

Work Private Story Names For Instagram

If Instagram is your platform of choice, consider these work private story names for Instagram:

  1. IG Office Chronicles
  2. My Desk Diaries
  3. Corporate Confessions
  4. The Daily Grind
  5. IG Work Wife/Husband
  6. Workspace Wanderings
  7. Behind the Cubicle Wall
  8. Clock In Crew
  9. IG Office Antics
  10. Conference Call Diaries
  11. 9 to 5 Friends
  12. IG Corporate Jungle
  13. Cubicle Chronicle
  14. IG Office Orbit
  15. IG Break Room Banter
  16. Corporate Ladder
  17. IG Colleagues Connected
  18. The Corporate Bubble
  19. IG Career Carousel
  20. Clock Out Chronicles

Funny Work Private Story Names

Bring some humor into your work with these funny private story name ideas:

  1. Filing Funny Business
  2. Comedy Cubicles
  3. LOL in the Lobby
  4. Humor in the Hallways
  5. Joke’s on Us
  6. Corporate Clown
  7. Can’t Be Tamed Cubicles
  8. Troublemakers of the Office
  9. Cubicle Comedians
  10. Laughing 9 to 5ers
  11. The Giggle Gang
  12. Chuckle Club
  13. Cubicle Crack Ups
  14. Laffy Staffy
  15. Feelin’ Punchy at Work
  16. Madcap Monday Mayhem

Best Work Private Story Names

Keep it simple but clever with these “best” work private story names:

  1. The A Team
  2. Work Besties
  3. Cool Coworkers Club
  4. Top of the Office Chain
  5. Corporate Superstars
  6. CEO’s Choice
  7. Exec Circle
  8. Elite Office Squad
  9. Dream Office Team
  10. All-Star Colleagues
  11. Workplace Winners
  12. First String Team
  13. MVP Colleagues
  14. Corporate All-Stars
  15. The Work Fam Favorites
  16. Power Player Posse
  17. Top Talent Troupe
  18. Winning Office Workers

Good Work Private Story Names

These “good” names are upbeat and positive for your work private story:

  1. Marvelous Monday Motivation
  2. Terrific Tuesday Team
  3. Wonderful Wednesday Workers
  4. Thrilling Thursday Teammates
  5. Fantastic Friday Friends
  6. Sensational Coworkers
  7. Office Optimists
  8. Positivity Work Crew
  9. Bright and Sunny Office Friends
  10. Ray of Light Colleagues
  11. Blue Sky Thinkers
  12. Silver Lining Squad
  13. Great Vibes Only
  14. Good Times at the Office
  15. Corporate Sunshine Club

Work Private Story Names For Boys

Guys may enjoy these masculine work private story name ideas:

  1. Wolf Pack at Work
  2. Corporate Hustlers
  3. The Work Week Warriors
  4. Rise and Grind Crew
  5. Locker Room at the Office
  6. The Workplace Posse
  7. Office MVPs
  8. Corporate Superstars
  9. Executive Elite
  10. The A-Team at Work
  11. Winner’s Circle Work Mates
  12. Corporate All-Stars
  13. Dream Team at the Office
  14. Work Hard Play Hard Team
  15. Career Superheroes
  16. Office Legends
  17. The Work Band of Brothers

Work Private Story Names For Girls

Ladies can try out these feminine private story name suggestions:

  1. Corporate Queens
  2. Girl Boss Group
  3. She-EO Circle
  4. Women Crushing It at Work
  5. Boss Babes of the Office
  6. Dream Team Divas
  7. Workplace Wonder Women
  8. Career Superstars
  9. Corporate Goddesses
  10. Power Player Chicas
  11. Executive Elite Ladies
  12. Office Fashionistas
  13. Work BFFs
  14. Career Girl Gang
  15. Corporate Superwomen
  16. Girl Power Work Group
  17. Lady Execs Leadership Crew

Work Out Private Story Names

For fitness-focused work private stories, consider these active ideas:

  1. Corporate Cardio
  2. Office Abs
  3. Cubicle Crunches
  4. Conference Room Pushups
  5. Office Planks
  6. Post-Work Yoga Sessions
  7. Accessorize with Exercise
  8. Corporate Gym Jams
  9. Office Workout Warriors
  10. Job and Jog Crew
  11. Career and Calisthenics
  12. Deskside Downward Dogs
  13. Watercooler Workouts
  14. Corporate Athletes
  15. Active Office Employees
  16. Work Hard, Work Out Harder
  17. Office Exercise Enthusiasts


Creating unique private story names on social media is a fun way to share your on-the-job experiences. With this unique list of ideas, you can find a name that fits your workplace vibe. Aim for something professional yet playful. Don’t be afraid to add humor or show your personality.

And take advantage of creative spins on classic office terms like watercooler, cubicle, conference room, and more. With the perfect work private story name, you’ll have colleagues eagerly awaiting your next inside look at corporate life.

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