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Dancing is a popular hobby and form of artistic expression for many people. Creating a private story on social media platforms like Snapchat and Instagram to share dance videos, photos, and updates with friends is common among dance enthusiasts.

Coming up with creative Dance Private Story Names can be a fun way to show off your personality. The name should capture the vibe and style of your dancing. This article explores ideas for dance private story names.

Dance Private Story Names

Dance Private Story Names

Here are 20 unique ideas for Dance Private Story Names:

  1. Tutu Tales
  2. Twirl Time
  3. Spin Sisters
  4. The Dance Diaries
  5. Spotlight Squad
  6. Cha Cha Champions
  7. Jazzy Jivers
  8. Beat Feet
  9. Barre Besties
  10. Ballet Buddies
  11. Paso Partners
  12. Salsa Circle
  13. Groovin’ Group
  14. Hip Hop Honeys
  15. Tap Crew
  16. Pirouette Posse
  17. Leap Legends
  18. Turn Twins
  19. Beat Divas
  20. Glam Girls Dance Troupe

Dance Private Story Names For Snapchat

Snapchat’s private story feature lets you build anticipation and excitement by teasing upcoming dance events, competitions, and videos. When naming your private Snapchat story, think fun and playful.

  1. Shake It Like Nobody’s Watching
  2. Dancin’ Queen
  3. Cuttin’ A Rug
  4. Twinkle Toes
  5. All The Right Moves
  6. Dancing Shoes
  7. Two Left Feet
  8. Tap That
  9. Barre None
  10. Pirouetting Through Life
  11. Dancin’ Fool
  12. Tango Teaser
  13. Cha Cha Only
  14. Salsa Sneak Peek
  15. Strictly Ballroom
  16. Tutus and Tennis Shoes
  17. Fanciful Footwork
  18. Give ‘Em Jazz Hands
  19. Head Over Heels
  20. Hop, Skip, Jump
  21. Shimmy Shammy
  22. Jazzy Jive
  23. Poise Peek
  24. Groovin’ Group

Dance Private Story Names For Instagram

Instagram private stories enable dancers to give followers a glimpse into their dance journey through photos and Boomerangs. When creating a name for an Instagram private story, think visually. Focus on words that conjure images of dance and movement.

  1. Ballerina Blues
  2. Ballet Bunhead
  3. Barre Star
  4. Better Than Broadway
  5. Center Stage
  6. Dance Diva
  7. Dancin’ Feet
  8. Find Your Rhythm
  9. Footloose & Fancy Free
  10. Getting Jiggy With It
  11. Gotta Dance
  12. I Belong On Stage
  13. Jazzin’ Around
  14. Just Dance
  15. Let’s Get Physical
  16. Line Dance Queen
  17. Mambo Motion
  18. Movin’ & Groovin’
  19. Pas De Bourree Through Life
  20. Pirouette Princess
  21. Pop Lock & Drop It
  22. Relevé & Repeat
  23. Sashay Away
  24. Spotlight’s On Me
  25. Star Quality
  26. Steppin’ Out in Style
  27. Straight To The Pointe
  28. Tutu Cute

Funny Dance Private Story Names

What’s dance without a little humor? Funny private story names showcase your silly side and the inevitable dance fails along the way. Get creative with puns, double entendres, and pop culture references.

  1. Dancing Drama Queen
  2. Booty Poppin’
  3. Cha Cha Chaos
  4. Dance or Die Trying
  5. Dougie Dilemmas
  6. Getting Jiggy With It
  7. Jazz Hands or Bust
  8. Leap of Faith
  9. Living My Best Plié Life
  10. Paso PROBLEMS
  11. Pop Lock & Break A Hip
  12. Prima DONNA
  13. Raise the Barre
  14. Salsa S.O.S.
  15. Spotlight Stealer
  16. Straight Outta Compton
  17. Dance Studio
  18. The Barre Necessities
  19. Thriving & Chassé-ing My Dreams
  20. Too Tutu Much
  21. Top Cat
  22. Tutu and the Beast (My Inner Dance Monster)

Private Story Names For Dancers

For dance private story names with a simple, direct vibe, keep it short and sweet. Focus on your favorite dance styles, motivational phrases, or your role as a performer.

  1. Ballerina Girl
  2. Ballet Bae
  3. Cha Cha Queen
  4. Dance Life
  5. Dance Moments
  6. Dancer Diaries
  7. Groove Is In My Heart
  8. Hip Hop & Heels
  9. In The Spotlight
  10. Jazz Queen
  11. Just Dance It Out
  12. Live To Dance
  13. Pirouette Power
  14. Pop N’ Lock
  15. Prima Ballerina
  16. Salsa Princess
  17. Tap Legend
  18. Twirl Girl
  19. Tutu Tuesday

Best Dance Private Story Names

To find the best private story name for dance, focus on adjectives and phrases that describe your dancing personality and style. Get creative and let your name make a statement.

  1. All That Jazz
  2. Beats & Ballet
  3. Born To Entertain
  4. Center Stage Diva
  5. Dance With Me
  6. Dancing Feet
  7. Everyday Paso Doble
  8. Give ‘Em The Ol’ Razzle Dazzle
  9. Got Rhythm?
  10. Haven’t Met A Stage I Didn’t Like
  11. I Dream Of Dance
  12. Jazzin’ It Up
  13. Just Try And Keep Up
  14. Light On My Feet
  15. Look Ma, I’m Dancin’!
  16. Move To The Beat
  17. Paso Doble Princess
  18. Rhythm Is Gonna Get You
  19. Salsa And Sparkle
  20. Spotlight Stealer
  21. This Is How We Dance
  22. Watch Me Tango Now

Dance Moms Private Story Names

For dancers inspired by the hit reality show Dance Moms, incorporate references to the show into your private story name.

  1. ALDC Elite
  2. Backstage at the ALDC
  3. Dance Moms: Behind the Scenes
  4. It’s Always About Winning
  5. Keeping Up with the ALDCs
  6. Life is Dance, Dance is Life
  7. Mini Menuet Mischief
  8. Payton Priorities
  9. Petite Pas De Bourrée
  10. Pointeless Drama
  11. Pyramid Scheme
  12. Reigning National Champs
  13. Tour Tidbits
  14. Where’s Abby?

Dance Private Story Names For Boys

Guys who love to dance deserve creative private story names too. Celebrate your inner groove master with these masculine name ideas.

  1. Beat Boy
  2. Dancin’ Dan
  3. Dougie Dude
  4. Dynamic Dancer
  5. Getting Jiggy Wit It
  6. Hip Hop Hooray
  7. I Was Born To Entertain
  8. Just Dance
  9. King of the Dance Floor
  10. Pop N’ Lockin’ It
  11. Sir Shuffle-A-Lot
  12. Smooth Moves Bro
  13. Tap Master
  14. The Dance Machine
  15. Twinkle Toes

Dance Private Story Names For Girls

For the dancing queens and prima ballerinas, choose a feminine name that embraces your grace and passion.

  1. Ballerina Babe
  2. Beat Diva
  3. Center Stage Superstar
  4. Dance Fever
  5. Dancing Diva
  6. Dancin’ Doll
  7. Every Day Is Leg Day
  8. Funky Ballerina
  9. Glam Ballerina
  10. I Live For Dance
  11. Jazzy Girl
  12. Light As Air
  13. Lights, Camera, Dance!
  14. Made For The Spotlight
  15. Perfect Pirouette
  16. Petite Powerhouse
  17. Pointe Princess
  18. Prima Ballerina
  19. Rhythm & Grace
  20. Spotlight’s On Me
  21. Stage Ready
  22. Tutu Much Fun
  23. Twinkle Toes


Your dance private story name sets the tone for the exclusive content you’ll share with friends. Whether you prefer funny, fierce, or feminine, keep your dancing personality in mind. Showcase your signature style and give your audience a peek behind the curtain into your dance life. With these unique private story name ideas for inspiration, you’re sure to find the perfect fit.

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