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Having a creative and catchy name for your private story helps grab attention and invites people to view it. The name often gives a hint about the type of content being shared. Coming up with unique, funny, and clever private story names can be a fun and creative way to build excitement about your upcoming event or celebration.

In this article, we will explore popular types of event and party private story names, along with tips for creating your own unique names. We have also suggested over 250 examples to spark your creativity!

Party Private Story Names

Party Private Story Names

Here are some ideas for general party private story names:

  1. Turn Up Tonight
  2. Life of the Party
  3. No Parents Allowed
  4. Partayy Time
  5. Lit with My Squad
  6. Can You Keep Up?
  7. FOMO Alert
  8. Dance Floor Diaries
  9. Pour Decisions
  10. Don’t Tell [Name]’s Mom!
  11. Delete Later 😉
  12. Epic Night Out
  13. Weekend Adventures
  14. Blackout Stories
  15. Bad Decisions Were Made
  16. Time to Get Turnt
  17. What Happens Here Stays Here
  18. See You on the Dance Floor
  19. Shots Shots Shots
  20. Too Turnt to Care
  21. No Bedtime for Us!
  22. [Name]’s All Nighter
  23. Staying Up Past Bedtime
  24. Sleep is for the Weak

Party Private Story Names For Snapchat

Snapchat’s fleeting stories make it a popular app for sharing temporary party content. Private story names for Snapchat parties could include:

  1. Snappin’ Our Party
  2. Our Snap Pack
  3. Snapshot This Moment
  4. PEOPLE – Private Party Edition
  5. Snap This, Snap That
  6. Snaps 4 Dayz
  7. Disappearing Party Pics
  8. Vanishing Party Moments
  9. Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
  10. Temporary Party Time
  11. Our Snap Story
  12. Candid Party Snaps
  13. Snappin’ Like No One’s Watching
  14. Screenshot This 😜
  15. Sneaky Party Snaps
  16. Snap It or Lose It
  17. FOMO Snap Stories
  18. Swipe Up 4 Fun
  19. Snap Pack Party Time

Party Private Story Names For Instagram

Instagram is ideal for sharing party photos. Catchy private story names for Instagram parties include:

  1. Insta This Party
  2. Grammin’ Our Party
  3. Party Pics and Vids
  4. Instagrammable Party Moments
  5. Double Tap Our Party
  6. Litty Committee IG Edition
  7. Party Pic Perfection
  8. Main Feed Who?
  9. IG Party Stories
  10. Best Nights IG Edition
  11. Laugh, Love, Party IG Edition
  12. Party Perfect IG Posts
  13. Private Party Instagram
  14. Just Tap and View
  15. Instagram It Like It’s Hot
  16. Do It for The Gram
  17. Sponsored by [Party Name]
  18. Can’t Delete These Pics
  19. Screenshot Worthy Party
  20. Views on Views on Views

Party Private Story Names For TikTok

Funny and creative private story names for TikTok parties include:

  1. Our TikTok Party
  2. Dancing the Night Away
  3. Party TikToks on Repeat
  4. Best Party TikToks
  5. All the Trending Songs
  6. Dancing Queen Stories
  7. TikTok Party Videos
  8. Bench TikToks Like
  9. TikTok Tour of the Party
  10. Going Viral Tonight
  11. Duet This Party Content
  12. Living That TikTok Life
  13. Everyone Do the Kickstand!
  14. Don’t Let this Flop!
  15. Views and Vibes
  16. Double Tap Worthy Party
  17. Feature Me on Your FYP

Birthday Party Private Story Names

For birthday parties, some private story name ideas are:

  1. [Name]’s Big Day
  2. Happy Birthday [Name]!
  3. Celebrating [Name]
  4. Cheers to [Age] Years!
  5. Leveling Up to [New Age]
  6. Birthday Turn Up
  7. Cake Emojis for Days
  8. Birthday Bliss
  9. Born on [Birth Date]
  10. Best Birthday Ever
  11. Ayeee It’s My Birthday! 🥳
  12. [Name]’s Birthday Bash
  13. Cake By the Ocean
  14. Eat, Drink, Turn Up, Repeat
  15. [Name]’s Birthday Stories
  16. All About My Birthday

College Party Private Story Names

Given college students’ active party scene, private story names could include:

  1. Dorm Party Diaries
  2. Turning Up with My Roomies
  3. Floor Party Stories
  4. Lit Dorm Nights
  5. College Kickback Content
  6. Dorm Room Ragers
  7. Campus Party Snaps
  8. School Night Shenanigans
  9. What Happens In Our Dorm…
  10. Freshman 15 Going Strong
  11. BYOB Frat Party
  12. Sorority Party Cute Pics
  13. Student Houses Stories
  14. This Ain’t High School Parties
  15. What Our RAs Don’t Know
  16. Post Grad Party Life
  17. School’s Out, Parties In

Funny Party Private Story Names

For humor, some funny private story name ideas are:

  1. LOL-Worthy Party Moments
  2. The Joke’s On Us
  3. Our Party Fails
  4. Everyone’s a Comedian
  5. Candid Camera Roll
  6. Tag Who Did This 😂
  7. Laughing for Days
  8. Can’t Stop Giggling
  9. Funniest Party Snaps
  10. Cracking Up All Night
  11. LMAO Party Stories
  12. Jokes On Jokes On Jokes
  13. Hilarious Party Fails
  14. Meme Our Party Lives
  15. About Last Night…Yikes!
  16. Making Bad Decisions Hilariously

Party Animal Private Story Names

Play into your wild side with party animal private story names like:

  1. Unleash the Party Animal
  2. When We Go Hard…
  3. Wild Ones Stories
  4. Party Till We Drop
  5. Up All Night to Get Lucky
  6. Staying Lit 24/7
  7. 365 Party Life
  8. 0 to 100 Real Quick
  9. Turnt Up Stories
  10. Crazy Nights No Days
  11. Party Legends in the Making
  12. Hardcore Party Crew
  13. Party Monsters Unleashed
  14. No Sleep for the Wicked
  15. Dance Floor Legends
  16. Going Hard in the Paint
  17. We Go Big or Go Home
  18. Party Till the Sun Comes Up

Private Story Names For Parties

Some other general private story name ideas for any party or event:

  1. Who’s Ready to Party?
  2. Turn Up Crew
  3. Invite Only
  4. Party Peeps
  5. Good Vibes Only
  6. No Screenshots Allowed!
  7. Party Hoppers
  8. [Event Name] Private Reel
  9. Celebrating with My Faves
  10. Private Views Only
  11. Access Granted
  12. Swipe Up for FOMO
  13. Tap to Join the Fun
  14. You Know You Wanna See!
  15. Keep It on the Down Low
  16. Not for Just Anyone
  17. Only the Real Ones Know
  18. Confidential Party Intel
  19. Weekend Party Crew
  20. Can’t Tell You More Here…

Party Private Story Names For Boys

For guys’ parties, private story names could be:

  1. One of the Boys Stories
  2. Guys’ Night Done Right
  3. Dudes Night Out
  4. Boys Just Wanna Have Fun
  5. Bromance Party Snaps
  6. Guy Time Chronicles
  7. Man Cave Party Vibes
  8. Beers with the Bros
  9. Guy Code: What happens here stays here
  10. Dude, Where’s My Phone?
  11. No Girls Allowed
  12. Guys Gone Wild
  13. Don’t Tell Your Girlfriends
  14. Single Ready to Mingle Stories
  15. Chill Guy Party Vibes
  16. The Wolf Pack Party Stories
  17. Guy Time is Sacred

Party Private Story Names For Girls

For girls’ parties, some private story name ideas are:

  1. Ladies Night Stories
  2. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
  3. Galentine’s Day Party
  4. Babe Cave Party Vibes
  5. Chill Girl Party Photos
  6. Girl Talk and Party Frocks
  7. Pretty in Party Pics
  8. Yas Queen Party Time
  9. Rosé and Gal Pals
  10. Girls’ Night Done Right
  11. Dancing with My Gals
  12. Baecation Party Snaps
  13. Bride Tribe Party Time
  14. Turn Up with My Girls
  15. Wing Women and Party Wins
  16. Champagne Wishes Caviar Dreams
  17. Ladies Turn Up Stories
  18. Girls Run the World Party


Coming up with a fun, catchy private story name is a great way to generate excitement for your next party or event. A creative name gives your guests a hint about the content being shared while also enticing them to check out the story.

The suggested names above range from general party themes to specific occasions like birthdays, college parties, and girls/guys nights. You can pick an idea that fits your event or use it as inspiration to come up with your own unique name.

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