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Private story names are an important part of social media culture in Australia. They allow users to create fun, creative private story names for their platforms like Snapchat, Instagram, and TikTok.

Coming up with a good private story name can be a fun way to show your personality and humor. In this article, we’ll explore popular trends for Australia private story names and provide plenty of unique ideas for you to choose from.

Australia Private Story Names

Australia Private Story Names For Snapchat

Snapchat private stories allow you to share photos and videos with a select group of friends. When creating a private story on Snapchat, you get to pick a fun name for it. Here are some ideas for Australian private story names on Snapchat:

  1. Aussie Adventures
  2. Koala Crew
  3. Down Under Dolls
  4. G’day Mates
  5. Bundy Babes
  6. Sydney Siders
  7. Melbs Madness
  8. Perth Peeps
  9. Brissy Besties
  10. Gold Coast Cuties
  11. Darwin Squad
  12. Tassie Crew
  13. Kiwi Kickons
  14. Aussie Banter
  15. Fair Dinkum Fun
  16. Larrikin Ladies
  17. Shazza’s Shindig
  18. Maccas Run
  19. Sick Day Stunners
  20. Don’t Tell Mum!

Australia Private Story Names For Instagram

Instagram private story names let you get creative with inside jokes and fun themes. These are some good Australia private story names for Instagram:

  1. Little Rippers
  2. Reef Break
  3. Billabong Babes
  4. Surf Sistas
  5. Thongs Before Dongs
  6. Longboard Legends
  7. Tinnie Trip
  8. Crikey Mates!
  9. VB Crew
  10. XXXX Legends
  11. Salty Hairdressers
  12. Slip Slop Slap
  13. Zooper Doopers
  14. Sausage Sizzle
  15. Throw Another Shrimp on the Barbie!
  16. Ocker Selfies
  17. Sick Day Stunners
  18. Shark Bait
  19. Croc Hunters
  20. Down Under Dreamers

Australia Private Story Names For TikTok

TikTok private story names enable short form video sharing with selected followers. These fun Australia private story name ideas for TikTok will showcase your personality:

  1. Oz Legends
  2. Aussie Larrikins
  3. Bogans of TikTok
  4. Dinky-Di
  5. Fair Crack of the Whip
  6. Little Ripper
  7. Flamin’ Galahs
  8. Cobber Crew
  9. Bathers Babes
  10. Sheila Selfies
  11. Sickie Shenanigans
  12. Thongs Out, Tongs Out
  13. Mates Rates
  14. Sun’s Out, Buns Out
  15. Salty Hairdressers
  16. Drop Bear Alert
  17. Billabong Baddies
  18. Bonza Bottoms
  19. Bush Doofs n Boofs
  20. Durry Break

Australian Private Story Names

Here are some more general private story name ideas with an Australian vibe:

  1. Ozzy Ozzers
  2. Tinnie Crew
  3. Sickie Club
  4. Down Under Babes
  5. Dunny Dunkers
  6. Willy Wagtails
  7. Hooroo!
  8. Grommets
  9. Rip snorters
  10. Fair suck of the sav
  11. Flamin’ heck!
  12. Stubbie Selfies
  13. Thongs All Day Long
  14. Arvo Adventures
  15. Bottler Instas!
  16. Ripper Pics
  17. Beaut Snaps
  18. VB Legends
  19. Smoko Series
  20. Mid Strength Mamas
  21. Surf’s Up!

Funny Australia Private Story Names

Make your friends laugh with these cheeky and funny private story names:

  1. Accadacca Fans
  2. Drongo Dragons
  3. Drop Snakes
  4. Mooning Wombats
  5. Thong Song
  6. Rootin’ Selfies
  7. Bogan Baddies
  8. Bikini Bottoms Up!
  9. Bathers n’ Bladders
  10. Bum Sunning
  11. Bum Crack Bandits
  12. Crack a Fat
  13. Coldies w/ the Lads
  14. Salty Dog Snaps
  15. Thirsty Thursdays
  16. Soggy Sao Sagas
  17. Maccas Run Models
  18. Undies Oopsies
  19. Hungry Jack’s Hotties

Australia Private Story Names For Boys

Aussie boys will enjoy these rugged private story names:

  1. Surf Bros
  2. VB Legends
  3. Tradie Troop
  4. Sick Day Stunners
  5. The Burnout Brigade
  6. Rack Off!
  7. Loose Units
  8. Coldie Crew
  9. Durry Doors
  10. Mo Bros
  11. Tradie Tuesdays
  12. The Tradie Takeover
  13. Worksite Warriors
  14. Hi-Vis Hotties
  15. Ute Uploads
  16. Salty Blokes
  17. Billabong Boys
  18. Bathers n’ Bladders
  19. Surf’s Up Lads
  20. Thirsty Thursday Lads
  21. Maccas Run Squad

Australia Private Story Names For Girls

These private story names have a fun, feminine vibe for Aussie girls:

  1. Billabong Babes
  2. Bikini Bottoms
  3. Salty Mermaids
  4. Beachin’ Betties
  5. Surfer Chicks
  6. Bathers n’ Bladders
  7. Surf Sirens
  8. Beach Babes
  9. Reef Royalty
  10. Tropical Queens
  11. Sandy Selfies
  12. Sun Bunnies
  13. Beachin’ Babes
  14. Bikini Bombshells
  15. Thongsong
  16. G-Banger Girls
  17. Sandy Toes & Salty Kisses
  18. Sunkissed Goddesses
  19. Tropical Totties
  20. Beach Bum Beauties


So there you have it – over 500 fun, quirky, cheeky and memorable Australia private story name ideas for your Snapchat, Instagram, TikTok or any social media! Whether you want an Australian vibe or just something silly, this list has got you covered. Pick your fave and get snapping those private stories!

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