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Private stories on social media platforms like Snapchat and Instagram have become extremely popular in recent years. Especially among Desi audiences, catchy and creative private story names add an element of fun and intrigue. Coming up with desi private story names that perfectly encapsulates your personality or mood can be a difficult task.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore some of the best ideas for Desi private story names for Snapchat, Instagram, close friends, boys, and girls. We will also suggest numerous creative, funny, and unique private story name ideas under relevant headings. Whether you want a clever, cheeky, romantic or just plain silly private story name, this article will give you plenty of inspiration. Let’s get started!

Desi Private Story Names

Desi Private Story Names

Here are some great general Desi private story name ideas that work well on most social media platforms:

  1. Pyaar Mohabbat Ishq
  2. Dil Ke Armaan
  3. Kisse Kahaniyaan
  4. Raazon Ka Adda
  5. Muskurahat
  6. Khushiyan
  7. Tanhaiyaan
  8. Dil Ki Baatein
  9. Dard-e-Dil
  10. Zindagi Ka Safar
  11. Khwahishein
  12. Sapno Ki Udaan
  13. Duniya Meri
  14. Mere Khayal
  15. Mera Jahan
  16. Apni Duniya
  17. Dil Ki Baatien
  18. Dosti Yaari
  19. Tanha Raatein
  20. Lamhon Ki Yadein
  21. Zindagi Ki Shaamein
  22. Khushiyaan Manaye
  23. Nayee Ummeedain
  24. Jazbaat Ziddiyon Ke
  25. Awaargi
  26. Bebasi
  27. Khwabon Mein Khoya

Desi Private Story Names For Snapchat

Snapchat lends itself well to quirky and playful private story names. Here are some fun Desi private story names for Snapchat:

  1. Desi Crew
  2. My Desi Squad
  3. Desi Dhamaka
  4. Chai Paani Snap
  5. Bollywood Snaps
  6. Masti Express
  7. Desi Vibes Only
  8. Desi Swag
  9. Pyar Vyar Snapchat
  10. Desi Darlings
  11. Desi Life
  12. Hum Saath Saath Hain
  13. Dilwale Dulhania
  14. Desi Fashion Police
  15. Chapati Snapchat
  16. Desi Hangover
  17. Tadka Maar Ke
  18. Desi Bachas
  19. Sharabi Snaps

Desi Private Story Names For Instagram

Instagram private stories tend to be more stylish and aesthetic. Try these creative Desi ideas for Instagram private story names:

  1. Desi Gurls/Boyz
  2. Desi Chicks/Dudes
  3. Desi Squad Goals
  4. Desi Darlings
  5. Hum Saath Saath Hain
  6. Desi Vibes
  7. Desi Swag
  8. Desi Fabulous
  9. Pyar Vyar Insta
  10. Masti Express
  11. Desi Life
  12. Bollywood Fever
  13. Dilwalo Ki Dulhania
  14. Chapati Insta
  15. Desi Hangover
  16. Tadka Maar Ke
  17. Desi Bachas
  18. Desi Fashion Police
  19. Chai Wale Babu
  20. Desi Brats

Desi Private Story Names For Close Friends

Here are some Desi private story name ideas just for your close friends:

  1. Pyaar Dosti
  2. Dil Ki Baatien
  3. Crazy Crew
  4. Partner In Crime
  5. Bestie Stories
  6. Yaaron Ki Mehfil
  7. Dosto Ke Saath
  8. Masti and Maja
  9. Friends Forever
  10. Buddies Only
  11. Inner Circle
  12. Close Knit Squad
  13. Tight Knit Group
  14. Buddies For Life
  15. Just For Besties
  16. Bestie Diaries
  17. Friends & Family
  18. Dosti Zindagi Hai
  19. Hum Saath Saath Hai
  20. Dost Dost Na Raha

Desi Private Story Names For Boys

Boys tend to prefer cooler, edgier private story names. These Desi ideas are tailor-made for boys:

  1. Ladke Scene Hai
  2. Bro Code
  3. Bhai Log
  4. Boyz Rule
  5. Band Of Brothers
  6. Mardo Ki Duniya
  7. Boys Only
  8. Guy Talk
  9. Macho Mania
  10. Men’s Lounge
  11. Alpha Male
  12. Playa Stories
  13. Heartbreaker
  14. Chick Magnet
  15. Pyaar Ka Punchnama
  16. Heer Ranjha
  17. Majnu Stories
  18. Desi Romeo
  19. Dilwala
  20. Prince Charming
  21. Casanova

Desi Private Story Names For Girls

Girls generally like pretty, feminine and romantic private story names. Here are some great Desi ideas for girls:

  1. Kudiyo Di Diary
  2. Queen Bee
  3. Girly Things
  4. Girl Gang
  5. Pyaari Si Diary
  6. Girl Time
  7. Chick Flicks
  8. Pyaar Wali Feeling
  9. Crush Tales
  10. Dil Ki Baatein
  11. Ladki Ki Kahaani
  12. Girl Talk
  13. Gal Pals
  14. Yaadon Ki Mehak
  15. Sapno Mein Khoyi
  16. Ishq Wala Love
  17. Pyaar Ki Kahani
  18. Mohabbat Stories
  19. Dulhan Ki Diary
  20. Girl Power
  21. Fashion Diaries
  22. Beauty Geek

Desi Names For Private Stories

If you want a simple yet meaningful Desi name for your private story, consider these 20 options:

  1. Desi Circle
  2. Desi Times
  3. Desi Moments
  4. Desi Hangout
  5. Desi Connect
  6. Desi Forever
  7. Desi Yaari
  8. Desi Vibes
  9. Desi Love
  10. Desi Life
  11. Desi Style
  12. Desi Swag
  13. Desi Tribe
  14. Desi Soul
  15. Desi Pride
  16. Desi Stories
  17. Desi Feels
  18. Desi Thoughts
  19. Desi People
  20. Desi Zone

Funny Desi Private Story Names

Humorous and playful Desi private story names can make your friends laugh. Here are 20 funny ideas:

  1. Chapati Snapchati
  2. Tadka Maar Ke
  3. Desi Nautanki
  4. Desi Drama Company
  5. Desi Chamchas
  6. Sharabi Homies
  7. Desi Jokers
  8. Dil Chahta Hai
  9. Desi Goofballs
  10. Aunty National
  11. Desi Memes
  12. Desi Chutiyas
  13. Pyar Vyar Squad
  14. Bollywood Snaps
  15. Desi Fashion Disaster
  16. Desi Foodies Gone Wild
  17. Masti Express
  18. Desi Nonsense
  19. Hum Saath Saath Hain
  20. Desi Crazies


Finding the perfect Desi private story name that captures your personality and interests can be a creative challenge. Hopefully this article has sparked plenty of ideas and inspiration, whether you want something romantic, whimsical, edgy or just plain amusing.

At the end of the day, choose a private story name that makes you smile and brings some extra flair to your Snapchat or Instagram stories. Don’t be afraid to switch it up now and then when you want a fresh vibe. With this list of diverse Desi private story name suggestions, you’ll never be short of great ideas. Happy storytelling!

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