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Social media has become an integral part of our lives. Platforms like Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook allow us to share our lives with friends and family. One popular feature on these platforms is private stories that allow us to share content with a selected group of people.

If you have a private story, an catchy and interesting private story name can make it stand out. Here are some great ideas for single private story names.

Single Private Story Names

Single Private Story Names

Coming up with the perfect single private story name allows you to give your close friends a glimpse into your personality. Here are some unique ideas ranging from funny to cute:

  1. Inner Circle
  2. VIP Access Only
  3. For Your Eyes Only
  4. My Fam
  5. The Secret Society
  6. Confidential Convos
  7. Top Secret
  8. CIA Classified
  9. FBI Surveillance Van
  10. Fight Club
  11. The Council
  12. Illuminati Meetings
  13. Secret Society
  14. Private Property
  15. Members Only
  16. Behind the Scenes
  17. Backstage Pass
  18. Staff Only
  19. Authorized Personnel Only
  20. Closely Guarded
  21. Under Lock and Key
  22. Eyes On Me
  23. Bird’s Eye View
  24. Fly On The Wall
  25. Hidden Gem
  26. Underground Tunnels
  27. Secret Garden
  28. Secluded Hideaway
  29. Quarantined Cuties
  30. Escape Pod
  31. Safe House

Single Private Story Names For Snapchat

Snapchat private stories allow you to share snaps with a customized list of friends. Here are some creative private story name ideas for your Snapchat:

  1. Snappy Hour
  2. Inner Circle
  3. Shh…It’s a Secret
  4. The Breakfast Club
  5. Ghost Mode
  6. Snap Pack
  7. Snaptastic
  8. Snap Squad
  9. Snap Happy
  10. Snap‘nShare
  11. Story Time
  12. Snapchat Royales
  13. Sneak Peek
  14. Behind the Scenes
  15. Confidential Convos
  16. Inside Jokes
  17. Late Nite Tales
  18. Snap Stories After Dark
  19. Snapshot City
  20. Snapiary
  21. Snaptastic Voyage

Single Private Story Names For Instagram

Instagram close friends option lets you share stories with your inner circle. Make your private story stand out with these cool private story names:

  1. Insta Insiders
  2. Inner Circle
  3. Ring of Trust
  4. Secret Society
  5. Hush Hush
  6. Shhh…
  7. Hidden Treasures
  8. Behind the ‘Gram
  9. After Hours
  10. Confidential Convos
  11. Off the Grid
  12. Undercover Story
  13. Incognito Mode
  14. Top Secret
  15. Eyes Only
  16. For Your Eyes Only
  17. Classified Content
  18. Intel Files
  19. Covert Ops
  20. Cloak and Dagger
  21. The Breakfast Club

Single Private Story Names For Close Friends

Want an exclusive private story name for your close friends? Try these creative ideas:

  1. Inner Sanctum
  2. The Chosen Few
  3. Circle of Trust
  4. Tight Knit Crew
  5. Ride or Dies
  6. Day Ones
  7. Core Four
  8. Fab Five
  9. The A-Team
  10. Lifers
  11. Bonded for Life
  12. Secrets Society
  13. Confidantes
  14. True Blue Crew
  15. Say It in Confidence
  16. Can You Keep a Secret?
  17. Sworn to Secrecy
  18. Top Secret
  19. Classified Intel
  20. Eyes Only
  21. Inside Scoop
  22. Hush Hush

Single Private Story Names For Boys

If you are a guy looking for a cool private story name, here are some ideas:

  1. Wolfpack
  2. The Brotherhood
  3. One of the Guys
  4. Boyz Club
  5. Dudes Only
  6. Guy Talk
  7. No Girls Allowed
  8. Bromance Stories
  9. Guys Being Guys
  10. Man Cave
  11. Dude Zone
  12. Guy Time
  13. Boys Club
  14. Gentlemen’s Lounge
  15. Manly Tales
  16. Macho Men
  17. Testosterone Zone

Single Private Story Names For Girls

Ladies, make your private story stand out from the crowd with these fun names:

  1. Girls Club
  2. Gal Pal Gossip
  3. Sisters Before Misters
  4. Queen Bees
  5. Girls’ Night In
  6. Ladies Lounge
  7. Just Us Girls
  8. Girlie Gab Room
  9. Chick Chat
  10. Hen House
  11. Lady Lair
  12. Girls Only
  13. Lipstick Jungle
  14. Estrogen Central
  15. Powder Room
  16. Beauty Parlor
  17. Girls Who Brunch
  18. Gal Gang

Private Story Names For Single Moms

Being a single mom is tough! Bond with your circle over your private story with these meaningful names:

  1. Moms Who Conquer
  2. Parenting Partners
  3. Motherhood Squadron
  4. Mommy Tribe
  5. Super Moms
  6. Parenting Village
  7. Mom Force
  8. Raising Good Humans
  9. Tiny Humans, Big Lives
  10. The Sisterhood of Motherhood
  11. Adventures in Motherhood
  12. Moms Helping Moms
  13. Heroes in Mom Jeans
  14. Single Mamas
  15. Parenting in Partnership
  16. Village of Moms

Private Story Names For One Person

Want a private story just for yourself? Check out these creative solo ideas:

  1. Open Diary
  2. Dear Diary
  3. Pages of My Life
  4. My Story
  5. Solo Adventures
  6. All About Me
  7. My Corner of the Internet
  8. For My Eyes Only
  9. Top Secret Files
  10. Intel for Myself
  11. Classified Thoughts
  12. Covert Memos
  13. Cloak and Dagger Diaries
  14. 007: License to Post
  15. Mission Solo
  16. Lone Wolf Stories
  17. Army of One
  18. Me Time Chronicles

Funny Single Private Story Names

Add some humor to your stories with these funny private story names:

  1. Super Weird Stuff
  2. Crazy Town
  3. Cuckoo Club
  4. Freak Show
  5. Weirdo Central
  6. The Zoo
  7. Monkey Business
  8. Nonsense and Shenanigans
  9. Clowning Around
  10. Comedians Corner
  11. Giggles and Grins
  12. LOL Moments
  13. Funny Farm
  14. Planet Weird
  15. Hilarious Tales
  16. Laughing Stock
  17. Comic Relief
  18. Joke Book

Attitude Private Story Names For Singles

Show your sassy side with these private story names filled with attitude:

  1. Squad Goals
  2. Sorry Not Sorry
  3. Stay in Your Lane
  4. Ride or Die Chick
  5. Not Everyone Gets Access
  6. Level Up Crew
  7. Keeping it 100
  8. Straight Fire Only
  9. Mic Drop Moments
  10. Unbothered and Unapologetic
  11. Catch Me Outside
  12. How About That?
  13. Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That
  14. Can’t Touch This
  15. Yasss Queen
  16. Rise and Grind Hustlers
  17. Go Hard or Go Home
  18. No New Friends
  19. Selective Bad Bleeps
  20. Hot Girl Summer


A private story allows you to share exclusive content with your closest friends on social media. An unique private story name can help your story stand out. The ideas suggested in this article can spark inspiration for single private story names for Snapchat, Instagram, close friends, boys, girls, single moms, or just yourself.

Get creative and choose a name that fits your personality or relates to the content you will share. Just make sure it’s catchy! A customized private story is a great way to deepen connections and bond with your inner circle.

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