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Private story names allow people to share content with a select group of friends on social media platforms like Snapchat, Instagram, and TikTok. For gingers, coming up with creative and funny private story names can be a fun way to embrace their red hair. With the right mix of humor, pop culture references, and personal touches a great gingers private story name helps gingers build community and connection.

In this article, we’ll explore different approaches to naming that perfect ginger private story names. We’ll look at funny names, thoughtful names, punny names, and more. Whether you are a proud ginger looking for ideas or just enjoy clever wordplay, read on for over 325+ gingers private story names suggestions.

Gingers Private Story Names

Gingers Private Story Names

Having red hair makes you part of a special club. Ginger private story names allow you to celebrate your flame-colored locks with friends. Here are some ideas for gingers private story names:

  1. Redhead Redemption
  2. Ginger Snaps
  3. carrot_top_secret
  4. sherlock no ‘ginger’
  5. Ron Weasley Fan Club
  6. Coppertone Kids
  7. Red-y Set Glow
  8. Strawberry Sunrise
  9. Cardinal Club
  10. Ruby Riot
  11. Red Alert
  12. Ranga Central
  13. Red Renegades
  14. Fiery Friends
  15. Red Hot Society
  16. Spicy Squad
  17. Blazing Blonde
  18. Ginger Gang

Private Story Names For Gingers

Showcase your red locks proudly with a fun, playful private story name for gingers. Consider these options:

  1. Redvolution
  2. Strawberry Shortcake
  3. Red Ring of Fire
  4. Miss Frizzle’s Class
  5. Red-iculous
  6. Read All About Reds
  7. Hot Tamales
  8. Red-volutionaries
  9. Blood Brothers
  10. Red Sea
  11. Redrum Society
  12. Ruby Ruby Ruby!
  13. Red Platoon
  14. The Red Army
  15. Red-y for My Close Up
  16. Red Rackham’s Treasure
  17. The Scarlet Society

Red Gingers Private Story Names

Owning your ginger status with humor and flair? Try these creative private story names:

  1. Ginger Snappin’
  2. Red Hot & Ginger
  3. Redheads Unite
  4. Spice Rack
  5. Red Planet
  6. Fire Crotch Chronicles
  7. Red-y for My Close Up
  8. Red Scare
  9. Red October
  10. Red Dawn
  11. Crimson and Clover
  12. Red Alert
  13. Red Sea Dwellers
  14. Ginger Avenue
  15. The Red Badge of Courage
  16. Red-iculous Adventures

Gingers Private Story Names For Snapchat

Snapchat’s creative tools like filters and lenses make it the perfect place for gingers to embrace their redheaded-ness. Use these fun private story names for Snapchat friends:

  1. SnapGinger
  2. Red Snap’d
  3. Snap Reddy
  4. Ginger Snap’d
  5. Snap Red Hot
  6. Redhead SnapTake
  7. Snap Ginger Spice
  8. GingerSnaps
  9. Snap That RedHair
  10. RedFiltered
  11. Strawberry Snaps
  12. SnapGingerSnap
  13. Reddy Set Snap
  14. Snap Red Alert
  15. Snapground: Gingers Only

Gingers Private Story Names For Instagram

Let your Instagram followers in on the fun with these catchy and clever private story names:

  1. Insta Redhead
  2. Red Gram
  3. Gingergram
  4. Red Hot Grams
  5. Redheading
  6. Redstagram
  7. Insta Ginger
  8. Redhead Redemption
  9. Redalertgram
  10. Strawberry Selfies
  11. Redvolutionaries
  12. Red Sea of Instagram
  13. Gingervaders
  14. Red dawn gram
  15. Red OctoberGram

Gingers Private Story Names For TikTok

TikTok’s quick videos are perfect for flashing your gorgeous ginger locks. Try these private story names:

  1. RedTok
  2. GingerToking
  3. Red Hot TikTok
  4. Redheaded TikToks
  5. Redvolution TikTok
  6. Strawberry ShortTiks
  7. Red Sea of TikTok
  8. TikToking RedHead
  9. Red Dawn Toks
  10. Red October TikToks
  11. RedGram TikTok
  12. Reddy Set TikTok
  13. Red Alert TikTok
  14. Red Renegade TikToks
  15. Red-iculous TikToks

Ginger Hair Private Story Names

Rock your red locks proudly by embracing the ginger in these private story names:

  1. Ginger Snapped
  2. Ranga Central
  3. Redvolutionaries
  4. Ruby Riot
  5. Rad Redhead Room
  6. Strawberry Sunrise
  7. Red Sea Dwellers
  8. Red Rackham’s Treasure
  9. Red Hot Tamales
  10. Red Planet
  11. Red Badge of Courage
  12. Red October
  13. Red-iculous Adventures

Funny Ginger Private Story Names

Make ’em laugh with these hilarious and witty private story names for gingers:

  1. Ginger Beans
  2. Red Rum Diaries
  3. Strawberry Shortcake’s Revenge
  4. Red Scare
  5. Red Sea Pedestrians
  6. Red Herrings
  7. Red Menace
  8. Better Red Than Dead
  9. Red Dawn Rising
  10. Red October Standing By
  11. Red Wedding Crashers
  12. Red Rocket’s Glare
  13. Red Sea Road Rage
  14. The Hunt for Red Octoberfest

Good Ginger Private Story Names

Keep it simple but powerful with these good private story name picks for redheads:

  1. Red Pride
  2. Reds United
  3. Red Revolution
  4. Scarlet Society
  5. Strawberry Patch Kids
  6. Red Alert
  7. Red Thunder
  8. Red Rockets
  9. Red Giant
  10. Ranga Central
  11. Red Sea
  12. Cardinal Club
  13. Red Badge of Courage
  14. Red Planet

Unique Private Story Names For Gingers

Stand out from the crowd with these one-of-a-kind private story names:

  1. Redwood Forest
  2. Firehouse Five
  3. Red Planet Diaries
  4. A League of Extraordinary Redheads
  5. Scarlet Speedster Society
  6. Red October Rising
  7. Red Dawn Breaking
  8. The Reds From Planet X
  9. Secret Society of Redheads
  10. Red Moon Mystery Tour
  11. Red Squadron
  12. Ruby Riot Revolution
  13. Red Rackham’s Rebels

Gingers Private Story Names For Boys

Embrace the ginger dude inside with these masculine private story names:

  1. Red Blooded
  2. Red Beards
  3. Red Rum Club
  4. Red Rocketeers
  5. Redcoat Resistance
  6. Red Stallions
  7. Redwood Regulators
  8. Red Dawn Patrol
  9. Scarlet Speedsters
  10. Red Army Rebels
  11. Red Rivers
  12. Red Star Rebels
  13. Red Raider Nation
  14. Red Thunder

Gingers Private Story Names For Girls

Ladies with red hair rock it fiercely. Try these femme private story names:

  1. Scarlet Sisters
  2. Strawberry Shortcake’s Crew
  3. Ruby Riot Girls
  4. Red Hot Women
  5. Red Revolutionaries
  6. Red Alert
  7. Red Queen’s Court
  8. Red Velvet Crew
  9. Red Readers Book Club
  10. Red Hat Society
  11. Red Rock Rockers
  12. Red Lipstick League
  13. Red Curls Run Wild
  14. Redheads Have More Fun


Having red hair makes you part of a special, vibrant club. Ginger private story names on social media like Snapchat, Instagram, and TikTok allow you to embrace your gorgeous locks. Get creative, get funny, or get heartfelt with your gingers private story name.

Most of all, have fun celebrating all things ginger with your friends online. Whether you pick a daring name like “Red Scare” or a silly one like “Red Rum Diaries“, use your private story to showcase your redheaded pride.

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